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 Am I fat? o:?
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Im 13 and I weigh 120 pounds, by the way im 5'4 am i fat?
how much should i weigh at my age and height? THanx guys i appreciate it.

you are 10 pounds over weight

Like ten pounds over. I'm 14, 5'5 1/2 and weigh 103 and i'm healthy.

That actually sounds like the perfect weight. Don't worry about it.

no, that's perfect! just don't get to 130lbs.

you sound fine to me, but if you want to know if you are healthy or not, check out your body mass index, go to the website below and type in your numbers as directed to find out what yours is and what it should be.


OMG! i am 13! i weigh 120! and im 5'4! sweet!!!!! I had the same question lol!

:) Mel Jones (:
muther of fck.

i weight 115 lbs and im only like 5.2.


You perfect :D

Graham Henry Bibby
Im 13 about 5,6 and weigh 108 pounds sounds normal

Taahirah W
No you arent Im 14 5/2 and 130 pounds

Im not fat but im not super skinny im just right :]

Sigh. I've been seeing so many questions in this age range and height&weight.

No, you're not fat. You're normal.

I'm skinny. I'm 5'5" and 105 pounds. You barely made average BMI for your height & weight. I'm a little below.

Stop Abusing the Report Button!
i way 100 at 5'0 so i think that is probably about right


No you're BMI is 20.6. That's good

i am 13 4'11 and about 87 pounds so yah u are normal, my friend is exactally like you :)

You are normal weight. not fat

Nope, you are normal weight!

That sounds good. Perfect!!! =) (haha i am 13 and 5'5 too)


I think I can Help You--
Go to these websites:



It will show you your body mass index (BMI) and give you ways to stay fit, and more.

nikki b
that sounds about right

Your at a perfectly fine weight. It is perfect for your age.

Matthew B
Geeze, I'm 31 6'2" and 230, everyone is smaller.

You are not fat at all. In fact your weight is perfect for your height.

noO waii!!!
yes i noO i ryte funnY
but newaii
your 13...seriosli youve gt loadsa tym..like if anything ive alwaiis wanted to be way fatter than i am...i get called anorexic an stuf all the tym...but if your worried ask family or friends straight out for help...
120punds aint hard to lose if you want..if you lose onli like 5 pounds or so...you will be a hot 13 year old
gud luck<3

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