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How much should a 23 year old at 5'2" weigh to look hot?

Additional Details
Hey I don't want to sound shallow, I'm just in an intensive workout program and I currently weigh 125lbs and I want to lose some of the fat but I'm just so lost because I don't see myself changing.... I can see the numbers drop but I look in the mirror and see the same ME so.... if I can have a rough estimate of what people find hot on 5'2" it can help me set a goal!! :DD Thanks everyone!!

i would say 100 but a am a recovering bulemic, but according to doctors charts probably 110-117 would be a perfect weight for u. it sounds llike you shouldn't be so harsh on yourself you are not overweight stop stressing keep to your plan and it will all fall in place or should i say fall out of place for you to feel like your in place, good luck and trust me don't let it get you obsessive the weight thing it can lead to such destructive behavior that took me 22 years to quit, good luck

El Numero Uno Cubano Bruno

Leia L
i would sugest 100 - 115 the most

Oh my!
It depends on your body structure if you have a small, medium, or large frame. Sometimes girls who have a large frame look funny when they are 5'2 and they drop down to 105. so it really depends ya know? if you have a small frame 105lbs, if you have a medium frame 110lbs, and if you have a large frame 115lbs.

105 pounds to 115 pounds

Alyssa S
the recommended weight for your height is anywhere between 110-115


yeah I agree, 110 sounds good

you should be 110. the rule is 100 pounds for five feet and then five pounds for every inch after five feet

How much you weigh has nothing to do with looking 'hot'. If you want to have a great body then you need to be lean and toned. You could be 100lb or 140lb, as long as you had a lean body fat percentage you'd look amazing.


Stevie xo
115 pounds give or take a few to allow forr muscle mass or body type. Whatever makes you feel good

I would say around 115. That's my goal weight, as I'm also 5'2". Right now I'm hovering around 120 and want to lose my pooch. :-)

Vagn F
The fact that you ask this means you're shallow and therefore not hot. So I cannot answer.

Graham H
It depends on how the weight is distributed.

michael g
well if thats you in the pic that you are asking about...doesnt matter..UR HOT

Rusty B
Depends on a lot of things...what do you consider hot? What type of body do you have? and What type of person are you trying to attract?...Personally I think that as long as you are confident, healthy, happy, and genuine you will always be attractive...But if you are just looking for what the average 23 year old who is 5'2 should weigh you can use a BMI chart like this one->http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/

id say about 110

Claudia R

Whatever makes you feel hot..!

its all about if you look hot to yourself....BUT i know to be healthy you should weigh aroun 120ish....thats what one doctor told my mom when she was younger bcuz she was like 5'1

Free Stuff in 2012
Make sure and include 2 pounds in your estimate for the napalm that will make you look really HOT!

There are charts for that, but it is irrelevant because they are just rough estimates and do not account for variations in body type.

Happy people with healthy self esteem look much prettier than skinny people with bad attitudes.

it depends. 115-135

muscles weight more than fat. and fat's not so appealing :]

Wendy L
isn't that relative?
some people might want 85
others might want 185

maybe to some you wouldn't be hot no matter what?

i'd say 115-124 lbs

larry h
about 125 - 130 lbs.

don't listen to em. you are already hot.

good luck!

☮, ♥, ☉☉, & ☺
108 and threnty-two halfs.

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