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 Is eating only salad a good diet routine??
i'm tryin to lose weight for next year. 40lbs. to be exact. i'm 15, 5'6", and weigh 176lbs. is eating salad for lunch and dinner only a good idea??

plz help! and if it&#...

 Is it ok to be 5'9" and 142 pounds?
oh yeah im a guy and no im not trying to attract a girl. But I don't know if it is unhealthy for me to be this skinny. My parents said don't worry. but im scared that I will starve to death....

 I'm in my mid teeens and realy can't afford an expensive diet:strapped4 cash. need some cheap ways 2 slim down
going 2 school, don't work, but i need 2 shed a couple extra pounds fast. can't afford the shakes, pills or workout videos. plz help....

 How long do you think it will take to loose 50 lbs.?
If I am choosing to run everyday for my excersice, how long do you think it will take? Plus eating healthy. I am 5'4 185lbs. but big boned, and curvy, and currently in a size 13 want to go ...

 My weight?
Please be honest about my weight. i am 15 i'm a larger body type, (bigger boned) im about 5'9 and weight about 160 is that in my average weight? I looked at charts but i need your honest ...

 Is ninety pounds to skinny for a thirteen year old boy?
I'm curious, this is important...
Additional Details
He's six feet tall. No kidding....

 I am overweight. I have no willpower. HELP!?
I find medics' diets tasteless and boring. I am diabetic and hypertensive and need to lose tons... well several pounds. Any ideas to help me, please?
Additional Details
Apart from ...

 Does this yogurt sound healthy??
The yogurt I have is

100 calories
less that 5 mg cholesterol
0 fat
85mg sodium
250 mg potassium
19 carbs
14 sugars--> fruit has natural sugar?
5g ...

 Hi, I'm a 19 yr old female and am recovering from anorexia and I really need help with a diet!?
I don't know how many caloires I need to gain weight at a good steady pace. I just don't want to get fat!!! Im so scared! I am 5'5'' and currently weight 90 lbs. I think my ...

 I need to lose 5 pounds in a week. How can I do this in a healthy way?

Additional Details
I'm not trying to starve myself and I want to do it healthy. I'm 5'4" 125 pounds and I want to go down to 120 within a week.

I think I ...

 Today I ate 3500 calories, have burned 2100 calories, I shall gain yeah?
I'm so ashamed and sorry to say that today I ate 3500 calories.'m 16 years old, I used to be on a strict diet and nearly become Anorexic! As for result I'm missing my period for 7 ...

 Am i fat....honestly?
1m 23, 5ft.9, and weigh 60 pounds ( 10 stone) uk size
Additional Details
o no!!! i meant 60 ...

 Any tips for someone who wants to start jogging daily?
I want to start jogging/running every morning.
Any advice on distance, time?
Thanks in advance....

 Is weighing 148 punds for a guy who is 5'8 too much?
Im 5 foot 8 and weigh 148. Is that alot? How can i lose 15 pounds???...

 5 feet 2, 120 pounds (8st 6). Female, thirtysix. Too heavy?
Am I too heavy? How much should I lose?...

 Is KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) bad for you?
does anyone know if kfc is bad for you?
and is it any worse than other fast food types or is it any healthier...?
and why is it bad?

is all fast food bad?


 Do i need to lose weight?
I am 14 and about 5''8 or 173cm and 56kgs or 123 pounds. Do i need to lose weight? I have really wide hips and a fat stomach....

 150 calories per day?
im 15 5"6.5 and 118lbs if i eat 150 cals a day amnd do an hr of cardio a day how much can i lse in

* a week
*a month
* 3 months
Additional Details
im a girl if ...

 Do you find size 12 fat?
I can't belive 97% of people think it is fat and 6 out of 10 women think size 0 is attractive. I like size 0 but I don't think size 12 is fat its a bit chubby but not fat. What do you think,...

 Do you have any ideas on a good work out program for overweight people just starting out??
I am very overweight and interested in an inexpensive work out program that I can do at home. I have never really worked out before so I need to start out slow. Also, any other ideas regarding ...

How much can i lose if i starve myself for three days and i exercise?
dont judge me,its only three days

Omg Im doing the exact same thing! I started midnight last night and on midnight sat-sun night i will stop. We'll see what happens. And Im not weighing myself until Im done. Good luck. Dont be stupid tho.

Its still wrong hunny, Eat no junk food and stay with HEALTHY food only. and exercise. You'll be fine. do not hurt yourself


~*Thai Dancer*~
I'm not judging you but I don't think you should starve your self that can become addicting and not healthy for you. but on health wise excise that is good for you and running biking also P.E. classes.

