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How can i gain 10-15 pounds in 12 days?
someone figured that i need around 3500 calories a day to do this.well i dont really have the time to count my calories to make sure i intake 3500 calories.so if you would,tell me the exact foods i should eat,and the measurment of how much i should take,for example [7 peices of bread,2 peices of pizza] ok thanks.

basketball addict
If the goal is to gain 10-15 lbs as absolutely fast as possible how would it best be accomplished? Probably the quickest way to do it would be working out all bodyparts twice a week doing 16 or so sets a bodypart, using low intensity, for sets of 10-12 reps. Add a bit of Creatine and Taurine, keep carb levels high, with perfect PWO nutrition, and, (this is the big and) IF you haven’t been training this way, you will likely be up 10, perhaps even 15 lbs of something that “looks” like muscle…….Let me explain that statement.

Muscle growth occurs from sarcoplasmic and myofibrillar hypertrophy. Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy occurs from an increase in the non-contractile cellular fluid in the muscle. The sarcoplasma consists of nutrients, glycogen, capillaries, and mitochondria proliferation. This hypertrophy occurs most, and fastest from using lots of high rep sets and high frequency training. While it “looks” like muscle, it does not actually perform the work, it is in effect the plumbing and energy systems of the muscle. This type of hypertrophy is responsible for approximately 25-35% of your overall mass.

Myofibrillar hypertrophy is an increase in the contractile protein of the muscle. This is the actual muscle tissue, and what does the work when you lift weights. This is functional muscle, not the “fluff” that is achieved via Sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. Training for Myofibrillar hypertrophy is accomplished with reps in the 1-8 range, with some carryover to higher reps. This type of hypertrophy is what provides approximately 70% of your overall mass—probably what you should be focusing on.

So Joe bodybuilder decides he’s going to get “buff” and starts his new routine. Each muscle twice a week, 16 sets a bodypart, and sets of 10-12 reps. Joe eats well and takes his Creatine and Taurine and within a few weeks, he’s swelling up! He is absolutely thrilled and is absolutely certain Arnold new his **** about bodybuilding. Now the downside……after the initial gains, primarily through increased nutrient loading the progress stops. And Joe has two options to make progress keep going; add volume, or add weight to the bar. Only problem is how far can you go with volume, 20-24 sets? Then what, 30?!?!?! Ok, Joe has to add weight to the bar to get bigger, but guess what? That kind of loading (volume/frequency/intensity/rep range) makes strength gains come at a snails pace if at all. And that is why so many spin their wheels week after week, month after month. They tried something that got them good results at first, and then when it quit working, they did everything but understand the mechanism as to why it worked, and how to get past their sticking point.

If you are to maximally develop your body, you want and need both types of hypertrophy, but too many focus on the wrong type of development at the expense of what really counts. If work capacity/recovery is limited, your focus should be almost exclusively devoted to Myofibrillar hypertrophy and bringing up your work capacity. If your work capacity is good, you can train both muscular systems concurrently for better results.

:) Mel Jones (:
why do you want to gain weight?

You will have to eat 32,000-48,000 calories above what you use to burn off a day to gain 10-15 lbs. 3200 cal=1lb
Good luck with that one!

Papa Damn™ (the Don)
Drink a keg of beer every night.

eat, don't excersise etc.

guy in oregon
Well, fast food would work(assuming your trying to build fat). or working out (for muscle)

If you think that you're underweight, you should speak to your doctor to find out why and the healthiest way to gain it. Giving yourself this kind of time limit to gain fifteen pounds is unhealthy and unrealistic.

Drink protein juice*

wavryder ®
AminoFuel from GNC

or Beer

Stephanie V
become the new supersize me
eat mcdonalds everyday for almost everymeal for like a week and that should work.

You need to eat very calorically dense foods which are usually ones with a lot of fat. Anything fast food hamburgers an milkshakes, stuff like that. If you have the $$ there is also weight gain powder that is sold by stores like GNC that would probably be a bit more healthy.

eat a big mac every day

Starbucks , 1 Stake, 1dozzn donuts, ICE CREAM! Grilled Cheese sandwich

heres a thought EAT....ALOT

okay well i assume your trying to gain fat so here it goes

for breakfast have about 3 dough nuts 4 if you can eat that many
for lunch go to Mcdonald's and have a cheese burger fries and a shake
for dinner eat 3 pieces of pizza
and if your not too full through out the day eat brownies and cookies or chips
but if you ever feel like your getting too full then stop eating
because if you over stuff your self then you'll just end up throwing up

just eat whatever u want whenever u want

pretty granny
pile on the clothes

eat a ton of nutella and butter.

Eat KFC and fattning foods.

Doughnuts have about 1000 calories each, so you should just stock up on doughnuts, sit or lay for a week and eat tons and tons of doughnuts, I bet you could gain more than 15 pounds!!!!

momma of two
eat lots of cheese burgers and fried chicken and drink tons of coke ans chocolate milk! everything you eat after 1 turns to fat so eat alot at night before you go to bed!

Weight gainer products from GNC.

Here...take some of mine... I'm willing to get rid of 15.

You can not gain ten to fifteen pounds in twelve days.

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