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housewife hannah
I am extremely extremely unfit. And overweight. I want to get fit.?
I will be honest and say I am an extremely unfit. Really badly, if I walk for about one minute my breathing changes. I am 25 year old woman.
And I am overweight. I am 7 stone over the weight I want to be.
I know what people will say eat less and exercise more. I understand this.
I am going to my doctors to talk to them about it, i'm just waiting for the day of the appointment but in the meantime I need advice.
I am very unfit and I would like to lose weight and get fit.
At the moment when I exercise I feel like I am going to keel over and I get really hot, red and sweat. I know exercise is good but it makes me feel ill. Thats just a brisk walk that does this.
I am embarrassed for people to see me like that.
I can't run as I worry about my knees and my chest is too big.
I dont eat that much considering the size of me, but I do no exercise so know thats why i'm not losing weight.
Theoretically if I do persevere how quickly should my fitness improve?
Any friendly advice appreciated.

you don't look that bad in your picture. Maybe a bit too thin. Have a sandwhich.

try the gastric lap band surgery my friend did it she looks great


Talk to your doctor about gastric by-pass surgery. It may be just what you need.

eat less and exercise more

The first thing you need is a positive "can do" attiitude

I am very proud of you of for wanting to be more fit and to become healthy again. I wish you all the best!
You can try to start drinking more water and cutting out most sodas to get started. Also go with wheat breads and pastas instead of white.
Good Luck!

u should join a dance class

There is a diet which will work for you, it requires discipline and no excersize. Its called lipotrim. Search it on the net. I did it as so did my mum, its basically meal replacement shakes, and lots and lots of water. If you laid down all day you will still burn calories, it takes two weeks for you to detox and get used to the diet, but after the two weeks i had more energy than i ever had, and i lost 10lbs the first week (fluid retention i think) then 3/4lbs every week after. My legs were always big growing up and they slimmed right down. Have a look online... and the very best of luck!!!

Heidi W
First, you say you don't eat much, but I would check out some healthy eating sites to check you are within your daily guidelines. Sometimes, you can consume calories without thinking about them, for example, do you drink tea or coffee with sugar?
Next, when you have your diet sorted, keep on the healthy eating plan while you do some exercise you can manage. Start off with swimming, as the water supports your weight and takes the strain off your heart. Then, when you have started to shift those pounds, take up something more energetic, like boxercise. When you are approaching a more manageable weight, it's best to change to a weight-training program, as with even very light weights, you will see a dramatic difference very quickly, and it also helps increase your bone density.
Good luck!

Chi-Town Princess
Dear friend, I must first tell you that you should be proud and real glad to chose to make a change and get fit. There are various ways for you too lose fat, especially if your over weight, surely the results will be much more noticable. Its important for you to keep motivated no matter what. You might want to eat foods that arent fatning, and have little carbs. You shouldn't be embarrased to work out in places where there are many people because eventually if you don't care and continue to excercise you'll have the right body* I really hope and am sure that your doctors our nutritionist will give you the best and most wise advice. Good Luck** =)

The only true way too lose weight is through exercise and a change in diet. The more you exercise the better it will get, so if you can only take a short walk, take that short walk and the next day take a little longer one. Its takes two weeks to get in shape and its alot of work but its worth it.

Believe me. Im overwieght too but I realized I had to do something about it so I started indoor track at my school (throwing shopput, but we still have to do all the warmup runs with the runners) plus i have ashtma so its especially hard for me to do physical actuivity but I know that I have to push myself if I want results. The first week of track I was in so much pain I alsot felt paralyzed but now its better and I know it will keep getting better and then I will lose wiehgt and get in shape.

Hope that helped, good luck!

be sure to do BOTH. eat healthy/less and excersize. dont do this excessively. substitute things like food and transportation. eat serving sizes and dont skip through things too fast, give it time. weight watchers is good

if you dont lose weight, thats okay. it could just be ur body type, so dont stress it. if you dont feel fitter or if your doctor says you arent any healthier, than either you dont do it right or somethings wrong.

best of luck!

Return of Bobjr
first off biggest mistake is not eat. When u dont eat ur body stores more fat. Go with what I call the chinese/japanese. They downsize their meal compared to most of the world but its just as filling. If u can learn to just walk will be best start. If u continue it up for awhile and eat right kinda stuff u'll body will react the right way and lose weight.


