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Shelby G
I eat so much when i mean alot i mean alot, but soon later i get hungry again.?
I eat alot and get a bit hungry later on, is it because i'm growing? i am 12 and went through puberty 2 years ago can i still be having growth spurts? And if i ate too much and feel hungry later on should i still eat or should i wait untill tommorow?

I know you are only 12 but is there a chance you could be pregnant.

You're growing, so don't worry too much about eating "a lot." The trick is to know if you're really hungry. Your stomach will grumble and feel hollow if you're really hungry. Sometimes your gut will make noise when it's digesting food, so if you're not sure that your body is giving you the hungry signal, just wait an hour. If you're hungry, your stomach will grumble again. When you do eat, don't stuff -- that's a bad eating habit that WILL catch up to you later in life. When you start to feel full, stop eating. Once you learn to listen to your body you'll know when you're really hungry and how much you really need to eat.

Bubba Gump
you may have a tapeworm. You might want to have that checked out.

You're normal. You're just having high releases of Growth Hormone which make you process food abnormally fast. Just eat everything you can get your hands on to ensure maximum growth during your developmental phase while you still have room left in your growth plates.

When your stomach is used to consuming a lot of food, it stretches to accommodate for extra room, if you are overweight and are concerned for extra weight or what not, I would eat smaller portions for a couple days and then the next day if you tried to eat a lot you couldn't because your stomach would have shrank back to normal size. Americans in general eat about 3 times the portion sizes that they should because of big businesses wanting more money for the best deal... hence the Super Value Meal... dont do it. The recomended portion size for an adult is the the kids meal...thats right... the kids meal... think about that one!

Puppy Zwolle
12? Man, you are old. Puberty hasn't started yet....well maybe it has but finished it has not. Check those lovehandles. If you don't gain the pounds around your waist you probably need 'the input'.

You're still growing. You'll be fine. Just make sure that you exercise enough or it will turn into fat.
I wouldn't worry if I were you.
Only eat enough to make you "not hungry", then eat again later. You shouldn't eat until you are full b/c that will expand your stomach - possibly causing the problem you have now. Eventually a large stomach will make you fat b/c you are taking in more than you burn off.

Eat multiple SMALL meals through out the day.

Though it could be metabolism problem or you could have an over active thyriod.

Good Luck.

Look at this site and look under heart and colesterol may be that will help you think of what you are doing. Also when you tend to be board you get hungry.

Honey you are still going through puberty. But no matter how much you eat now, you will eventually get hungry again.



Long as your weight isnt bothering you dont worry about it. You need a lot of food. at your age.

Nice to see you figured out spell check.

5 small meals a day should do you just fine. And of course you get hungry later....food only stays in the stomach for about 2 hours before it moves to the intestines.

I'm not sure what you may be consuming, but some foods are naturally broken down in the system faster than others. In particular carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are the body's main source of fuel.The carbohydrates you consume are quickly absorbed and used as the first fuel source for your energy needs, they tend to be burned off very quickly when you are active. As soon as your blood sugar level dips slightly, you are right back consuming more food and most likely more carbohydrates.
I am no advocate for any one diet in particular, but scientifically protein is a lot slower to break down and maintains blood sugar levels much better- often leading to less eating and may even promote weight loss.To help you eat less I can firmly recommend you make sure to eat more protein and fiber. Fiber tends to expand in your stomach and give you a feeling of fullness without the calories, and protein will hold you over for appetite control.

Drink Milk
Milk is the best dietary source of Calcium - and studies show that women who consume lots of Calcium are slimmer than those who don't. That's because Calcium actually changes the way your body processes fat. Milk also fills you up quickly. So drinking milk instead of juice (which is loaded with sugar calories) will satisfy you and help you to stay lean.

Fill Up Before You Eat
You will eat less if you drink water before a meal. That's because the water makes you feel temporarily full - long enough to stop you from pigging out. Go for two tall glasses of cold H20 before mowing down.

went through puberty 2 years ago?? at 10?? OK..not sure if you're male or female, but my best guess is that you're still going through it even if you think you're not. Say if you're female and you get your period at 10 years old, that doesn't mean that you're done with puberty! You're still growing a bit, but about your question...if you're noticing that your clothes still fit width-wise ("around" your body), and that they seem to be getting shorter, then I'd say you're still growing. If you're noticing that you're, well, getting fatter, then you should probably cut back on the food.

