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How can you tell if you're anorexic or not?
I'm about 5 foot 3 and i weigh 108, i find myself not eating unless i have to, i have no interest in eating at all but i love food, i love to cook and i love the smell of alot of it, i just don't eat it that often, is it bad am i anorexic, because i have searched online and i have alot of the symptoms. I get tired quickly, i excersize like crazy, i get dry heaves alot and i am always cold, i have some others too. let me know what you think i guess, and i'm not doing this for attention i just want to know if i should seek help or not, because if its nothing then there is no use in getting help thanks!

im 5' 5" and i weight 100..so you nto aneroxic

anorexic, pmmd, dyslexia, autism (many more) are capitalism at it's worst. These are reasons why therapist who couldn't do anything else in life, have jobs. Stop stressing about yourself or what others think. getting tired when excersizing is what's suppose to happen. To fix getting cold, try vitamin C and mental strengtheing (like sky dive or doing something that scares the fear out of you). Stop the stress and stop feeding money to therapists and drug sellings!!

Mike 24
You are not anorexic you are just under weight, you may have a fast metabolism, you will know if you are aneroxic trust me youw ill throw up when ever you eat, faint alot and be in the hospital

I think u should go see a phyciatrist they can take some tests and help you. Its good that you realize it know and your ok with getting help

Just b/c your not deadly thin yet does NOT mean you are not anorexic. Sounds like maybe you are- I can't really say for sure if you are or not but you certainly have something going on that needs immediate attention. The longer this goes the harder it will be to stop this cycle. Please get help asap. If you are not eating a well balanced diet every day-there is a big problem and it will start hurting your organs! Your heart, lungs, liver, kidneys.... etc.. could all be in danger. please get help, sweetie!

Italian Soccer God
i dont think so but you should force your self to eat fruits and vegetables, balance food and excersise

if u think of urself fat when ur not or not eating at all then get help from a shrink cuz it's a mental illness and get help cuz u might have an early stage of it before u become so thin its sicking!

you def. shouldnt be doing that and sense you need eat it you don't have 2 go over board but don't starve yourself, its not good, just eat n excises. If you self-conscience then you should get some help.
Best of Luck =]

ana s
I dont think you're anorexic because I'm 5'6 almost 5'7 and I weigh 110 and sometimes it even drops to 100, my weight constantly changes and I only eat when I have to as well (and I love food, I just eat when I want to but its not as much as you would think it would be), not to mention I train like crazy. I thought I had an eating problem but then I realized that it was just my metabolism and you probably have a fast metabolism as well. My doctor then asked me during my check ups if I watch my weight.

Just ask your doctor if you're really concerned, they would know the right answer and tell you if you are anorexic (which I don't think you are unless you're skin and bones now) or if you are just underweight and probably help you with your diet.

Kimberlie H
seek help... if you are not dealing with a form of anorexia... then you may have another health issue that is creating this problem...
I dont know much about the specifics of anorexia but everyone I have ever heard of who has it begins by eating less because they believe themselves to be fat...
if this is not your situation... and you just arent eating... there could be another cause.... I would see a doctor
Good luck to you honey

Anorexia is a disease you get because you want to be super model thin, and your starving yourself on purpose. If you are trying to do that than I would say so, but if your not and just don't eat alot, your one of those people who aren't hungry alot, and love to exersise. And you should check with your doctor just to make sure.

sylvia e
Im 5ft5in and totally know where youre coming from because Im so slender and my family and friends are always asking me if I have an eating disorder. I started to believe it myself! I too enjoy cooking but they are worried because I cook for them and not me. Ask yourself this...do you force yourself not to eat when you feel hungry? Do you have certain food "rituals" if you will?.. Like for example you cut up a carrot a certain way everytime and stack it in rows of three. These are typical symptoms of anorexia. It does not sound like you have this disorder-it is usually associated with attention, self-hate, or obsession so I dont think you are at risk, but I am not a doctor-just a girl with a thing for anatomy...if you still have questions or concerns, seek professional help.

I think you need to see a doctor. If you aren't anorexic then you probably still have something wrong with you. Although somewhat hard to say you are anorexic for the simple reason that most of those people don't realize that they are/could be. Also keep in mind most people who are anorexic insist they weight too much. I'm really seeing signs that something is wrong with you but not sure what it is.

If you don't eat when you're not hungry, that's OK. If you don't eat AT ALL, that's bad. If you simply aren't hungry, all you should do is grab a very LIGHT meal/snack. For example,if you aren't hungry, eat an apple for breakfast, or take something to eat later (at work or school or something.)

if you have a problem with eating then yes but otherwise you might just not get hungry

i don't really get that hungry ever so i don't eat that much but i would never say i'm anorexic

Well, sometimes you have to ask the opinion of someone who knows you best, because you can be in denial. Do you think about food all the time? Does it take a half hour of searching your kitchen just to decide what to eat for dinner? Are you afraid of weight gain or something else in your personal life? Sometimes people develop anorexia as a way of "handling" stress, or misplaced anger. Emotional support through friends and family is a great healer.

anorexic means to not eat AT ALL, if i recall. i dont believe you are anorexic, but it depends on how old you are. Trust me, u would be anorexic if u were Nicole Richie lol

first u havent eaten properly and if ur like super skinny when u can really see ur own bones its bad to be anorexic because u loose energy ,bad for health and u can even die if things go to far

jenna f
You sound exactly like me... I have been trying to figure out if i am anorexic since last summer. When i saw a therapist for it she told me the 4 symptoms of anorexia and i had all 4 even though i do eat at times, but just like you i only eat when i have too and i have alot of the symptoms found on the internet. It is possible to be anorexic even if you do eat at times. I always thought that since i did eat a little that i wasn't anorexic but my therapist assured me that i was.

Do you worry about being too fat and too thin at the same time. Do you ritualize your eating - like counting bites or lining each item up on the plate and eating it in order? Do you look in the mirror and see a fat person. Do you hate yourself?

I know, you've read about it. Frankly, you're weight doesn't tell me. If you are anorexic, then you will end up weighing less than that.

One way or another, I don't like that you are getting dry heaves and are cold all the time. Not good. Please, see a doctor and be honest with her/him. Because really, none of us can tell you if you are anorexic or not, or if it's something else.

I know you're not doing this for attention. You do need to find out what's going on and do it right away. You don't have to tell your parents about it, if that's a problem. Just go to an ER or a medical clinic if you can't go to your usual doctor.

If you don't eat at all, then you're an anorexic. Or if you only eat 500 calories a day you have a big problem.

anorexia is defined by anyone eating less than 800 calories a day for more than a week.

lisa x
One of the psychological symptoms of anorexia is an obsession with food. As you are denying yourself, you want others to eat it, so you cook. I even bought myself a cat so I could feed it. Get help quickly, your local doctor or a counsellor, because if you get it in the early stages, your chances of overcoming it are better. Good luck!!

i dont think yer anorexic but i think you should get some help with proper nutrition

Seek help because you are anorexic before it's too late.

Your symptoms may be caused by being under nourished. Unless you are forcing yourself to vomit, or are purposely starving yourself because you are worried about getting fat, then I do not think you are anorexic. However, there definitely is and eating disorder and a phone call to your doctor is important. Your lack of appetite may be a symptom of another health problem. Please do not put off calling your doctor. I wish you well.

Hun, if you have a lot of the symptoms, which sounds like you do, you need to seek help. The fact that you are asking tells me you should seek help..better safe than..well you know.

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