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 How to loose weight without exercise?
please dont tell me that there is no other option other than exercise. i only want to know alternative ...

 Is "DANCING" a good form of excersize?
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 How do you loose weight?
How the heck do you loose weight if you dont have enough money to buy those weight loss things they advertise on TV?...

 How do you loose weight?
I weigh 169 and I need and want to loose weight. What healthy snacks did you eat? What did you do about temptation of eating bad food? What did u use for motivation? And do u have any creative/fun ...

 How do i gain weight?? i wanna gain like 6 pounds before sept.5th?

 Have you a thin wrist?
Mine is quite small....

 Do you wish you were as thin as me?
I'm 5'1 and weigh 93 lbs (bmi 17.7). I'm 19 years old. Jealous?
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haha these answers are awesome ...

 What is the best exercise to lose weight? Running, Jogging, Walking...etc.?
My daughter just turned 1 and I am still very much carrying baby weight. I tried the whole counting calories and watching what I eat but that didnt seem to do anything. I need to know an exercise I ...

 Do I look fat? (picture)?
Ok I very much realize that I am not obese but I wanted some input on this picture from people (especially guys perspective helps) constructive criticism =)
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 Im REALLY embarrassed about exercising in public. any advice?
im a girl, 6 feet tall, and i weigh between 160 and 165 lbs. im pretty confident with who i am; im outgoing, smart, independent, and artistic. so this issue has nothing to do with me feeling ...

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 How much should a female 26 years old, 5' 1" weigh?

 Im am 115 pounds and 5/1 in a half and 13 years old am i fat?

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If you have a few days to lose weight, how can this be achieved?I understand that any ideas will not be for long term effect, a few days only to fit into an outfit for an occasion?...

 Is this safe?
for almost a year when i eat a meal i throw it up then i take my diet pills. i only do this in the summer time when iam able to get out side and work but iam wondering it this heathy or should i ...

 Does anyone know why?
Been on a diet for the last 2 weeks. Counted calories, fats etc and done loads of exercise i.e. walking for 30 mins a day, riding 45 mins a day, sit ups, pess ups etc. A complete lifestyle change!!! B...

 Is cottage cheese a sufficient post workout snack? What can I add to it?
Is there anything I could add to it to make it taste a bit better? I like the taste, but I like to try new things too.


 What foods give you the most gas?

 Can you loose weight by lifting weights every day?
I have been lifting weighys for two weeks, all i see is muscle growing but no weight loss....

 How can i get skinny real easy in a day?!?
i dont think im fat people think in fat thats y i want to go on a diet?...

How much do you weigh, and how tall are you?
Are you happy with your weight?

Yes, 5"5 last time I measured, and about 7 stone (45kg) I think 45kg is about 98 lbs.

Just a Dog Chasing Cars
I'm almost 5''6 and I'm 115. I'm happy with my body.

My biggest problem is that I'm too short for my weight

5'3 and a half and 115pounds. as long as im healthy then im happy with my weight

titi a
5'6 145 pounds.. no way.
i have to lose 20 pounds.

130 pounds/ 58.9Kg/ 9stone 4lbs

Yeah I'm happy with my weight I'm still looking to gain another 3 pounds to get to 133lbs or 9 stone 7

some of you women seem a little light 5ft 8 and wanting to weight 110lbs no woman that tall should weight less than 9 stone in my opinion

Yes I'm happy. I weigh 8st 2 and I am 5'3 and a half.

8 stone 5
5 ft 5
Yeah i'm near enough happy

jon jon's girl
140 lbs
NO!!! (need to drop 30 lbs)

I love Kevin Costner
5'9" and I weigh 137 lbs. And yes I am happy, I am not over weight and I am not under, I am average size.

-I Loathe All I've Become-
I weigh 77lbs & i'm 5'4 i think

No i wish i was heavier, but i have so much trouble gaining weight, n i eat a lot it drives me crazy.

