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I am FAT, How can a 12 year old girl lose alot of weight within 10 weeks?
I am really FAT!!! And I have gym class in 10 weeks and it is really embarrassing to run and stuff in front of all the other kids when I am slower and fatter and weigh more than all of them. They don't understand!!! I also have to run the a mile around the track soon and that is very hard for me because of my weight!!! I lose my breath and I am always the last one around!!! I need to lose like 50 or more lbs within 10 or less weeks!!! How can I do that??? PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks!!! From:~~~Me~~~

i heard meth works real well... i dont advise it but it'll work!

i am 13 and am 169 ponds but i wuz 202 but i lost wate by drinkin a lot of beer that my boyfrend sparky gave me drink beer and dont eat

michael l

talk to your parents about it...after all, it's your parents fault that they fed you until you are overweight.

50 or more lbs is not impossible, but if you were to lose 5 pounds/week you'd gain it back quickly, & you'd be unhealthy (which means you wouldn't be able to run the mile anyways). However, 20 pounds is a reasonable goal.

1. Cut down on white bread, pasta, cereals, & other grainy stuff. However oatmeal, whole wheat bread, & goLean crunch cereal are fine.
2. Eat processed & junk food as little as possible.
3. Stock up on vegetables & fruit. Go on the internet to find tasty ways to prepare them so you're not eating bland carrot sticks every day (no one can stick to a diet like that)
4. Excercise, excercise, EXCERCISE!!! Get a work out buddy, go to the park, dance in your room, do SOMETHING! But if you're too embarassed, get a workout video from a thrift store
6. Check out this book from a library, or buy it: The Diet for Teenagers Only
by Barbara Schroeder, Carrie Wiatt

It is AMAZING, & specifically suited for teen female bodies (adult diet books aren't suited for teenagers).

P.S. A tip for when you run the mile: run as close as you can to the inside (it's a less perimeter so you'll run less) & pump your arms faster which quickens your speed & burns more calories

joe b
crack works wonders smoke some

Make sure you eat around 1,500 calories a day. Try to stick with All natural foods. Exercise. Even if it's just a few minutes to start with. Just increase how long you exercise as time goes by and you feel more confident. DON'T STOP EATING! That is the worst thing you can do. It slows your metabolism down so when you do eat your food turns into more waste (fat). Also, that is too much weight that quick. You could really make yourself sick. Go to the doctor and let him know that you want help to lose weight and he will give you some things to do. I hope this helps.

exercise as much as you can but dont hurt yourself
if u get tired take a break
20 minutes everyday or every other day would help
just make sure you eat right too

Well.young lady,just have a more positive outlook on your life.exercise more,eat less,easy on the sweets,your young work hard while you can when your young.Its so hard to lose weight when your older.Remember there are people that love you and care about you.Some children can be cruel,but remember you are a child of GOD.

Robin W
My eight year old has a weigh problem, I stoped giving him things with sugar on it, and he's starting to lose weight, it helps alot, too much sugar isn't good for you, also I give him a Alpha Lipoic Acid, it's a vitamin that helps fight the cell-damaging free radicals,that lead to cell death, it is safe to take, my doctor told me to give it to my son, go to http://rexallvitamins.com and also talk to your mother about it, my son lost 25 lbs in two weeks, take it from a mother of two it helps, and don't forget to cut down on the sugar. Good luck sweetie!

10 weeks is fast to loose weight. You would probably loose 10 pounds in 10 weeks. Here's my suggestion, and this what I did, I lost 10 pounds in 10 weeks but now have 6 packs.

Jog and lift dumbells. Eat first, wait 30 minutes, jog in the morning for less poluted air. Then lift dumbells, 10 pounds for 10 minutes interval and rest for 5 minutes. Do it 3 times. Then take a shower.

You can't just jog and expect to loose weight, all that fat has to go somewhere and that's where lifting dumbells go into place. The running part will put all your fat in your belly, so you will have flat stomach. Good luck.

Mike D
hey, i totally understand what youre going through. i lost over 75 on weight watchers in high school and i had never thought anything would ever work for me. my first week i lost 6 lbs and it went off at a steady pace of about 2-3 lbs per week after that. its harder for females to lose weight but my advice to you is:

a) stop eating fast food COMPLETELY
b)drink lots of sugar-free Cranberry juice
c)when you sit down to a meal, eat small portions of diff. foods
d)ask your parents to lock up the junk food and hide the key
e)walk your dog or ride your bike for an hour several times a week
f)buy new clothes when the weight starts coming off to stay motivated
g)dont let people talk you down. let them know youre serious.

Lets be real, teens don’t like to eat healthy. I know, I have 2 teen children. If you don’t remove or minimize the essential elements of a teen diet, soda, sweet or salty snacks, fast food, and sweets then your chance at losing weight goes down.

Teens do have an advantage, their metabolism is much faster, so they can burn off what they eat faster. Unfortunately what they eat can slow it down because there are some things that the body just cant rid itself of fast enough. Teens do have an advantage, their metabolism is much faster, so they can burn off what they eat faster. Unfortunately what they eat can slow it down because there are some things that the body just can’t rid itself of fast enough.

You are a teenager so it’s easier for you to be active. Don’t spend your time in front of the TV all the time, get out and do something, you know move around. Don’t think some miracle is going to save you from your obesity problem, its not. You are the only one who can make a difference.

How do teens lose weight? The body loses about 2 pounds a week optimally and that’s 2 pounds that stay off. If you are committed then you should reach your goal.
You are now at an age where your metabolism is peaking. Primarily what you need to do is get up and move. You should not be taking any diet pills, solutions or anything thats not prescribed by a doctor because in your teens your body is changing and growing rapidly. What you need to do is:

1. Limit junk foods. I have a 12 year old daughter, and her idea of a balanced meal is chicken nuggets, fries and sprite. Do you see where Im going with this? 4-6 servings of fruit and vegetables a day before you can have junk food.