Hey chica,

Small steps is okay. It's good to pay attention to the subjective as well as the objective... I mean, pay attention to how intense the exercise feels, as well as how much you're actually accomplishing. If you're sweating and your heart is pumping, that's great, even if it's "just" a brisk walk. After some time, that brisk walk will get brisker, and then you'll see from there.

Definitely do something you LIKE to do. It can make all the difference between forcing yourself to torturous exercise, and activity that you'll look forward to. Anything. Swimming, yoga, walking, hiking, hitting the stairclimber at the gym or the rowing machine, most of these are easy on your chest for the bounce factor.

In addition to exercises that burn fat, it's also best to do something that will challenge your muscles, the most obvious of which is weight lifting. If you don't have a gym, you can do exercises without weights like pushups, lunges, and squats.

Unfortunately, it's really impossible to say how fast you'll see results, but you WILL see them. Listen to your own body. Don't worry about some chart that says you should lose X in amount of time Y or whatever, just take charge of your own progress!

You might also need to take a look at what you eat. If you're a snacker, those extra mini-meals can start to add up and often people eat when they're not hungry, just bored. Certainly you don't need to start everything at once, though! If you like, concentrate on getting moving to start with.

Also, the little things can make a difference. If you take public transport to work, it's easy to get off a couple of stops early and walk the rest of the distance, or take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc.

And even if you see yourself as "extremely extremely unfit"--don't let yourself believe it! There's always a chance to improve, and be good to yourself and go easy. Patience, hard work, be easy on yourself, talk to your friends when you get frustrated. I dropped a lot of weight myself and it only started to work when I kind of relaxed about my own self-image and started to do it because I wanted to, not because I was afraid about what others thought of me. Good luck!

Try Rosemary Conley Diet and Fitness. The classes give advice about healthy eating (the diet is low fat, low sugar, and very good) and the exercise will do you good (aerobics, cardiovascular)

Everyone there has a weight problem, and nobody judges anyone. You can go at your own pace, and then when you start to feel a bit fitter, speed up. You should notice some improvement within a few weeks.

I know you don't want to hear this... but it is not how much you eat, but what you eat....
My friend had the same problem, she was verrrry overweight, .... and her upbringing really did a number on her tastebuds....
It was hard, but she really had to change her whole eating habits, like start eating fruits and vegetables, and skip the desert.....
For your comfort, small people are also out of shape, and it is really a lot more fun to get into shape, with someone else, or in a group.... take classes... belly dancing is fun and gives you a great workout, then there is swimming, aerobics...etc.... establish a routine..... good luck...

Cur calories slowly eating beter foods. Exercise more regularly.

For more information please feel free to join us at:


General Fitness, Bodybuilding / Powerlifting

I'm not sure how you are financially, but if you are able to spend the money on a personal trainer I would and a nutritionist. This will help you with finding the correct exercise routine and diet for you. I know you said that you don't eat much, but there are some foods out there that will help you in losing weight and gaining muscle, a nutritionist could help create a month's menu for you choosing foods that you like.

If you do not want to spend money on either of those things...then I would suggest joining a woman gym where aqua classes are. These classes are great for people that are overweight and have difficulty with other types of cardio regimes. This will help you in losing weight in a more relaxed way and also aid you in strengthening your heart, and breathing so that you maybe able to try other types of cardio methods later.

if you do continue to work out say 4-5 times a week, and eat healthy, you should be able to drop 2.5-5 pounds a week. But remember don't go by the scales. Many people go by scales which they shouldn't. Go by the inches that are taken off your body. As we exercise we gain muscle and muscle weighs more then fat, so you may not see yourself losing any weight one week, but really you may have lost 3 pounds of fat, but gained muscle. So always check by inches and not the scale.

Best of luck

try switching to a vegetarian diet, lots of beans and pulses, have things like porridge for breakfast which will make you feel full for longer and give you lots of slow release energy.

Exercise is massively important and makes you feel great, try walking till you feel rubbish, then go home. Then do it again lter the same day. And twice the next day - just getting 20% further each day until you can notice your improvements it will be hard to motivate yourself but honestly - - it is so worth it. Don't cheat or get lazy or have a steak or beer, you'll only cheat yourself !

