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 Is 100 calories a day too much? I am very large and can't seem to lose any weight.?

 My weight?
ok im 13 and im 130 pounds i need to lose weight so should i go anorexic or bulimic or should i workout a lot but i was thinkin of anorexia but i dont know

 Do you despise overweight people too?
Fat people are fat because they eat too much. There were no fat people in Belson so there is verification of my statement.
They are weak willed and spineless....

 How can u fight cravings of food?
like even when i have already ate im still hungry and want more....

 What is the best food to eat when body building ?

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I eat a lot and cant gain weight. I look like a stick. I'm a guy by the way....

 I'm tiny, i want to put on some weight. I find it very difficult to eat. what do I do?

 How i get fat ???

 Does this sound like a healthy amount of food for a woman to eat in a day?
6 cups of tea
1 slice of toast with peanut butter and strawberry jam
4 chipolatas (small ones)
1 tablespoon of rice
1/2 tablespoon of peas
1 fruit pastel ice lolly


 I am 13, 5 feet and 110 lbs is a right/ healthy/ good weight? am i fat?
i eat pretty healthy (vegetables, fish, chicken,not many sweets) but i dont get that much excersize (1 or 2 30 minute bike rides a week and jumping rope about 15 mins a week)......AM I FAT IS THAT A G...

 How to get rid of muscle ache after workout?
I have been a bit lazy during the winter..but I have been working out every day now for over a week...I think today I overdid it with the 250 abdominals ( have been doing only 100 the prior days) ...

 Is losing 60 pounds in ten months an acheivable goal?
i am 5'5. i weight 210. i am dieting,eating less than 1500 calories a day, walking 45 minutes everyday and hitting the gym for two hours three times a week. i havent lost any weight yet. ive ...

 Should i stop working out?
I just want to look good on a swimming trunks should i stop is it good enough?


 Well theres my 1st resolution down the drain...?
It was to lose weight

So far today I've pied out on half a box of celebrations. and the gym was shut .

Why cant i diet? Please help!...

 Is drinking 4 pills at a time is bad for you?
Like, a garlic pill, b-vitamin pills, and such?
Additional Details
Oops! I meant swallow them ^.^...

 What is the perfect weight for a women that is 5'2"?
also, what weight for this height is too skinny, also what weight for this height is fat.
Additional Details
When I weighed 110 pounds ...

 Why do fat people make me sick?
Not all the time but occasionally I see fat people and that blubber makes me just shiver.Then I think yuk how did you let yourself get like that.I know some of you are gonna be offended,but that ...

 PLEASE ANSWER. It so hard not to eat!?
I am 13. I am 5"2, and I weigh 116 pounds ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
I am a gymnast, and workout 5 hours a day, 5days a week.
I try so hard not to eat all day, i normally have about 1000 ...

 Is weight really the issue? If so, what am I suppose to do? ugh!!!?
Ok the deal is my weight! I'm 16 years old, 5'2'' in, and I weight 123 lbs.For the past 2 years or so I've been telling my mom that I want to go on a diet but she says I ...

 Is there a way to trick myself to stop eating candy?
i can't throw it out..it's my nephews.and he has a lot...so yea.
and today i literally ate over 40 mini sized chocolate candies from Halloween (resses peanut butter cups, butterfingers,...

How much should a 10 year old girl weigh???
i'm 57 inches and i am 90 pounds am i to big??

las vegas kind of person
just try to weigh 85 lbs. and ur fine

Sky Flying Gorgon Witch
No, you're fine.

Yes.You must have proper excercise.Eat good food but not too much.Try too lessen your food intake.that was my advice.I just concern with you.

no babe you are just right

Admiral Question
Have you asked your doctor? There is an "ideal weight" but in any case, try not to worry about your weight too much unless you actually feel unhealthy due to your weight.

no you are not, if you're doctor and/or mother says you are overweight, then you are. but if they don't say, then you are NOT. so many US ppl think they are overweight even though they're not

No honey your not big at all. You should never worry about your weight either. God made you this way for a reason.

Clique Girl
You sound like me!!! Your fine, don't worry!!

nah. wait how tall is 57 inches? im 5'6, 13 yrs old and i weigh about 110

Matthew M

no thats pretty good.

Lou Cifer
90 lbs.

no and you are to young to be worried about this!!!

No!I'm 5'4 and I weigh 101 pounds!I'm really tall so it's normal!Don't worry about it.

Ky <3
Omgs no! Your tall its normal! Dont worry about it kid!

IDK, I am a 13 year old girl and I only weigh 62 pounds (I am small for my age) But dont worry about it, you are perfect the way you are

Christian Gibbs
Your at average weight for a 10 year old girl I say, but you will be growing a lot more when your 11 and 12, DON'T WORRY ABOUT IT!

u dont wiegh too much....dont worry about it!!! i'm sure you're very pretty and weigh as much as u should and not a pound more!!!!!


no way
im like 90 something

your perfectly fine, i weigh like 98 and i am 14.
and i am skinny for my age so u should be normal.

no you are not, you are perfectly fine!!!

You shouldnt worry about your weight at this age. Im 18 yrs old and im worrying about it now.. and guess what girls always worry their whole life. The weight you are now... is perfect. Dont worry about your size or weight unless your doctor says that your unhealthy.

♥ hannah
ok that i ♥ curry person is a total b*tch! it is perfectally normal for girls to worry about how much they weigh. 90 pounds is NOT to big. your perfect the way you are.

you are perfectly healthy =D u should be in between 80 and 90lbs

Hey girl i'm 9- i weigh 60! you are fine!

57 inches? Oh my gosh, you're so tall!! No, you are the perfect weight, maybe even a little thin! Stay this weight, but it will go up as you get older and grow more. I am 59 inches and 100 pounds, and I'm told I am a perfect weight... you are fine, maybe even a little too thin! Just eat healthy and exercise an hour a day. If you need help with your diet, email me!

it depends on your build still too. Your 10, so you shouldnt worry about it, worry about it when your older and your DONE growing because usually people grow into their weight.

57" is 4'9" - not tall at all; and your weight is perfect for you height. My daughter is 4'10" - as an adult - and her weight from the time she was 12 until well into adulthood (when she got lazy lol) was 95 lbs. And, she was slim. Even if you're small-boned, you are still at a healthy weight. Just don't eat junk and exercise regularly - and enjoy your childhood. You will probably have several more growing spurts before you reach your full height, and your weight will stay in proportion if you eat right and exercise regularly. Get involved in an activity (sports, roller skating, etc.) that you enjoy that will let you exercise off what you eat.

you are def not too big! theres no specific weight... and you're perfectly fine.

a 10 year old girl should not be concerned about her weight unless she is diabetic, obese or both.

Alvin Yakatori
Well in 2002 the Average weight was about 85 lbs. I dont know how much you should weigh though. Im guessing youre fine, considering every year more people are getting fatter/ more obese

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