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 Question about Big people???
Do they really need to get the extra large fries and soda...why cant they just eat a normal meal. I mean come one already
Additional Details
Yes im the one who has to make the fires......

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I'm 5'2.5"
I weighabout 121 pounds.
I started being bulimic in summer of '06, when I was in Europe.
I've felt fat since sixth grade,...

 Am i fat be serious?
i am 13 weigh 125 pounds and 5 foot 2...

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well im on a diet and have come to realise excerise is vital part of keeping fit and healthy

so do you think 30 mins exercise on the treadmill 5 days a week is enough?

how much ...

 My husband says I am fat?
My husband says I am fat, but I am dieting and trying...
He told me tonight that the best way for someone like me to loose weight is to eat nothing, and if i must eat something go on an all ...

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my friend,Jess is a 15 year old girl.She has a MAJOR weight problem.

She has a waist size of 33 inches and weighs 63 kilograms.
she's been trying to lose weight but can't ...

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 How can you lose 20 lbs. by July 19?

 Will this work to lose weight?
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Ok i usually drink nothing but coke and sweet tea if i drink nothing but water will it help me loose weight or is that just a myth?...

 Would you say i was fat?
am 21 and i am 5 ft 4in and i am 8 stone 8 would you say that i was fat. its just cos ever time i go and see my mum she says i have put weight on when i havent i am allways the same even when i have ...

 What are the main foods I can eat to help me lose weight?

 I'm 13 years old, and i weigh 143 pounds. How can i lose weight safely and get a good bathing suit body?
Will someone please give me some good diets to go on and some good exercise habits?! Thanx everyone who answered this for me! I could REALLY use this info! Thanks again!...

 Does pastries such as cake go to your thighs?
I feel fat when I eat fat.......

How can people on the biggest loser lose like 15-20 pounds in one week?
it seems mathematically impossible to do it. if 3500 calories is 1 pound.... are they exercising like 6 hours straight a day or something and not eating anything?

dont eat

Juliαnnα ‹з
I bet its all fake. Because in order to lose THAT much, in a WEEK? I've starved myself for a week and lost that much. Or maybe they excersize alot.

i think they slip somethin in their drinks

they Probebly starve themselves

pills maybe?

they go through intensive exercise and diet.

that's just a bull.... you know it

hard work.....

Most of it is water weight and they'll gain it back once that show is done.

Jess N
It's not actually "reality" tv.

Some of them don't eat, plus if you eat minimal amounts of food each day, and just exercise 2 hours per day. You could lost 20 lbs in 1 week. Example: Do the master Cleanse for 7 days, it's also called lemon juice fast. And during the fast consume 200 or less calories per day, and do 2 hours of exercise each day. At the end of a week you should have lost 10 to 20 lbs. Try it and let me know what happens. It all depends on how many calories you actually eat. How large you are in the first place and how hard you work out for those 2 hours.

Let me know what happens.

Christina B
its all water weight at the beginning

Jemma L
its probably because they were so big before and not eating their usual unhealthy food. And now that they are eating healthy and exercising, their body is burning off fat really quickly because it's not used to the new food or exercise.

bonnie w
They have the best trainers and chefs and they make them work out hard. If you change the way you eat, cut out carbs, sugar, bread, all of the things that they say are bad. You have nothing but low cal foods and veggies/fruits you drop weight super fast...

the heavier you are the more weight you lose faster, and they do work out like 3 hours a day.... what else do they have better to do?

The first couple of weeks of a diet is when the most drastic weight comes off. The trainers know all the tricks. They cut their sodium intake so that they loose a ton of water weight for the first weigh-in. A normal person who isn't competing wouldn't loose that much initially because that isn't so crucial. It's almost like "show" weight.

biggest loser is filled with obese people, that are 150 + overweight.
Its easier for obese people to lose weight than people who are 15+ overweight of their ideal weight.

What happens in the first few weeks of biggest loser is that, these people hardly get off their bums, so even when they do a few min of work it really burns the calories fast. Also the better food and the lesser amounts have a big part

Heather K
When you're overly heavy like that it's easy to drop that much really quick. You also have to think about bloating, when anyone eats a lot of things that are high in sodium they retain water. So when they cut out the sodium and ddrink more water, the water flushes out their system instead of being retained.

OMG I JUST SAW IT TOO AND WAS WONDERING THE SAME. But i'm pretty sure the answer is that bigger people can lose alot of weight fast however maintaining it is the hard part. Hope that helped!

They eat very healthy foods, and a lot of weight loss it in the beginning is fluids....thats why later they start losing less, and plateau

they have intense excerise and plus their bodys arent used to it, so that does more i think...but they do intense stuff

Miguel J
yes but it requires intense hours of exercise, excrusiating diets and a doctor to stand by in case something goes wrong

They are monitored by a team of doctors and dietitians. They work out up to 9 hours a day (seriously). That's all they do is eat several times a day super healthy food and work out. The other factor you have to realize is how overweight those people are. The heavier you are the more calories you burn exercising, that's why so many people "plateau" once they get closer to a healthy weight.

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