Marco D
bro im with u im big but im on my way on loosign weight its kinda easy but u have to be dedicated
first start walking more
then when ur comterable add some jogging in there
then more harder work outs and
little meals thru ought the day instead of 3 big meals drink lots of water no soda no frioed foods

honestly sweets, im overweight too and if you really want to loose weight fast i would say try the atkins diet to loose a few pounds, but this isnt gunna help you get into shape, if you want to do that then you are going to need some kinda of cardio vascular excersize i know you get embarassed cause you get hot and sweaty and stuff but hey who cares in few months when you lost some weight those people will be lookin at you trying to get into your pants...lol, no but seriously the best way ive found is to simply go for a walk same time everyday but the key is to walk just fast enough to cause a sweat..... this is how you know your body is working and the weight will be melting off.....

also DO NOT stop eating in order for your body to effectivly loose weight you have to eat atleast 3 to 5 times a day HEALTHY STUFF...

I am too but I just found this great diet book.It is called "Gary North's Slimdown for Life".You eat alot and loose weight.He tells you what foods to pair up and the type of 60 second excersized to do.He goes through it step by step one day at a time.It's so easy.I just started it and lost 2 pounds allready.I am 38 and just had a baby and gained back some weight.This is real food you cook not some junk you have to buy.Check it out.http://www.amazon.com/Living-Lean-Larry-North/dp/0684837005

the body sculptor
If you gave me a list of the type of food you are eating and how often you eat, it would give me a better idea on how to help you. A lot of people don't realise that if you eat too little you can actually put on weight because whenever you have a binge day your body doesn't know how to handle it and stores the extra calories as body fat.

It doesn't matter that you get out of breath quickly, we all have to start somewhere, set yourself a target every week, start with 10 minutes activity and do 1 minute more every week, you'll be surprised how your fitness increases.

If you would like online fitness and diet coaching visit me at http://www.sculptrexfitness.co.uk I promise you won't be disappointed.

Rasheed 'The Body Sculptor' Aladel
Personal Trainer
Diet Advisor
Online Fitness Coach

Alexis .
I'm experimenting with salads and veggie wraps.
raw fruits and veggies, you'd be suprised what's out there, some tasty stuff.(some bland stuff, too)
good luck,
try joining a program?

Motet Galaxy
Basically, try and do your own cooking. Eat plenty of fruiit and vegetables. Also, if you cook, use measuring jugs, scoops, and scales to accurately judge how much you will need. This helps with portion control. Avoid junk food. Walk and cycle. And, despite what is going around at the moment - it may offend lots of people - avoid cheese.

It's going to be a slow path, but seeking help is a great start.

Try swimming. I know it's not going to be fun to be in a swimsuit, but it's wonderful for bad knees, and your chest won't get in the way. Sweat is no longer a factor, either. If you go early in the morning, no one is at the pool.

Try doing some easy strength training and pilates. Bother can be accomplished at home. There are a lot of really great videos on the market. You can get some small weights for under $30 USD. A mat is only about $15 USD. Yoga booty ballet is also an excellent, low impact workout. Check out the videos.

Work on what you eat, too. Make sure you have lots of colorful veggies on your plate. Try not to eat a serving of meat bigger than your palm. Avoid starbucks and any smoothies like the plauge. They're just hidden calories.

Most importantly, have a good attitude. Studies show that women who really think they can lose the weight lose 20% more, and do it a lot faster.

Best of luck to you!

In order to stick to a healthier lifestyle and not become discouraged, start small. Don't add extra exercise until you talk to your doctors, since from what you described it could possibly be detremental at this time. I know you said that you don't eat a lot, but what are you eating? Also, could you possibly be eating more than you think you are? Try journeling your food intake for a day and see. After you've journeled for a day, take a look and see what you've been eating. Too much soda, sugary sweets, fast food, etc? Pick one or all and cut in half the next day.
After you doctor's visit and with your doctor's approval, I would suggest joining Weight Watchers. It's a simple, easy, and supportive way to lose weight. I've lost 16 pounds on it so far.

I'm a fitness trainer and I've worked with several clients who were also quite deconditioned.

Brisk walks sound like they're working for you, you just need to slow down your pace until you're more comfortable. You should work up a sweat when you're working out, but your breathing should plateau and stay on a steady, deep breathing kind of level after 5-10 minutes. If your breathing keeps getting heavier and heavier, slow down a bit more. There is no need to run.

Drinking water before and after your walks will help conteract the sweating. You can also dress in layers, so that you have something to peel off when you get hot.

To lose weight you'll need to walk for at least 20 minutes nearly every day. It's a wonderful exercise program. You can do it almost anywhere and see the weather and seasons change. You should try to eat healthy as well. A diet full of a wide variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, low fat dairy products, whole grains, and plenty of water is best. The more those sorts of foods are included in your diet, the better you'll feel.

Best of luck! You're on the right path, exercising and getting checked out by your doctor.

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