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How can a 13 year old girl lose 50 pounds on 2 months without the diet pills?

become a vegitarian.all you eat is fruits and veggitables

lil gaper
that 13 year old girl should have thought about how impossible loosing 50 in 2 months would be...as she stuffed her face for years before then!

run around in circles until you pass out

north bay
I bet you float pretty well on water.

tom c
steal a boombox have the cops chase you throught the city after loseing some weight then go to jail and with jail food you will lose weight and maybe meet some nice people there

umm i guess only eat green vegetables for 2 months and exercise a lot every day and drink A LOT of water too

that's the only way

Eric D
Realistically, you can't lose more than about 2-3 pounds per week. You could probably drop 20 pounds in two months with proper diet and exercise. To lose any more than that would require LOTS of exercise, like maybe 6-8 hours per day.

That doesn't seem that healthy to me....

sorry but u cant. if you work hard and diet responsibly you can expect no more then 10 lbs a week!

Aim for a smaller goal..like 20 pounds so that's more realistic and its less disappointing when you loose 10 instead or 20.....if u really want a good diet..try the Atkins. it actually works.

I want to do the same thing! but i realized that its healthier to try 35, maybe? My diet is-
half a grapefruit(although bitter, boosts metabolism)
2 egg whites and 1 egg yolk
Salad with chicken or fish
half a grapefruit
Any type of berries
fat free low cal yogurt and fruit
salad with chicken or fish
All fruits you want
And drink 8 cups of water

i saw it online and it says you lose 10 pounds in 10 days then 3/4 of a pound evry day
ill give it a try

☆Stranger in a Sunset☆
oh I get it you want 2 loose pounds before school starts again,
well play alot outside and eat right, don't eat any junk foods or sweets, drink alot of water. Try to play a sport for @ least 2 hours or more and sweat alot. If you drink lofat milk, switch to skim milk. It will taste bad @ first but you'll get used 2 it. Good luck!

Exercise. Eat SMALL portions,not like extra large fries & king size cokes.

you can't.

do it the healthy way. DON'T BE STUPID. what you hear everywhere is true - do your research, eat healthy food and exercise. you could lose 50 pounds in 5 months if you are smart about it and dont go crazy.

you should go to a doctor and also talk with your parent(s) about a plan to eat better and exercise more. but dont put yourself to a point where you get really skinny and sick.

If you are in good health it's good to eat smaller portions of food, no junk food please drink lots of water or juices. Walk at least 1hr. everyday and do eat carrot ts,apples,grapefruits and more foods with less fat. I am sure you get what I am saying without taking diet pills (not good) you can do this in a healthy way. Always eat in moderation and remember your goals in life. P.S. How much do you weigh?

popin' princess
you should stick to fruits and vegetables. if ur going to eat meat only eat kosher meat. that has less fat. u should run and do sit ups. and if u want to u can buy an exercise DVD. thats what my friend and i do.

Exersice. Eat right. Jenny Craig (they let it anyone 13 and older) weight watchers 4 the whole family.

Courtney Cola
wow. u can't. that'd be 25 lbs a month. well no that's a lie i'm sure u can. there's always lyposuction. or starving urself. neither of those are a good choice though. just eat right and exercise, don't drink soda drink water. get urself on the right track. but 2 months isn't a large enough time period...

50lbs in two months is not a healthy speed to lose weight. Chances are that whatever you do to lose the weight, it would come right back soon following.

Healthy weight loss is typically no more than 1 to 2 lbs each week (so in two months you might be able to safely and effectively lose about 20 lbs that would stay off without too much difficulty.)

A lot depends on how overweight you are to start as well. Check with your physician and discuss an appropriate weight loss plan for your personal situation. As a 13 year old girl you don't want to limit your Calcium intake and other vital nutrients that are important as your body, bones and brain are all still developing and growing. You could cause health issues for yourself later on.

If your concern is that you're going to the beach and want to look prime for a swimsuit, consider safely losing the weight you can, combining it with exercise for maximum weight loss and so that the weight you still carry is well-toned... and then seek out a swimsuit that will help to sort of... minimize the body parts you feel are still too hefty :)

You're 13. Don't focus on being thin as much as just focusing on being healthy. Make sure you're really as overweight as you believe you are before beginning too. Please visit your physician or speak with your mother or another trusted adult about your situation.

Good luck to you!

welll maybe eatt healthier foods. and if ur not big or anything why u worring about it? and if someone said something about your weight to u then ingore themlol

Eat right and excercise!!!!

If you're 50 pounds overweight at only 13, you need to consult your parents and your doctor for a healthy diet because you are still developing.

alexzondra t
By talking to a doctor and geting a diet and exercise plan.

I would strongly advise against it. Gradual weight loss in tandem with exercise and weight management is much better than sudden weight losses, especially for adolescent females. You could do great amounts of long-term damage by losing that much weight that quickly.

You can not lose 50 lbs in two months with out seriously hurting yourself. Just eat right and exercise. 50lbs should take you at least 6-7 months to lose. And diet pills won't even give you those results besides from being bad for you. Try this site and consult your doctor. They will help you find a healthy weight ranges for you.


50 pounds?! Thats quite a lot - talk to a doctor or specialist, ask for adivice, you may need to take more than 2 months.

That is a dangerous goal. Please talk to your parents and doctor. You may get unhealthy advice here.

Becky F
exercise, NO soda,NO coffee, NO energy drinks for all those are not healttthy for you. Eat lots of fruits and vegis, some breads in whole wheat or rye but not to much. Do not eat high sugar cereals, do not have junk foods for snacks but fruits. No going to fast food places to eat

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