Bon Jovi fan
don't do that because if you stop eating yeah you will lose weight but when you start eating again you will gain the weight back again and maybe even more then you were before

Well it is not wise to do this, you will lose water weight, prob 5 pounds but because you are making your body think it is starving, when you start eating again your body will store all of the food as fat because it thinks you mayneed it later. It is a very unwise way to lose weight, and you will prob gain more weight in the end

if you exercise enough to burn off 3500 calories (remember that you need calories to live, so some of those will be burned naturally) it burns off one pound. it's really not healthy though. "only three days" can really perpetuate into an unhealthy lifestyle.

dont ever starve yourself its a bad idea. u can develop anemia like that

well..i wouldnt reccomend not eating at all for 3 days....what i do is i only eat once a day..and i run...and i lose on avg like 1.5 lbs a day..but dont just completely stop eating for 3 days..for one..ull gain it all back..cuz ull be starved by the time that 3rd days is over...for 2..ur metabolism will slow down majorly

Lovely Lady 27
you'll pass out and you may loose wait but it will only be water wait and you will gain it back in 2 days. if not less time. Sorry its just never a good idea...even for just three days. Its pointless.

well.a few pounds but you will gain it right back cuz you have to eat!

I don't care if it's "only three days"--you shouldnt starve yourself. When you starve yourself, you actually start to lose less weight, because your metabolism slows down. And then when you do eat, your body is in starvation mode, so what you eat becomes more fat. So it really doesn't work.

Try to do something more sustainable, that you can keep up everyday. Eat healthy foods, burn more calories than you consume---but you have to fuel your body!

My cousin had to go on a fasting diet with vigrous exercise for 3 days in order to loose 10 pounds, he just made his limit.

Girls and their weight...lol.... ummmm, you wont lose much, you'll probably get sick.

I don't know but you need to be careful as far as mixing the starvation with exercise. Your body needs the food for the exercise.

first of all you are gonna lose dignity.

how about good old fashioned excercise and diet.
dont you think your being kind of lazy?

this is not the best way to loss weight it can actually back fire on you... i am on a weight-loss program and when on a 3 day fast for religious reasons and gained almost 10lbs and i plateaued it took 3 weeks to start loosing weight again.. the best way to lose wait is to eat right, a balanced healthy diet is always the best choose

Well, three days is enough for your body to go into starvation mode...so you aren't going to lose weight. Only gain. Next time you eat, it goes straight to fat storage because your body thinks you are going to pull another three days of not eating on it.

Martyr Machine
You will probably pass out before you can even get a good sweat going. You cannot effectively exercise if you are malnourished. You will just feel like crap and not get a workout. You have to eat.

Not much. Though, your bloating will decrease so the appearance of thiness will be there. Watch how much you excercise though, because your body needs fuel in order to function properly, and by starving yourself, you won't have the correct nutrients.

you can lose your life. is that enough? I lost 13 pounds in one week. six days actually. i did it by starving, vomiting, spitting, and taking diuretics. what a great week that was. such was my life as a college rower (lightweight division but without a lighweight frame). One pound of fat has 3500 calories. You can lose one of those in a week. One pound per week. You can lose "weight" the way i did, but you could die. If you did lose that weight, in three days, you would not look any different and you would feel like **** at the prom, wedding, whatever event that you have accepted that makes it so urgent for you to lose weight in three days.

umm don't do it. you'll most likely pass out and it will hurt your body.

Well let's see, you'll either be in the hospital attached to tubes, or near death. But hey, if that's the look you're going for, then more power to you. In 3 days, you will lose water weight, will be irritable and light headed. Is it worth it? And after those 3 days, then what? Do you start eating again? Then you'll gain all your weight back. If you want to lose weight, you better start thinking more long term. Three days is ludicrous and starvation is not only dangerous, it is stupid.

You will probably lose 2-6 lbs but it will all be water. It wont really change your figure at all. It will just be water stored in your muscles and fat. It will show on the scale but you wont see a difference on the outside. Once you drink some water it will fill in the vacant areas and you will gain back all the weight in 1-2 days. If you starve yourself your metabolism will drop and conserve everything. So when you start to eat after 3 days, it will store more fat. So you will get back the 5lbs of water you lost and maybe another 2-3lbs in fat, because you totally messed up your metabolism.

Plan on 1lb a week and do it safe if you want to keep it off.

Good luck.

Its unlikely you will be able to exercise effectively after the first day because you will deplete your stored glycogen.

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