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I havent been eatting lunch or breakfast lately will it make me fat?
Well i just dont really have the time in the morning and i feel fat when i eat sometimes. Stop i stoped eatting lunch and i normally dont have breakfast anways. Im in highschool so yeah i teachers wont force me to eat or something. Anways so yea i aint trying to go anorexic or anything but yea after school i do eat and yea someone told me when you stave yourself and then eat it makes you even fatter is that true?

swan tips
Sounds like you are trying to become Anorexic to me
Source: I was anorexic...

Colt A
no. but i did it and lost some weight.Try eating light like saled or yogurt.

when you start starving yourself your body goes into survival mode therefor it will start storing fat.......not burning it..... it goes back to early civilization when times got rough your metabolism slows down conserving as much energy as it can .....you should at least eat small snacks during the day , such as a piece of fruit

no it won't make you fatter. people eat 3 times a day, and they aren't always fat people. if you don't eat it will take you longer to lose weight because you body is using the fat for nutrition. so eat. and if you still feel like your fat, try to exercise. if you do these things then you might feel better about yourself.

You may not be trying to be anorexic, but everything you just said points to you becoming so. You need to start eating, or get help.

Signs of anorexic tendencies include skipping meals frequently with the belief that you will get fat if you do eat.

yeah, thats true... but i think, if you eat snacks, you will be ok.

The basic rule is that you need to eat breakfast to kick start your metabolism in the morning.
You should eat more in the morning and then less and less for each meal through the day. Otherwise you're sleeping with a full stomach. If your body enters starvation mode (because it isn't fed regularly) you will gain weight.

Most overweight people will lose weight in the first few weeks by not changing anything in their diet EXCEPT starting to eat breakfast. So yes, breakfast is a huge part of weight gain.

Yes, you can control it via other means, but if you're in highschool you need to kickstart your metabolism AND your brain in the morning.

Try something small like a tub of low-fat yoghurt. Or a piece of fruit. Saltana bran with low-fat milk etc. It's all good, healthy stuff, low in fat and high in vitamins and stuff that will make your metabolism all happy and ready to burn off all the fat and calories that you'll consume later in the day.

If you starve yourself all day, then eat at night, then it will not help if you a trying to loose weight.

The reason is that your body doesn't know when it is next going to be getting food, so it stores up all the starch and fat and other stuff in your body just in case. This results in your adding on extra kilos when you do actually eat.

The best way to loose weight is to keep a balanced diet - smaller portions, healthier meals, and at regular times of day.

For Example:






Good Luck!

Jane D
Eating too little and too infrequently slows your metabolism way down (your body starts going into starvation mode). Research has shown that on average, people who skip breakfast weigh more than people who eat breakfast, and they are also more likely to gain weight. It also makes you more likely to overeat when you do finally eat in the evening. It's best to have something to eat in the morning and at lunch, even if it's just something small.

yeah, because skipping ur meals would urge ur body to regain that lost vitamins, by taking it back from in-between meals or snack. and since snack is usually high in cholesterol, u'll be fat.

if you eat as much as you would in a normal dinner no, but if you go over that it can.

That will totally slow down your metabolism -- which will also cause your body to store more fat -- which results in your body burning fat at a slower rate.

Don't do that I gained weight by doing that just eat small meals through out the day or even little snacks and try to run or do an activity

your metabolism is going to slow down, which helps your burn fat. The slower your metabolism is, the harder it is for you to loose weight....not eating won't make you fat, its what you'er doing to your body that will.

J. A. M.
You know when you skip breakfast and lunch its not great for you metabolism. You go into starvation mode. When your metabolism slows down that is when you gain weight. You say you don't want to be annorexic but you are headed in that direction! Do you know when you eat breakfast it quickstarts your metabolism and it helps you burn more fat. So maybe you should do the opposite. Eat a good breakfast and lunch and then eat a small dinner like a salad. And keep fit by exercising!

Yes, that is true.

When your body finally does get food at dinner time and hasn't had it all day, it thinks this might be all it gets for awhile and actually stores most of it as fat, so your body can live off of it.

The best way to NOT get fat is:

Eat 5-6 meals a day

Yes, i said 5-6 meals!

Not big meals though. Just maybe like 1/2 a meal but 6 times, instead of one whole meal 3 times a day (or in your case, maybe once a day). This lets your body burn the calories as you eat them and your body doesn't store fat.

it sort of is true. if you havent been eating regularly for a few days, your body will think that it is starving, and so it will cling onto every last bit of nutrients that you eat, so when you start eating more, then youll get fat

yes it will

the reason you get fat from not eating regularly is because when you are fasting your body uses glycogenolysis and gluconeogenesis to keep your body's blood sugar high enough to keep your brain alive. Your body will not start to break down fat until a couple of days of fasting, which you are probably not doing.

Also, your body does break down muscle protein if you are not getting enough of it in your diet. This is probably the most crucial part of getting fat by starving yourself. Because muscle preferentially uses fat as energy, having less of it will mean that your body will have a diminished ability to burn off this fat.

When you eat a regular breakfast and lunch, your body will not need to go into fasting mode and break down glycogen or muscle protein to get the sugar and protein that it needs for basic function. You don't need to pig out at breakfast and lunch, but it really is crucial that you eat throughout your day and depending on your level of activity, you may need to eat a lot.

If you are worried about your weight, eat moderately and exercise, this is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Starving yourself will just hurt your body while you're becoming skinny and then ultimately make it harder to keep the weight off.

Tru Warrior
your body will start burning less and then everytime you eat something your body will store it longer. Start your morning with something small at least.

Professor Snape
no you will not get fat from eating. You know if you don't eat you will start to lose your hair and teeth and your skin will be hanging off of you. i know its gross to think about but it that is what happens when you don't eat.

Yes! Breakfast is most important! If you do not eat within 1 hour of waking your body falls into starvation mode and shuts down your metabolism. It can take 1-2 days at least to get your body out of the mode.
So everything you eat after your body shuts down gets stored as fat! Make breakfast ahead of time so you can just grab and go. Or at least eat breakfast bars or something that you can eat on the go.

I used to do that. When I started to eat normally, I gained 50 pounds in less than a year. It could possibly make you fat because your metabolism slows down when you stop eating.

it can slow the metabolism and you can actually gain weight by eating less...trust me....small meals throughout the day...even if it is a healthy snack bar or something.

it's true because you skip breakfast and lunch and by dinner time you'll be so hungry that you'll want to end up binging (eating more than your necessary daily caloric intake).

Not eating will cause your body to go into starvation mode which does cause you to lose some if any weight, but when you do finally consume food you're body is still in that starvation mode which then makes it start retaining all these foods and storing them because it thinks it's going to be starving again. So I guess yes - you will begin to gain more weight if you skip meals. It isn't good for your metabolism, it completely throws it off. Eat healthy meals 3 times a day, and healthy snacks in between. :)

its true... dont do that
you have to eat at least three meals threw out the day to stay nice and fit

Ken C
Dear Athrodite? Great question & Yes it's true. Stress & fast as U describe can do it. Comon mistake - body slows 2 conserve energy. Eat right fiber ( fruit, veggies 4 ex), less fat & sugar lose excess fat & get energy. Body needs food 4 repairs! Exercise gently daily control hunger. Swim / Tai Chi feels great. W/ little exercise feel better. Drink 1 oz water per lb body weight.

On Holiday
I don't believe that you will become fat ... however, you shouldn't put your body through this. Eat healthy and balanced for longevity and to keep your immune system up.

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