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I am so confused... 5 foot 6 100 pounds?
Ok so i am 5 foot 6 and weigh 100 pounds, my final goal weight no more no less. But i still feel chubby. I dont get it. Trust me everyone around me except my friends think that i am anoerxic. I dont know anymore if i am. But my main question is why do i still feel chubby.
Additional Details
i am 14. but yah i just ignore the adults. and i am TRYING SOOOOOO hard to get past that person look thing. THANKS SO MUCH EVERYONE keep them coming

I'm not sure but it might just be that all girls see themselves different. Like my friend says she looks fat in a certain picture but it is impossible for her to look fat. It also depends because I'm I think 5'3" and I'm about 95. I would say you're at a great weight. You may just feel like that after you eat, or you lost weight in a certain part, but not the part you wanted.

♪♫Just Me♪♫
How old are you?! That is skinny. I have no clue why you feel chubby. It's all in your head.

Snow White
oh my gosh, you are like 30lbs UNDER weight. i'm 5'6, and at a healthy happy weight i tend to be around 140. theres no way you can be healthy and that small. do NOT lose anymore weight.
it's a psychological thing, and if you feel chubby at that weight, then yeah, you probably do need to see someone anorexia or bulemia.

Bloody Jack
I'm two inches shorter than you and when I weighed 100 pounds, I looked unhealthy. You are probably too thin. Just eat healthy foods like lean meats and fruits and vegetables. You are not chubby at all. There are many people in the world who starve to death every day because they don't have the choice to eat; you do.

Eric J
It sounds to me that you are probably just very insecure of yourself.Have you had any BMI test or body fat percentage test?Even a good test still probably wont work out your insecurities,but i still recommend it because its a good start to realizing if your really chubby or not.

im 5'6 and 113 pounds. im a girl and around your age. you should weigh a lot more. at 5'6 we should weigh around 120 pounds. ur way to skinny!

You're BMI (Body Mass Index) is 16.1
That means you're under weight.

Underweight = <18.5
Normal weight = 18.5-24.9
Overweight = 25-29.9
Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

Perhaps your self image, self-worth, + self-esteem are off the scale instead of your weight. There are always parts of us we'll never like. Example: I am 5'10. I weigh 167. I am not fat. I have a healthy normal weight. But I feel like my stomach is big. I HATE MY STOMACH. The way it is shaped and everything about it. And honestly, I wish my breasts we're bigger! But I am healthy + that is the most important thing of all.

Sure, I may not be totally satisfied with my body, but who really is?

What parts about you don't you like? What parts about you do you like?

Why do people around you think you're anoerxic? Is it because you can see your ribs or is it because you don't eat a lot?

Ask yourself those questions + try + get inside of yourself.
Only YOU really know why you still feel chubby.

I hope that helped.

Your body image is distorted. I think you know this. It's time to think of other things other than your appearance. Develop some hobbies or other ways to be creative. Do work for others - such as volunteer work. Good luck with your recovery.

Well, I don't know how old you are, but I would suggest strength training using machines and free weights.

im 13 im about 5 ft and im 80 lbs but im not anorexic
check with your doctor if ur concerned

Kenneth M
I'm 5'7" 210. Granted, I am a man; but I think you are FAR from chubby.

You have a problem. You are extremely thin. Maybe you should talk to a counselor or something. Sounds like anorexia.

Everybody does. It's a mental thing. Nobody feels like they're skinny enough, even those who are skinniest of all. That's why anorexic people are the way they are.

what you can do is tone what you have. Small weights in lots of reps will do the job.

maybe that is how ur body is suppose to be..Some of my friends are like that 2. They can eat 2 chunks of cake, ice cream, cookies and chocolate for dinner and not even gain 1 pound. i can't tell you if you 2 thin or what not because i don't know ur age.

i thinks it becuase u think u r chubby think you are skinny and u will feel skinny

If you are still feeling chubby at that weight you might want to talk to someone about why you ar feeling that way. The fact that you are even concerned makes it seem that you may not be anorexic (yet).....but sound like mentally you ar close. Talk to someone before your body image gets too distorted.

your way too thin

Racist Answer Man
Can't tell without a picture. At least it sounds like you can evaluate reality vs your own feelings. That's where most anorexics fail; more or less.

maybe find another focus for your thought like who do i affect my surroundings maybe volunteer to feed the homeless at church or build a habitat house but when you have not hobbies and no outside interests you internalize things that arent problems and suffer for that if not outside ask your mom what she needs done or clean your room or to feel good about your self do something for you like have an icecream take yourself out to lunch go and see a movie or just try to meditate

Mrs. Timberlake
whoa whoa whoa! 5'6 at 100 pounds is amazing! im 5'2 and a half and weigh like 110. i call myself fat but my friends say that im freaking skinny. i'd be happy if i weigh a 100 pounds at my height. at your height, probably 110 is probably a model's weight. if u think ur fat, stop thinking that. your 20 pounds underweight for your age.

Stephen K
The problem is at 5-foot-6, you can weigh up to 130 pounts,.

You feel chubby because you have a mental picture of yourself that overrides reality

thats just to thin dear hah

to answer your question about why u feel chubby? heh its natural! its just a personal thing you'll have to get over. listen to your friends.

but watever you do
dont lose anymore weight


Artist Wanna Be
sounds like you have a body image problem, that you don't see yourself the way your body really looks. 5'6 and only 100pounds that is really pretty skinny. I went to a website and calculated your BMI (body mass index) and it says 16.1 and that you are underweight. to get the BMI in the healthy range you need to weigh 124 lbs. minimum. I think you probably should see a therapist that deals with body image, and try to help you see the way you really look... you might have body dysmorphic disorder. check the website listed in the resource section.

I don't know. Perhaps you still have water-weight. Or maybe your body still has to adjust to feeling 100 lbs. Otherwise, you are technically overtly underweight.

I believe that even though you may not have anorexia nervosa, you are having some kind of emotional problem. It might not be dangerous right now, but take a breather, remind yourself that you are medically underweight.

Don't think about it for a few weeks.

Okay, you're like 30 pounds underweight (if you're an adult). If you're in your early teens it's okay, just don't lose anymore.

♥ Mary ♥
The BMI says you are seriously underweight!! Put on about 10 pounds but do it by working out, muscle weighs more then fat!!

you should get help, i think u are becoming anorexic because honey if you're 5'6 and 100 lbs you're quite tiny and u shouldn't feel chubby.

krissi poppy
you are dangerously thin. if you feel chubby its a misperception of the self which is treatable.

Your Body Mass Index (BMI) is 16.This is definately underweight considering it should ideally be 19 -24.

BMI (body mass index) is a formula that uses both weight and height to estimate body fat. For most people, BMI provides a reasonable estimate of body fat.

I think it would be a good idea to talk with your doctor about your concerns. It does sound like your view of your body is typical of someone who has annorexia. That is you think you need to lose weight when you are actually quite slim.

Do you exercise a lot too? Avoid eating food? Find eating food distasteful/gross?
These also indicate you may have annorexia.

Do you gorge on food then purge (throw up)?
This would indicate Bulimia.

I hope you get the help you need. There are many supports out there for you on the internet and your Doctor can help get support in your local area.

Good Luck.

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