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How Much Should I weigh if I am 5'5 and 13 years old?
I am wondering.
How much should I be weighing if I am 5'5" and 13 years old?


Mr. Brightside
I would say probably about 250lbs.

Lewis A
67 pounds....better stop eating quick

gowrishankar s

Well, there is no set minimum and maximum but I would say anywhere from 100-140 pounds would be good.

About 115 for a small frame,120 for large frame.

You should be around the 110 mark.

wish I were
What you weigh! you know if you are fat or not and you know there is no set weight for any age or height. So if you are fat, then do something about it and if you aren't then shut up about it!!

Ultimate Nutpack Insanity
You should weigh around I say about 114-150.

Depends on your build but not under a 100 or over 140 lbs

i am about the same height and i am the same age. as long as you are not over 130, 135 or under 110 you are probably okay. You should really ask your doctor that question, it's his job. You can also go to seventeen.com and check the body mass index page. It should tell you where your weight should range accrding to your height and age.

You should be around 125 lbs or (120-130) approx.
Remember, for a 5' female....it's 100 lbs then, add 5 lbs for each inch above 5'!

1. compare it with your class mates.
2. Nextime you see a doctor, ask .
3. Bio-mass index is on Internet, use it.
4. Female should weigh about 105 t0 120 pounds but there are lots of other factors.

amanda m
how much should i weigh if i am 18 and 5`3.(female)

The old formula was 100 lbs per 5 feet of height for females and 5 lbs for every inch above that...give or take a few lbs to allow for build (slight, medium, or dense bones and muscles) so at 5'5" you should range from 125 to 145 or thereabouts, allowing for puberty and your future development. My guess is that you're just fine and my advice would be don't worry about weight, just learn to love your Self. Your weight and body appearance can change drastically, but if you have a beautiful and well developed self that won't change!

crazy little thing called love
no where under 100 but no more than 150.

jaideep s
weigh 55 kg


Let your doc determine that based on your over-all health, fitness, medical history, and size of your bones. The doc can wrap this thumb and index finger around your wrist. The space will determine whether you are small, medium, or large boned. He can then use the chart that many docs have to help you find the weight best for you.

Between 117 and 130, unless you haven't hit puberty yet then it would be less.

113 pounds or under would put you into the category of being underweight.

114 to 149 pounds is normal.

150 to 179 pounds would be overweight.

180 pounds and over would be obese.

The above is based on Body Mass Index (BMI) which is a calculation of body fat based on height and weight. However, at 13 years old your body is still changing so use the above figures for guidance only - several factors affect your ideal weight.

Carla S
i'd say anything from 118-140 would be considered normal depending on your frame size.

Here is a chart. It's not based on your age....just your height.


Enter your details on the teen calculator at the link below and it will tell you what your ideal weight is.

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