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How much will i lose if eat only an apple a day for one week?
so how much will i lose in a week if i eat an apple a day

waclaw f
don't do it you'll get sick/maybe die

Either an unhealthy amount too much, or else not much because you'll be slowing down your metabolism by not eating enough. Either way, it's a bad idea.

You will definitly lose weight, but that might not be the best diet. You will feel hungry, which may make you feel sick! It really depend on when you eat the apple. A good diet would be having a healthy breakfast, lunch and supper, but a light snack (aka apple) in between meals.

Susan Yarrawonga
Too much and you will put it all back before you know it.

Slow and steady is much better than fast and unsteady.

You might loose weight but starving yourself is not good. You will be weak the whole week you are eating nothing and your body will store all the fat from your next couple of real meals because it thinks it's starving. Just control your portions and exercise! Excercise is the real key to loosing weight.

Hippie chic
well you will lose weight. but you will gain it back. But you probably won't be able to do it a week you will probably faint by about day three depending on your body maybe earlier maybe later. But you definatly don't want to faint trust me you will feel bad for like a whole week after. So you really don't want to do that so if you want to lose weigh just exercise and eat healthy.

0.5 because your metabolism will slow down and cause you to stop burning fat .

use this


its free and does a lot for you

DON"T, this will not be a good diet, starving yourself will only put your body into starvation mode and will play havoc with your metobolism. Better to eat a balanced diet and add exercise to your routine.

My Thyroid is burnt out because of the yo-yo starvation diets. Now I have to take the hormone orally everyday as I do not produce enough in my body.

Learning to eat is something you will need to do and the best site is the American Diabetes Association. healthy eating is for everyone, not just Diabetics.


it all depends on weight height excersize and everything else. probably NOT a good idea at all. you could eat less and less after that week. and then become annorexic or bulimic. and you could pass out or throw up alot from lack of food. that happend to me once. i didnt eat alot one day and then i threw up. its all stomach acid because ur stomach has the acid to break down food but when you dont put enough food in it it has to get rid of the acid some how. so dont do it.

Kristina B
Wow so not a good idea. how about an apple a meal with some peanut butter for protein. At least then your not starving your body of basic nutrients.

Todd S
that depends on how much you weigh to begin with. the heavier you are, the more you will lose per day. btw, you will still need to drink water to avoid dehydration.

hmmmm you must not be that smart u can eat nothing but apples same result ... not like ur frying the damn apple ffs

and drink lots of warter so you can make it with out any problems...

surely the pounds will drop off. i bet it takes more than a week to start seeing the effects though. and you're probably missing out on a whole load of other important nutrients. better than a big mac every day tho.

Monika *
way too much
you'll be too skinny and you never know you could gain weight by starving yourself!

I hate to tell you this, but its not a realistic diet. you may feel healithier, but i doubt you'll lose any weight.

I am Broccoli Carrot
first of all thats not healthy!!!!
just burn of what you eat at a time!
u will lose plenty!

Diane L
Probably a lot of pounds but you will be losing all the nutrients you need to stay healthy and full of energy. It sounds like a good way to mess up your system. The truth is you have to eat right to loss weight and stay health.


Less than working out.
It wont be good for your health since you should balance it with different things.
And your not getting enough nutrients.
Your body is going to try to hold the fats in your stomach for as long as possible.
Thats how you can survive 3 weeks without food.
Anyways your metabolism is going to slow down.
And it'll take a while until you start losing weight.
Instead you should eat 5 times a day but in small snacks, all healthy.

you'll lose some, but you can't live on just one apple a day for the rest of your life. more often than not, once you go back to eating, you'll gain the weight back, and then some.


yay. it's me. [[VT!]]
Actually, you shouldn't lose any--in theory. My school has mandatory health classes, and when discussing eating disorders, the teacher said: If you only eat a certain item, you'll lose weight initially, but once you go back to eating normally, you'll gain the weight back.

This is also unhealthy; the food pyramid is there for a reason. Use it!

Um... depends on how much you weight.. but everything you lose if you eat again normally with your normal daily activities you'll gain it right back.

However you'll keep the doctor away.

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