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Im 13 130 lbs and 5'7 am i over weight?
im sure its not that bad but i do have small luv handles and small belly

what are good ways for me to lose that.

i know i could eat stuff like fruits and stuff but which ones are best for filling me up

and im pretty busy alot so i dont have time to go on runs or anything

ur a skinny twig

Success is the Key to everything
if u r a guy than YEA its good! if u r a girl than NO!! sry i dunt no ur gender!

Ur cool dude...wuts the worry?

Age: 13
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches (67 Inches)
Gender: Male
Build: Normal

Ideal weight is 148 pounds.
Current weight is 130 pounds (-18 pounds underweight).

your normal.

look at my sexy socks
no you are not fat at all im sure you are very attractive!

Floating Cloud
No your BMI is 20.4 so you are perfectly healthy.

Your OK. Your 13 and have no time to exercise? Do you have a couple part time jobs after school or something to help support your family?

How about cutting 45 minutes off of your on-line and texting time?

you hav a great height for your age. and an awesome weight. but if you really want to lose your love handles you should do an ab workout. those are the best. i think your weight is very good though. do not worry about being overweight.

absolutley not. you're healthy for your height and weight. sure you can lose a bit but you are healthy. don't go overboard. start with your diet. eat lots of fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. all are healthy for you, but unless you eat large amounts they won't fully fill you up. try eating a pbj sandwich on wheat bread. it's healthy and good. have some fruit on the side. make it a big snack and you don't have to worry about watching how much weight you'll gain. even if you're busy you can still take in exercise. set aside 30 minutes 3 days a week before you get ready in the morning or before you go to bed. HINT: your body is more prone to lose weight when you wake up since you've been laying down all night! try doing pushups, sit ups, and jumpingjacks.

Nope, being 13, 130 lbs and 5'7 is not overweight, it is a BMI of 20.4 and that is considered a normal weight. A great way for losing is that is buying toning mix protein shakes and doing excizes such and sit up, crunches, and various other weight lifting excersizes, good for great selection routines. Protein shakes with fruits and vegetables are a great way for fixing this up. If you are busy just make sure you save yourself some time for excersize at any time of the week.

Ur fine just keep eatting fruits and veggies and stayin active even if ur just walkin from class 2 class every step adds up

love handles? well then you need to tone up... loose weight...probably not..

rebecca c
no you are perfectly fine

hell no ur not fat, lol i know people who are 5'3 and like 120 pounds, so if anything ur not fat

OMG ! your not over weight. 5'7, you should weigh more then 130. I'm 140, But i'm mostly muscule. I'm an athlete. When i tell people my weight, i'm not ashamed. They always look at me and ask "are you serious, you looke like 110" Don't even go that way. =/


no don't worry about it....

your weight actually sounds very, very healthy. I would just recommed that you get enough exercise so taht you can tone your muscles. As far as which foods fill up your tummy, you actually want to go more with protein than with carbs. Apples are good for you, but so are protein-rich things like nuts, organic lean meats and hard-boiled eggs. Foods rich in PROTEIN are what help you stay full.

your good

Joe G
no matter what age

if ur 5'7" and 130 your okay.. im like 5'7" 5'8" ish
and i weight around 150... so trust me.. your fine

if u wanan trim up... eat an apple a day.. some salads.. and work out/excercise

then ull be good

Brent the wings fanatic
You're not over weight for your age at all. plus your height definatly equals it out. stay like you are. and if you want to lose some or just tone up then go buy some work out videos of abs or what ever you want to work on.


Dont try to lose it now. Its natural for your age.

you're perfect, congrats

ur normal
but if you really wanted to lose weight or in other words "tone"
you could run or walk every day with one of your friends or a girlfriend. Go do something fun at least once a week like roller/ ice skating, dancing, play a sport, jump on a trampoline for a while, go swimming, jumprope, bike riding, GO TO THE MALL (walking) [they all burn calories!!]
and eat/drink LESS [not none] junk food and sodas/juices.

drinks- water, milk

food- veggies, protien[no red meat], carbs[whole grain] [boost energy] fruits[not canned], dairy [low fat]
ONLY 2 sweets a day!!! :D**

hope i helped!!!<3

**- if you REALLY want them

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