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How long will it take to lose weight if you dont eat?
I was wondering if you dont eat how long will it take you to lose 15 pounds?

Mrs Pregnant
if you want read something about lose weight
i just come accross this blog which may help you

Maybe about a month. But who would do that? There are special K cereal or slim fast products out there that can help you lost weight. Dont starve yourself to death. There are other ways to lose weight. Also do some exercising. Hope that helps.

LOL. You'll die before you lose 15 pounds if you don't eat.
I suggest healthy eating. Maybe cutting down on eating the unhealthy foods, such as chips, ice cream...junk food in general.

Also, excercising at the same time as healthy eating will help you lose weight. This is a more effective way to losing 15 pounds.

Not eating...that's anorexic and I'm sure you won't lose anything but your life.

if you dont eat, you'll still get fat

I SAY; eat as much as you can

not junk food though, just regular food

Luanne L
Check out this site. They offer a free E-book on weight loss that might be able to help you.

Tj A
um lets see 15 pounds? well taking in consideration that if you don't eat you will DIE i think its a stupid *** question

Gloria R
I had a friend who starved herself. She did it for a month and lost thirty pounds so I'm going for a pound a day. But she got really sick at the end and had to go to the emergency room. So you'll lose weight but if you get addicted to it you'll get sick.

you dumb @$$ you need to eat dont even ask a question like that !!! that leads to eating disorders!!!

olympics junkie
Not a good way to do it. When you totally don't eat, your body goes into starvatioin mode, & holds on to every calorie it can, to ensure your survival. You should eat no less than 1200 calories a day to avoid over stressing your body. Eat sensibly, no junk, no sugar, no soda, no alcohol, limit carbs to whole grains, go with fish & chicken rather than beef & pork,drink lots of water, keep your hands & your mind busy,& increase your activity level.
You can easily lose 2 pounds a week this way, & that is the safe way to do it. Please don't jeopardize your health by doing some thing as irresponsible as starving, using laxatives or purging. You have no idea of the road that leads to, & it isn't pretty..

K just to let you know,
It shoudn't take very long
BUt if you dont eat for a while and lose alot of weicht,
even if you eat a little bit of food after that,
you gain weight REALLY easily
and thats how people become anorexic :)

that is not a great idea.... i know you think oh it won't hurt me that bad.. i have experienced aneroxicity and it was close to killing me. now i stunt my growth and have back problems for the rest of my life. i had very high blood pressure i would get nose bleeds and really bad head aches.
i was not very old i was 6 if i could go back anytime of anything in my life i would change that it has ruined my life with being pain free from my back for my hole life.
DO NOT GO ANEROXITY!!!!!!! i promise it is the worst thing you'll do and pray to go back and change it
please dont

also dont think you can just go back to a normal diet you just gain all your weight if not more. then you go aneroxic. i suggest if you want to lose weight get into an active sport. eat healthy ( no fast foods etc)

You may lose weight quickly by fasting but it is very unhealthy for you and more importantly: the weight will not stay off when you go back to eating.

Don't starve yourself. Eat small healthy meals and limit your fat intake. You'll lose weight naturally and also feel good.

If you eat a normal diet and exercise you can lose 15 lbs. in like 2 to 3 weeks. Just do some cardio. Go for a walk, jog, or run. If you have a dog walk it before and after work. Do some core exercises for your abs and core. You will be burning a good amount of calories. You will not lose weight fast if you dont eat because your body will not be able to preform basic functions without sugar for energy. It would be faster and safer to exersice. I hope you can do this safely. Good Luck.

Hippie chic
Umm ok look, you dont want to do that....
1. if you starve yourself for a few days you will black out
2. you will screw up your metabolism
3. if you keep doing this it could lead to anorexia
4. you will not lose 15 pounds

So eat healthy and exercise.

i am not a doctor or any thing but if you don't eat you will die. If you want to lose weight while living you need to stop eating fast food. That mean not more Burger King, pizza and other foods that are bad for you. You also need to cut down on the amount of food you eat. You also need to exercise a lot like running and to do things out door. You should loose 15 pounds around 2 to 3 week. It might take longer.

By the time you loose 15 pounds because your not eating you could have really serious medical problems..or death.

Also, if you just starve yourself the wieght may come off...but it will all come back , so its pointless.
Just eat healthy and exercise, (run, play sports ect.) And having somebody like a friend or family member is really good because if you do it with them it will take your mind off of "OH MY GOSH WHEN CAN I STOP"

Oh not too long... ever hear of anorexia?
Oh and BTW if you do that and then start eating again your body will store everything as FAT so you don't starve. You will gain that weight back and then some faster then you lost it.

Dal K
im not going to tell you how long you'd have to do it because it might give you the idea of it being good and leading to an eating disorder, but if you did decide nto to eat, you'd lose weight, and then the second you ate something put it on, not just put it on but put MORE on, and then it gets harder to lose weight anyway. if you really wanna lose weight fast, eat 3 small meals, and excersie for 2 hours a day. skipping and running for one hour each will help you lose so much weight. and after two weeks you will definatly see a difference.

Not eating causes your body to hold on to fat longer, and it also slows down your metabolism. So that when you eat anything you will actually GAIN weight. You need to eat right and exercise,that's the only way to lose weight.
hope that helped-good luck

when you die of starvation you'll lose plenty of weight

I am me!
DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT STOP EATING!!!!! This is not a healthy way to lose weight and you actually wont lose weight this way. Eat healthy, exercise, and do not do pointless snaking... that is the way to lose weight.

Moxie Crimefighter
About three weeks...don't do it, though; it's not healthy...

Not eating is not the way to loose weight. In order to loose weight you must eat, but just eat the right foods. Lots of veggies, fruits, chicken,and turkey is the best things to eat. Watch you portions, and keep them small. But eat. That is all we need is another anorexic person.

You do realize that eating Celery burns more calories than you intake and at least gives you SOME nutrients?

Don't be stupid though, eat healthy and work out. This just shows you are lazy and obviously slightly retarded. :/

please don't be thinking of doing that....you'll get so sick and wish you never had. just watch what your eating and stay active and exercise...you're prolly sick of hearing that but it's the best way and the healthiest. please don't make yourself sick. if you get addicted to starving yourself you will become anorexic.

sweetest girl.
if you don't eat, you gain weight.
to lose 15 pounds, go on prevention.com and check to see what your personal calorie intake should be. then you just monitor what you eat.
also, make sure you get at least 30 minutes of cardio at least 4 days a week, and squeeze in some stregnthening exercises for your abs, arms, legs, and back that you can also find on prevention.com

if you don't eat until you lose 15 pounds you will prolly die or faint or something before you lose all that weight... :(
why would you want to do thattt? Just try to work out more and eat only healthy food with the occasional treat! ;)
*I didn't answer the actual question because I don't know the answer but honestly please don't starve yourself*

D 1
If you don't eat at all but slip and eat any snack for a whole day it will gain you more than lose weight since you body recognizes that it'll be the only meal of the day so it stores all the fat that it can to reserve and survive.

Elaine M
your body will go into a starvation mode and try not to lose weight,it is better to eat six tiny meals a day to keep you metabolism up

You cannot starve yourself long enough to lose 15 pounds and still be healthy. Try a good diet, lots of exercises and don't deprive your body of the nutrients it needs to keep you healthy.

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