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How do I fatten up my boyfriend?
Well, I really would like to fatten my boyfriend up. I think he's too thin and I come from an Italian American family and they all love to eat so I'm used to seeing bigger guys in general so it's weird (especially to my family who likes seeing people with big appetites) for him to be so much thinner than everybody else!

Does anybody have any suggestions on how I could fatten him up without implying to it? He isn't always very hungry and even when he is, he rather just have small meals or not eat too much so I need to find a way to give him food that will fatten him up or increase his appetite. Is there anything I can put into his food that would do that?

Also, please realize, I don't want him to have muscle, just fat! :P

Thanks in advance. Any suggestions would be great!
Additional Details
Preferably in his stomach area XD

It's kind of strange that you want to fatten your boyfriend, but okay. You could take him to a lot of fast food places and make him eat a lot of food I guess or feed him a lot of his favorites. ;) Anyways, good luck.

Marry him (-:

Hoopz C
Sounds like you need to get the chocolate and whip cream out.

Teen age boys and men in their 20's go thru a period where they are lanky. Give him time, he'll fatten up naturally. What does his father look like? That should give you some idea of what he'll look like.

I am Italian too. So, pay for my liposuction and inject on him. Guess that is the only way. lol.

Immortal Beloved
Marry him.
Works every time.

Stephanie F
I agree with some of the above. You like him for who he is and became his girlfriend just as he was/is. You shouldn't change someone to what you want. If you don't really like him for who he is, what is it you are really looking for in a guy? That seems kind of petty. I hope you value him as a person inside. Not everyone is perfect and you have to overlook those things like that, not change him and try to deceive someone without their knowledge.

It may change his health so that he becomes unhealthy and puts him at a Higher risk of heart disease to make his body fatter. Let nature take its course.

Here Comes the Sun
Then put pollen in his dinner and that will make him swell up! I think your Question is one of the weirdest I have ever heard, by the way.

lil' boy blue
Beer, pizza, hamburgers, good home cookin' like fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, anything with lots of cheese, and heavy sauces.

Brent B
Being that you are Italian, there must be a lot of pasta dishes that can be used. Pasta and rice are complex carbs. that are more efficient and healthier than simple sugars that in candy and breads.

You may also want to try potatos and yams

If you go to the health store, there are plenty of carb. drinks that can be used to gain weight.

Meals rich in fat and carbs always work, but if you can't accept hime for who he is, why are you with him?

Drea G.
I wouldn't suggest putting something in his food because you may not know if he may be allergic or it can cause some side affect that you may not expect.

Some people just don't gain weight. (I hate them - lol), but it may be a good idea to keep fatty snacks that he likes around so when you are watching tv then you can bring them out and let him mindlessly eat as much as he wants.

You can try having him eat later at night also, but be careful not to put on too much weight yourself snacking along with him - well I shouldn't say that - that will be up to you.

There are weight gainers on the market also, but again I would want him to be aware that he is taking them.

But you may just consider bringing it up nicely in a casual conversation and see how he reacts to it. You never know he may consent to putting on a couple of pounds for the woman he cares about.

Good luck

Pasta, Pasta, Pasta.... Pour on the Carbs!!!

First off: do you really want to try to change your boyfriend? You wouldn't like it if he were trying to change your body so he probably won't either. But if you really want him to be bigger try making him a high calorie meal at home. This way, he won't be as likely to turn down the food because he will be afraid of hurting your feelings. Don't forget bread and dessert!
Plus you could just try to go to unhealthy places (like McDonalds).
Good luck!

That's simple.The only thing is that you need to spend quite some money. But you'll be happy you did it. All you have to do is get a professional chief like Rachel Ray to make REALLY tasty food. For example, you get her to make REALLY tasty pasta but the plate is small and the meal is small. But don't worry. He wants your tasty food each day or night. Just continue doing that and he will get fatter each day or night! Or, you can just take away his exercise machine. And he can't take a walk because it is raining or too cold outside.Witch reminds me,............. IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!

Make sure your batteries don't run low to that wide screen and bye large pizzas. If that doesn't do it go to GNC and purchase weight gainer, Make him steak eggs and loaded potatoes.

they make protein powders and health shakes u can give him.. boost ensure.. try them

Give him a 12 pk of beer everyday. That'll put on the weight.

feed him food?

Savi Raine
I dont see why you would want to do that. I mean you like a person for the way they are. But if you are realy desperate then when you cook check ingreidiants on the things you buy. Certain ingrediants help with that kind of thing. Some health bars have things in them that make you gain weight.

Find out what has what!

You ask, I answer
no. leave him alone. do you want him to have health problems because of weight gain? do him a favor and leave him. find yourself another guy to try to control.

I'm Gonna Tell You
I think you should get a new, fat guy. Don't ruin a healthy guy for your own warped preception of what a man should look like.

thats crazy y would u want him to be fat?? its unhealthy!! also if u r with him u should love and accept him as he is!! maybe u just deep down feel insecure if hes thinner than you!!!

wind it up
you don't like his body? deal with it and move on!
yay! i got 2 points! yay!

sounds like you're wishing him a heart attack, "just fatten him up".
try exercise and fun, will usually inspire a healthy appetite.

Go Bucks!

why r u dating him if you want to change the way he is.

Mr. Goodadvice
im sorry but thats selfish. i think he seems a little to skinny but wanting him to become chubby is unhealthy and weird...

That's not right to change someone without them knowing.

Dr. zoOM! ZOom! JLA
Get him to eat a whole fruit pie everyday.

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