But o wel i'm not unhealthy so i'll live

5ft 7 and @ the moment 120lbs!!!! aiming for 110lbs tho xxxxx

i weigh 118,and im around 5'4
i look very thin,might wanna gain a little

I am 5'5 and weigh 115 yes im very happy with my weight! I wouldnt mind if I lost any but Im happy with what I am now.

6'0" 170lb
I am happy with my weight

I am happy now. I have recently lost 44lbs.

I am 5ft 5ins tall and weigh 9st 5lbs.

I am 11 stone and 5 feet 8 inches - my weight is proportioned well. I can fit in a size 10 top and size 12 bottoms, so yes I am happy.

I'm 4ft 8 in
and 78 pounds
Im a munchkin

Huggles [mozzafan]
Noo i'm not
I want to loose about a stone yet
cant and i'm doing everything right
drinking mroe water
turning every bit of healhty food i eat into half
and I only eat healhty stuff
and exercizing but i aint loosing it

i'm 15 years of age
and 5foot 6inch
and 10stone 10pounds

Team Edward!!!
I am 5'11 and weigh 150 lbs. It is all muscle and I am only 13.Yes, and no. Sometimes I am happy with my wieght and sometimes I am not.

Im 5ft 4" and 10.5 stone.
Hate it : (

I yo-yo between 9 stone and 10.5 stone about once a year : (

I'm 5 7 and weight about 185. I'm happy with my size. I'm a size 14. I work out and feel good about myself, but the actual number erks me. I'd like to be 150. Oh well, not starving myself for it though!

george s
6ft. 160lbs.


Im 5"8 and 143, no im not happy im trying to get down to 123

I don't know what weight I am, but I know its too much for my short height of 5ft 1.5in (way too much!).
No I'm not happy about it, but I have been loosing weight recently, so am trying to keep doing what I'm doing!

110 lbs, 5'3". Very Happy.

i'm 6ft 1in and 14 stone 7 pounds , and quite happy !

5ft 4

9 stone

I'm not too bothered about losing weight but i would like to tone up definitely.

Im 5'0 and I weigh 103, I guess Im happy. Everyone says Im a little thin, but everyone is built differently =D

i´m 1,78cm (don´t know how many feet)
63 kg (don´t know how much it is in stone)

but, and thats important, i´m quit happy, yeah. it could be a little less there and there but it´s ok!

I'm 13.5 stones and 5'8" and 66 years old. I am overweight by at least 1.5 stones. I'm on a diet - by that I mean, I'm eating all my usual foods, but less of them. Hope to have lost maybe 10 lbs by Xmas or New Year. I'm in no rush, just want to get it off and keep it off really. At my time of life a slimming diet is not a good idea.

Best laugh ever is reading today in one of the London freebie newspapers of a couple in their 80s who have been eating Big Macs every day for the last 17 years. They look slim and neat. They said they even sold one house to move into a house closer to the MacDonald's Restaurant near where they live, think in Eastbourne.

My Comment.
Sorry to disappoint anyone, but it's not Big Macs which has kept them 'young' in their 80s. The real reason is the Wartime diet of c1940-1945. The diet was very low in fat and meat and very high in vegetable matter and fruit and lots of bread. I actually grew up on it. Yum! But I doubt anyone really wants to go back to that - rationing and all that.

Why do I mention the wartime diet and long-life? I have read a report from my own pension fund and the managers of same have been wondering for some years now why there are so many 80+ year old's still drawing pensions? This is not supposed to happen; we're supposed to die off sometime in our mid 70s. Just ain't happening. Gonna be an army of 90 year olds soon.

By the way, the oldest wind-surfer on the plant is 93 still going and living in Oz. Missed his name on the news. He took up the sport somtime in his 60s about thirty years ago. He's in Guiness - the oldest wind surfer in the world. What if he makes it to 100 and is still wind surfing? Blimey!

Edit: When Dr Benjamin Franklin FRS died, he weighed in at a massive 300 pounds. Not sure just how tall he was, think around the 5'6" - 5'8" mark. Blame it on the hamburgers then!

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