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Does smelling bananas and/or apples really help you lose weight?
I saw this under a snapple cap but i heard it before as well but it kinda sounds bogus...

they put all kinds of stupid stuff under those caps no it wont help you lose weight.

no way...

I would think they'd make you sick

veronica b
hahahahahahhaah wtf

If losing weight was that easy - there'd be no more fatties in the world!

of course not

carmen d
i read that under a snapple too- about smelling an apple - dunno if its true though

not really maybe make u not as hungry

no. Try proper diet and exercise though... I heard that works.

If it does I'm kidnapping Curious George.

There might be some truth to this. Thought it doesn't directly make you loose weight. The aroma from bananas triggers signals in the brain's satiety center.
This fools your brain into sending the message that you're full, without the extra calories.

Well, this may sound crazy (and I highley doubt this though) it could possibly work. You see smelling the fruit could make you want to eat it which then could give you the simple carbohydrates (or energy) that could get you up and excersizing. Personally, I don' t think that idea could really work, but you never know.

I had that same snapple cap! XDD

how would one describe the smelling?

It might make you want to eat what you're smelling. The only way to lose weight is by proper diet and some form of regular exercise

nope nothing will make you lose weight except diet and exercise pretty much.

Smelling coffee scents I heard once suppresses the appetite but I don't know about you but I was once overweight and I ate a lot because I love food, not because I was hungry... so suppressing my appetite doesn't matter because the reason I'd eat a lot is because I like to eat.. not for hunger reasons.

Yahoo just had an article the other day that if you eat an apple before your meal you will eat less.

Wendi lu who
It works if that's what you do in place of eating.

Well,... It probably helps you to stay calm at times and relax, and help you in times you don't know what to eat. Drinking apple cider would probably do you the same thing.

anything at all that you do will burn calories and therefore cause you to loose wieght. The problem is that most of the actions that you do burn such a microscopically small bit of wieght that it would take months of repeating that action before there is any difference at all. Perhaps flaring your nostrills at the scent might burn some calories, but not enough

just eat the damn things instead of that supersized big mac and fries!!!

sounds far fetched to me.

No, it just makes you less hungry. But i've never heard of it being done for fitness. Anyway, maybe it works that way, too.

No, if so every fat person would be smelling bananas and apples

no it makes u less hungry

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