Simply speaking, the way you're body breaks down the food you eat depends on the type of foods you eat. Sugary foods don't fill you up as much as foods with more fiber and protein. Try eating more vegetables and fruits (apples are very good), and whole grains and see if this makes a difference in your feeling full and hungry. I know the food may not sound very appetizing, but it will be better for your body.

You may want to try several smaller meals/ snacks during the day rather than eating a lot at once.

Dolores G. Llamas
Whatever you do, don't go on a diet <<unless>> you actually are overfat. Too many girls now go on these awful diets and deprive themselves of nutrients. I don't agree with the person who automatically said "Tomorrow" without knowing anything else about you. Do not diet unless you are overfat, and if you're overfat, eat healthily and exercise.

You're only 12, so you're still going through puberty. It doesn't stop at 12 dear, it continues, sometimes even into the 20s.

If you're sincerely physically hungry, then eat. Also, see a Dr to make sure it's not a symptom of something else. Seems your hunger is pretty strong.

Julia L.
You can still be having growth spurts at 12 - you probably will not finish growing until you are at least 18. If you have been tested for diabetes, since excessive hunger is one of the symptoms, then I wouldn't worry about it. Just try to eat healthy foods, get plenty of water and Calcium, and exercise regularly. Eat when you're hungry...:)

A couple of points:

You still may be growing. It is not uncommon for 12 y/o's to go through a growth spurt.

Are you choosing good food options? Junk food will satisfy you only temporarily. If you find yourself hungry frequently, reach for something in the fruit and veggie dept rather than the pantry. Also, caffeine might be contributing to this - try to limit it.

Check with your doctor. You may have problems with your metabolism or other health concerns. It is always best to check with your family doctor if even to reassure you that all is well.

It's okay to have about 6 small meals throughout the day, as long as you are eating healthily.

Don't eat a lot of greasy, fatty foods, or lots of bread or lots of junk or fast food.

Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, things with fiber, like oatmeal and lentils, a little bit of cheese and nuts like almonds, trail mix, yogurt and dried fruits.

Drink lots of water throughout the day- this will make you feel full, and often we mistake hunger for thirst.

The body will hunger for nutrition usually every few hours during active times. People who overeat tend to stretch the lining of the stomach to the point that it seems (only seems) to take more and more food to fill up. Eating lighter for a couple meals will allow the stomach to shrink back and you will feel full sooner when eating.

Tortured Soul
Eat young one!! You're body is telling you that you need food. Just make wise choices & keep junk food to a minimum. I remember when I was that young, my mom used to tell me, "I'm going to need a second job if you keep eating everything in sight".

John Y
maybe ur burning lots of calories

i think it depends on ur weight. if u are healthy and are eating healthy then go ahead!! munch away! i eat like a madman!! and yet m weight is fine... i eat every 3 hours almost and alot. but i avoid eating junk food and try to eat salads or sumtin so that not everything going into my body is terrible. and shakes w/o the sugar and all tht good stuff. as long as you are watching what u eat and are a healthy weight then eat everything you want!! thats what i do.. adn work out daily.... or atleast every other day!...=)

patrick g
Sweetheart, you are a growing girl. you won't stop growing until 16-18 years of age.ALL teenagers grub like whoa. It is completly normal. And if you eat all the time and only weigh 90 something pounds you've got quite the speedy metabolism. Sounds to me like you are in great shape! If you are hungry, eat.

dee a
You are definitely still growing. You can eat as much as you want as long as you metabolism is high enough and you active enough to where it all balances out. Don't worry about it hun you are still young and its normal for someone your age :)

You're growing, and your body needs a supply of nutrients to keep the growth happening in a healthy manner. However, if you're worried about putting on too much weight, eat more slowly.

You're 12, so there's no way you're done with puberty yet.

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