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Does putting lemons in cold water help you lose weight?


¸.•*´`*♥ AyYildiz ♥*`´*•.¸
eating/drinking lemons is supposed to break down fat

No, putting the fork down and exercising does. Everything in monderation!

no i dont think so

Yes if you drink it along with 6-8 more glasses a day. Its not the lemon but the water. Water will help your urge to eat and taper the amount you eat. Its also VERY healthy compared to ANY liquid...cost from the tap in the US...less than a penny a day for all 8 glasses.

I don't think most of the responders know anything about this concept.


No. It makes the water taste better.

no, it just makes it easier for some people to drink water.

no but it will make it taste better and you will get some extra vitamin C in your diet

Laura B
No. why not try exercise.

Well, you'd just end up with lemony cold water, how in the world would that help you lose weight?

Rama T.

i'm not sure if it does, but i know that lemons clean the inside of your body, so if you eat/drink lots of lemons a day, and exersize lots and lots, you will become really healthy, why dont you try?

i wish you luck to life from the bottom of my heart.

umm...I guess it depends on what you intend to do with the lemons.

***Alyssa's mommy (7/11/08)
sounds like a get thin fast scheme....I don't think so,
wouldn't it be awesome if it 'were true' ?!

Paulette H
nope sorry.who told you that??

Just Q
YEa. THe citrus in the lemon breaks down the fat.

Let's say you adhere to the "eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day" nutritional recommendation. In 64 ounces of water, there are 1,892.72 grams. So to warm up all that water in the course of a day, your body burns 70 Calories. And over time, that 70 Calories a day adds up. So, while you definitely shouldn't depend on ice water consumption to replace exercise or a healthy diet, drinking cold water instead of warm water does, in fact, burn some extra Calories!

Smart Gal
drinking lemons and hot water does make u lose weight. have one glass each day in the morning and u'll be on ur way to being slim. :)

Lemons are well-known for containing a lot of vitamin C. In addition to that, lemons also contain citric acid, which is what gives them the sour taste.

Apart from the lemon juice, there are also the pulp and rind that make up the rest of the lemon.

Not much there that could help one lose weight, one would think? Well, think again.

To lose weight effectively you have to keep your body well hydrated, meaning it is important to drink a few liters of water per day. The water itself does not make you lose weight, but it helps the body perform well and clean itself of waste and toxin.

Drinking lot of water can be rather monotonous. Some people also just do not like the taste of water.

Instead of substituting water with some other liquid, add some lemon juice to the water. That will change the taste and help you drink a little more water.

Lemons are also used in food preparations.

Lemon juice is typically squeezed onto fish dishes to neutralize the taste of amines in the fish.

Fish makes an excellent meal in anyone's weight loss diet. It's generally low in fat and very nutritious.

Hence, lemons help us make a very healthy food even better and more tasty, helping us to eat it more regularly.

Now, for weight loss we're not talking battered fish! We're talking about "the fish" cooked and served with minimal dressing.

Lemon juice also adds that little extra taste and zest to the best of salads. Once again, it helps us wanting to eat more healthy and low-fat food.

Even though our lemon friend does not contain magical powers to help us lose weight, it plays a very important role in enhancing the taste of many of the foods that help us shed those pounds.

so yes, it can help you tolerate bland things with low calories as a flavoring or additive. however they have no actual effect on weight.

Actually LIMES do, not lemons

I didnt beleive it till I did it.

It works great.

IT refreshes the water, and it increases your metabolism.
Plus it makes you feel a little fuller.



Not unless you drink.

No it wont.... I put Lemon in my water to give it some flavor

no but a healthy diet along with exercise can do the job...

yes actually it can help
check out the site and read about it

if you want read something about diet & loose weight
i just come accross this blog which may help you


to see video about 10 secret to slim:-

Death to Fizzdude!
No. Eating less calories and doing more exercise will help you lose weight!

Adam A
No but buying a treadmill does.
Good Luck!

does putting Asparagus in your printer help you loose weight?
refine your question

if you're asking if DRINKING it does... well yes, if you drink it INSTEAD of eating... eating less is the only actual way to loose weight

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