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How much weight will I lose if if I don't eat for a week?
Like a fast.Im still going to drink lots of water to stay hydrated.And when the weeks over im deff. going to keep a workout plan going so I wont gain it all back.Just answer the specific question none of this Dont do it,You'll lose your life ect.

You will lose a lot of weight, it's true. However, you will gain at least part of it back when you begin to eat again, no matte ryour exercise routine.

Lori M
I imagine 7-10 lbs.

It depends on how overweight you are. I can only guess 5-10 pounds. Keep in mind, that when you starve, your metabolism slows down quite a bit and working out after a starvation diet will only make it slow further. At some point, when you get onto eating food you are going to gain weight.


i would not advise that.. you will start to become tired and crabby.. and your hair may become all nasty .. i advise not to.

You will lose on average 8-14 pounds....you gave us no dimensions so hard to say for sure

Then when you eat again you could gain 8-16 lbs estimate

Not to mention this is bad for your liver and kidneys. No nutrients= no nutrients in the blood. Your immune system will suffer and you will likely dehydrate anyway. A little salt helps with that.

Its amazing the crap you people get in your heads. I'll starve for a week and be healthy? Nope save yourself a shity week and start running 10 min a day in your yard. email me and I'll type you up.....well copy and paste...some tried, true, and best of all free workouts

u die like i just did right now

Hippie chic
well you probably lose like 6lbs. But that is a stupid thing to do because you will gain it back becuase your metabolism will slow down and when you eat again the weight comeback almost instantaneusly. And if you don't eat anything for a week you will probably pass out on the third day. So if you wanna do it have fun....but it stupid your hurting your body not helping it at all.

pretty much like everyone else said. yeah you'll lose it while your "fasting" but your body will store everything it has until you eat again then you'll blow up like a balloon. if you want to lose weight, cut portion size. or like what i did, i became a vegetarian. i didnt do it lose weight, but it happened anyways. i stoped eating meat and was excersizing <--i have never been able to spell that word!
anyways i lost like 20 pounds, i was like hot damn!
but there is a lot of down side to being a vegetarian, for instance i dont get nearly enough protein in my system. you can get proteins from fish (which i dont eat but some vegetarians do) nuts also.
lose wieght the healthy way. anorexia, excuse me, "fasting" is never the way to go.

Someone mentioned the "cayenne pepper diet"... well it actually consists of organic maple syrup, organic lemons and cayenne pepper. Beyonce did lose weight but she gained it all back... so this was only temporary...

you will lose alot of weight according to your scales, but it will only be body water you will be losing . when you start eating properly again your body will go in to starvation mode and will turn everything you eat in to fat because it will think it is starving. so the end result is you will gain instead of losing!!!

Your weight loss will depend on your metabolism and how much exercise you plan on doing. Just be sure to ease back into solid foods, otherwise there is a chance to overeat and gain back any weight you lost.

Joe'z 1st luv
It depends on so many variables. One variable is about how much food you eat right now. If you eat a lot of food right now, your body will go into starvation mode and probably hold on to as much weight as possible to keep you alive. But if you don't eat that much right now, your body will be used to the lack of food and you will probably lose more weight than if you were a heavy eating before the fast.

Beyonce was on some diet for 10 days where she didn't eat but her drinks consisted of :Honey, vinegar, cayenne pepper,etc.
You'll have search for this on the websight or buy the books from there.
She survived, because these drinks gives the bodies what it need to sustain itself.

anywhere from 5 to 7 pounds

about 80% of that will be muscle and water though

so maybe a pound of fat or so

Fasting does not equal losing weight! Fasting is a physical sacrafice for mental connection with one's self. It is not at all about losing weight.

So if you lose weight, believe me it is not FAT you are losing, you are losing muscle which you need because your body predicts your fasting as starvation, and your body will in turn start to feed off of itself. (Term called Catabolism)

To lose weight healthy, you have to eat healthy (5-6 times a day) to get your metabolism to constantly burn off fat. Excerising also gets your heart to beat faster which in turns increases your metabolism to burn of fat!

Kacey B
something like 10 - 12 lbs, however alot of this will be water weight and you will gain about half of it back again when you start to eat.

I recommend that if you are going to fast for a week, on the day you start eating again, only eat raw soft fruits and raw soft veg, do this for the first 2 days, then move onto low calorie soups, broths etc, make the transition between not eating to eating as easy on ur body as possible, this way you wont harm your body and you also wont gain all the weight back again.

You won't lose a thing. Your body will go into starvation mode when it stops getting food. It will then horde every ounce of fat that it can! If it still doesn't get food, your body will start to shut down internal organ functions in an effort to survive.

You probably won't loose much b/c your body will start to horde the body fat in starvation mode. Just the truth.

It likely wouldn't be worth it because after not eating for that long your body would go into a starvation mode in which it would retain as much fat as possible, and quickly gain back the weight, plus some, once you resumed eating.

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