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 Please just hellllllppppppp, click here?
how much weight can i lose by not eating for 2 months?

give me a number, thats it i dont care for your commentary, i wont read it, and if you have something negative to say then push

 Im 5'4 and weigh 210lbs what can i do to lose 90lbs?
i hate my body everyone keeps telling me no your not fat your beautiful or big boned.... but i can look in the mirrow and see im not as skinny as i use to be how do i lose the ...

 The fastest way you lost weight?

 Will not eating or throwing up for like a week or couple of weeks help lose weight?
I know all the facts and how anorexia and bulemia are bad for you. I'm not anorexic or bulemic and don't plan on being so. I just want to know if not eating or throwing up after every meal ...

 Whats the best diet pill?
i had my baby 6 months ago and have lost all but about ten lbs and i can seem to shake it so i want a diet pill that will just help me shake those last couple of pounds,,,

and suggestions ...

 How can i lose a few pounds in about 2 to three weeks?

 Can anyone suggest me some good exercises to reduce weight?
also suggest about the kind of exercises which help reducing fat around the abdomen?...

 Im 16 and obese. I hate it. My dad said he'd give ÂŁ60 if i lost weight =] but i just cant do it. any ideas?
Im 16 and obese which is bad. I hate it and wanna get rid of it all. I wanna do it but nothing is motivating me. I barely leave the house becuase theres nothing to do. I need ideas and help to what i ...

 How does an 11 year old boy lose weight really fast ?
how does an 11 year old boy lose weight really ...

 Wats the best way to lose weight??? (i almost tried everything)?

Additional Details
the problem is i like food especialy ...

 What's the most effective way to lose 20 pounds in just 2 months?

 My 12 years daughter don't eat g. vegetables, What should I do?

 I can't loose any weight and i play sports like 24/7! Any advice on how to loose any weight?
im a freshmen in highschool and sports is what my life is really about. Im in training now to throw the shot and discus in track. I run 1. 1/2 miles every day to try to lose weight and i dont even ...

 If i weigh 11 stone and im 5ft6, am i overweight, normal or obese?
Am i fat? And if so please give advice on what to do to loose weight please.
Additional Details
im 15 and am female if that ...

 Why am I craving apples and coleslaw?
not pregnant or anything just all up on those ...

 What's the best thing to eat if you feel like you're going to pass out?
I'm getting a tattoo...I'm a bit nervous that I'll pass out though. I want to be prepared and bring a snack. I'm having trouble deciding between: a granola bar, a chocolate bar, ...

 Does anyone have any tips for losing 15 pds in 3 months?

 What's the quickest way to lose wieght in six months and be healthy and have energy?
I've tried a lot of the fitness fads and they don't work. So I want to do it naturally....

 What does drinking 8 glasses of water do for the body?
does it help to lose weight?...

 Am i fat/normal or slim?
15 years old
small build
5 foot 7 / 170 cm
8 stone 5 ...

How much should a 13 year old at 5 feet 5 inches weigh?

you should weigh about 110 pounds. if you are skinny maybe 100 pounds. It just depends on how wide you are.

well im a 13 year old at 5 feet 1 inch and i weigh 80.

about 110 to 115

wiz kid

Avalon F
i dont know but they should weight any amout they want

Just another girl
Hmmm, 118

Jocelyne R
do a Body mass index (BMI)


AvalonF it's that kind of attitude that is a reason why there a so many obese kids and adults
"An estimated 97 million adults in the United States are overweight or obese."

no more than 115lbs.

around 120-130


Anywhere from around 110 to 150 pounds.

110 -120

Around 110...
No less than 95..
No more than 125...
I'd say.

I'm 13.
I'm 90.
It's gross.
I can't gain weight. :[

a litle above 100 pounds would be average

Natalie Elisabeth Schultz
That depends on your race (not kidding), your build, and your prior history. Ask your doctor for the best opinion. Based on your health, as long as you are healthy and not engaged in any damaging behaviors, you weigh the right weight. As for my best guess, probably from 100-120 pounds. But as I said, you should check with your doctor.


i'd guess anywhere from about 90-115

3rd Time Deleted!
i never realized how tall I was. Im 11 and I'm 5"4. Im freakishly tall I weigh 100 pounds. I would say someone that tall should weigh about 120 pounds. It doesn't matter how much you weigh it matters if your healthy. Some people are just big boned.

Hoped I helped,


she's pretty much amazing™
Anywhere from 111-149 lbs.
i checked for you, the website is down below

about 120-130. And to one of the answerers, 5'4" is nowhere near freakishly tall, coming from a 13 year old that is 5'9!!

im 14 im 5 5 and i weigh 110 but i wish i had a few more pounds on me

Aw the man!
between 105-135

about 130 lbs.

well you seem to be pretty tall so I would probably think around 115-120

Test P
I'm that and normal and I weigh 110.

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