2. Drink enough water. Probably between 40-50 oz per day for you. Water helps to keep your metabolism optimized, and allows your body to continue growing lean muscle tissue, not fat.

3. Be active. Even if you dont play sports you need to be active everyday. Sitting in front of a computer or TV from the time you gets home till you go to sleep is not good. When you can you need some time of recreation activity.

4. Vitamins are something that could help as well. They are inexpensive and easy to take. They even have liquid vitamins or the gummy vitamins (my daughter loves) for people who hate pills.

5. Sleep is something many young people dont like to do. Their minds are overstimulated by so much going on around them, but sleeping and allowing the body to rest, also helps to build lean muscle tissue. When you sleep the body repairs and rebuilds itself. Plus if you are active you will want to sleep more.
I hope this helps, I have worked with many kids your age and the ones who are more active had fewer health problems as they grew up.

Drink water, eat food low in fat and high in fiber, restrict the calories you eat, and excercise.

that is the short of it. now for a little detail. excercise is important to build up your lungs and stamina. start slow, try walking for a mile or 2. time yourself. once you have a time then stick to that rout every day if possible and time each trip. try to increase your speed a little at a time. overall you will want to make the trip a little longer as well. this will increase stamina and cardio function. it will take time but it will also help with getting you ready for the mile run. walking 2 miles at a good pace for a few weeks will shave minutes off your mile run. the dieting will help drop wieght. the problem you face is your age. you are growing and your body will resist sudden change. 10 pounds a month is a safe wieght loss, but that is as high as you should go. any higher and you may do damage to yourself. getting into healthy eating habits and gradual increase in excercise is really the only safe way to manage wieght over the long term, but there is no magic way to drop large amount of wieght fast without risking doing yourself some harm. remember, if your body does not get enough protien it will burn muscle, wich will make you even worse off, and sugar will give you a quick boost of energy but then slow your matabolism down and cause wieght gain.

First of all, be confident in your self! SMile When you work out, you'll feel better, trust me!

Be patient with yourself. results won't happen over night. You need to build stanima. This will take time!
Each morning, jog around your block. Then add two blocks. ect.. Add a block when your ready.
Buy a Cardio DVD to slim down. They are fun, build endurance, and melt fat fast!
Try 10 Minute solution: Fat blasting Dance mix 10$ at Wal mart.
Denise Austin: Burn Fat Fast, Cardio dance and Sculpt, 10$ at walmart.

When you work out, listen to positive, high Energy music that makes you feel good! Drink water so your muscles don't cramp, and stretch before and after you work out.

Eat healthy foods that are natural to your body. You will loose weight doing this alone. Shop on the outer edges of the store, buy fruits, veggies..., stay away from packaged food!!! You can eat pizza with meat and veggies, just wipe off the grease. When you eat salad, don't drown it with dressing.

Be consistant and you'll see great resulte in 1 month! Be happy with yourself! Enjoy!!!!

Eat small portions, but often. Eat 6 times a day but only about 150 calories. MOVE keep moving all day. Tapping your feet, waving your arms, contracting muscles, anything burns excess cals. DRINK A LOT OF WATER. Before you eat esepcially it will make you full faster. Good luck :) You can do it

For one thing, no more internet. Just get out and play! Second, accept that those numbers will not happen. The sooner you get real, the sooner you can be healthy.

Eat nourishing food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables being part of it. Chew each morsel at least 32 times. This will activate signal to the brain as soon as u have had enough. Besides this change in eating style, take regular light exercises and brisk walks every day. U will be able to gain/shed all extra weight gracefully and in a reasonable time span.

Eat right, exercise... The basics. Lay off of sweets, carbonated drinks, and things that can cause you to gain weight, but don't do anything unhealthy or unsafe - That will only make it harder for you in gym. Fifty pounds is a lot to lose in 10 weeks, and even if you can't, don't feel self-conscious. I know fifteen-year-old basketball players who are heavy, and still play.
Good luck!

Drew K
Stop drinking carbonated beverages, cut down or eliminate sweets, and eat balanced meals throughout the day. Balanced both nutritionally and proportionally. Do not stop eating, that will slow your metabolism down and will make you keep the weight you have. Also you should try some exercise, if you like video games try the game Dance Dance Revolution. If not, simple stuff like going for a run daily will help, or just run up and down a flight of steps. Best of luck

Kaptain Kyle
You can't lose 50 lbs in 10 weeks. People don't lose that much in a year! Catch mono and don't eat for 10 weeks. Or cut off your love handles like that guy in the movie 'Seven.'
Maybe join the war against "Ter'r" and become a P.O.W.

you won't lose all that weight in 10 weeks, but you can definitely make a difference. start exercising, just jog around your neighborhood. watch what you eat, don't eat because you're bored, only eat when you absolutely have to. stay away from things with excess fat in it. basically, changing your lifestyle will make it a lot easier for you to not only lose weight (maybe not fast, but healthily) but also to participate in gym class. once your body is use to that type of movement, you won't lose your breath or nothing.

50 pounds in 10 weeks? Thats major. I think you are setting a goal there that isnt possible to reach for someone your age. And you would just be setting yourself up for a heartbreak which is not good. Try to be more realistic in your goal.
But dont get discouraged by what i said. You can lose the weight! Just not that fast. You need to talk to your parents about this, get with a doctor that can set up a good diet and exercise plan with you. Main thing, stay away from sweets and stay away from pop. Those are my main weeknesses. Those things - especially pop will put weight on you fast and keep it on you.
Dont starve yourself or do anything extreme. Just get help from family and experts in real life. You wont find much help here on the net.


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