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Amy s
I am 13 and weigh 115 pounds..i have a lot of belly fat..how do i get rid of it?
i have tried so hard..i lose some then gain it again..then lose and gain again..how to i keep it down?

I have two daughters, one on each side of 13. Belly fat seems to be normal, but as an adult having experienced belly fat on and off, I can tell you that it has a LOT to do with what you eat. If you are thin everywhere else, and just seem to carry a little extra there, don't panic. Cut back on bread and sugar, eat more salmon, oatmeal (use fruit with it, no sugar) and blueberries. Lots of protein, no red meat, no rice, no pasta, but LOTS of vegetables and salads. Use lemon juice and olive oil with a little salt on your salads. Hopefully you like fish. Canned tuna with a little lemon is good, too, or canned salmon. Hard boiled eggs. Three bean salad with lemon juice, and a little Garlic, marinated for a while. (garbanzos, black beans and kidney beans)....at 13 this might sound not too tasty, but I guarantee you will lose belly fat and feel fantastic!

push ups, crunches, running

dont worry about your weight rightnow. you are still growing and in about 2 years you will not have the belly fat, you will get taller and the belly will dissapear, give it time. 115 is a good weight for a teen girl, watch what you eat and keep getting exercise outside, the belly will dissapear in no time, been there, done that, give it time your body is changing everyday as you become a woman and you need the extra weight right now. I am a nursing student, you are doing ok

Go to the gym.Workout.

do a lot of sit ups, my sis does like 500 per day, and shes totally toned. also at orgins they have Let It Show, it makes you look toned and gives you a natural glow.

lay back on the fast food. try to do the wrap to make you skinnier.

Mike, I'm Cool
Stop eating as much and exercise more. Find something you like to do and keep active with it.

Hey your young just dance,play around,situps and etc. Thats what i do it really works.Eat healty foods or go on a salad diet that works too

swettie l
just live and eat in a normal way.... 115 lbs.isnt bad enough...your still young..just do something get rid of ur fats... as you grow up..if you have maintain equal weight as 115... it will be just normal... see those beauty queens at the age of 18 - so on... they weigh 100 - 120..

thats really normal 4 a girl ur age so dont worry 2 much but sit ups will tighten the muscles in ur stomach and will make it look flatter whether it is or not.

Do not try to lose weight. You are not fat. Don't end up with an eating disorder because you don't want to see any fat on your body.

Diet and excercise are the only way. By diet, I mean a sensible eating plan that you can do forever like Dr. Phil's book. It has a lot of good tips. You've got to excercise for the rest of your life, too, if you want to keep it off. You can do it if you put your mind to it. And doing it now, will save you a lot of trouble later. Good luck!

captain redbeard
Do Sit ups Or Ab Exercises!

sit ups and crunches but you can still eat but wizzle and i am thinking about doing that cause i am 13 and weigh 126

Do crunches or something that strengthens your stomach muscles/abs, eat those weight-loss cereals for breakfast and dinner, I did that and it worked, well for me. Mainly just exercise and eat good, which is hard for a lot of people, but try! Try this! Do 50 crunches before you go to bed every night!

quit riding and riding to places in your immediate area walk when it is safe and at daytime, exercise when possible, eat more fruits instead of chips and fries!

Be careful! Some of the responses I've read here are absolutely WRONG!!!!!

To lose weight you have to either take in fewer calories than you burn (which is the best way) or burn more calories than you take in. This sounds essentially the same but, it really isn't.

If you wish to maintain your current physical activity, you're going to have to cut back on the number of calories you typically take in.

If you prefer to continue you're over indulgence in calories, you're going to have to increase your physical activity by quite a lot to burn those calories off.

Sit-ups, are any other similar exercise, will strengthen your muscles which will tighten and in turn push the fat out farther - making the bulge more pronounced.

Note: At 13 you're still quite young, many people tend to lose weight naturally when the year of growth spurt hits them. Have you had your growth spurt yet?

By the by: I see you mention your age and your weight but you didn't mention your height - that has to factor in too whether your current weight is average (today's average for Americans is overweight!!!) or normal.

One of the issues you will have at this age is your body distribution changing during growth spurts. Belly fat is often apparent as your body prepares for increased growth in height. Eating a balanced diet and getting at least 30 minutes of exercise that raises your heart rate daily. Doing crunches or other exercises to increase muscle mass will sculpt your abdomen but does not directly impact the fat deposits there.

Situps. They work wonderfully and don't require any equiptment.

(A) Get off the junk food. (B) Get off the video games and computer. (C) Go out and be a normal kid and explore and run and enjoy being a kid. (D) Have fun!!!!!!!!

cool im 13 and of coarse work out, eat write and work out. If possible go to the gym. I reccomend taking a sport (does not make u a tomboy)

Situps and crunches are good, but remember to eat healthy too. Low fat, low sugar etc. Lots of veggies.

an army guy once told me doing crunches help tighten your abs and stomach

i'll tell ya the real solution and it's pretty fun too. jump on the tramaline(however you spell that) every day. and don't stop eating, it will make u much mor unhealthy. just eat better stuff. don't eat burger king and all of that junk food. and the big thing to stay away from is chips boy oh boy is that stuff bad for ya and will make u gain so much weight. so jump on the tramp and run and you'll see all that stuff go away quicker then you can say a whole bunch of stuff in one word.

A rose by any other name...

Do some push-ups...Push up away from the table!!

The fastest way to lose weight is to elevate your heart rate as many times and and as high as you can safely elevate it. Eat small portions of meals many times a day instead of really big portions only a few times a day. Jump rope rules. Anything running or sprinting will burn a super amount of calories, incomparable to weight lost just dieting.


Situps or crunches.

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