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death upon you
Does it hurt you to double up on your vitamins?
Most of the vitamins that you buy do not have the recommended daily allowance.

It does not hurt to double up on your vitamin pills, but you can get better through proper meals.

no, any extra thats in your body will simply be evacuated. (pee or cels)

Melanie K
Do not double up on vitamins. It's totally not good for you.

They are meant to be taken in 'one a day' doses.

Too much of something is just as bad as too little of something.

Stick with the recommended dose.

doubleing you vitamins is ok but you must watch your protine content to much protine is not good for you

yes it can. many vitamins can be taken to the point of overdose. Vit A especially. Didn't anyone tell you? God made some excellent vitamin sources so you don't have to pay the man anyways. its called PROPER DIET

Taking too much of some vitamins is toxic. You should try to get most of your Rda from foods, not supplements.

TAKE ONLY 1 VITAMIN PILL PER DAY. otherwise u could have an oversupply and could die.

yes you can't double up. you can actually die.

yes all vitamins say 1 tablet a day. or 2 a day or whatever. it says it on the directions.

don't double up on vitamins. its the iron that can hurt you.

Mod M
It is highly unlikely that you are taking enough of anything to actually hurt yourself even if you double your dose..that is IF you are talking about a multiple which is not all that much of anything to begin with...
this is what the experts say:

you can over dose on some of the minerals. they are harder to flush out of your system. one is lead. happy holidays.

Zelda Hunter
You should be careful not to take more than 100% of your daily Vitamin A allowance, because it can be toxic and stored in your liver. More than 1000 mg of vitamin C daily can give you diarrhea. Other than that, I don't think it hurts to double up on your vitamins, especially B.

It's a fact if you take more than the recommended doses, your body simply passes them, you get no benefit.

It might be alright if you are a bodybuilder weighing over 200 lbs. Otherwise it is not a good idea. Some vitamins can have a toxic effect if taken above the recommended dosage. There are some exceptions for people who are physically more active.

doubling up on some of them can hurt you and they are a supplement the rest of the vitamins and minerals your need you are suppose to get from your diet

yes only take the vitamins you need consult a proffessional for advice taking too much is harmful

Alex F
yea, sure. i eatem like m&ms

Be carefull you don't go over the 100% dosage on anything. Too much of anything almost will result in sickness, coma, death. You can do a google search and check this out. I did this recently to check out Vit D, which will result in the items above.

hope not - my grandmother stores me w. them :P

Depending on the vitamin this could be dangerous. Too much iron or others could hurt you badly.

The Mysterious One
Have a glass of V8 everyday! Thats it.

yes too much vitamins can be like an overdose of a drug (over the counter)

not good!!

Kenny H
Unfortunately, yes. (sad thing is, my dad STILL forces me to double up every once in a while)

iron is really bad if you have more than 100%, and certain other minerals you can't ingest much at all at one time. As for stuff like vitamin C, take more than 100% and it pops right back out the other end.

well : according to Vitamins correct doseage allows only 2 tabs
if Taking "C" or B12 every day refer with http://www.vitamins/chart.com . Have an nice Holidays

Yes it can.

It certainly depends on the vitamin. Like A & D can be toxic if you take too much and I believe can irreversably turn your skin orange. Also, iron is very dangerous if you overdo it because it can cause bleeding ulcers. (BTW, iron is also one of the top causes of deaths by accidental poisoning in children!)

Most excess vitamins are disposed of by your body. Definitely do not double one that is high potency. But if you are only considering doubling a daily Vitamin supplement, you are probably ok as long as there is no iron (Ferrous Sulfate, ferrous Gluconate, basically anything ferrous). The reason is that most vitamins only provide minimum daily requirements. The best kind to double would be one without iron and then take an iron supplement separately. The ones for people over 50 usually don't have iron in them. If you take one in the morning and one before bed, you will probably be ok, but only do this for a short period of time. Probably only double up for a week. If you still feel lousy, you may want to see your doctor. You could have a problem like anemia.

Hope this helps, D

you can take as much as you want of any of the water soluble vitamins, such as vitamin C. excess of these vitamins will be excreted through your urine, preventing toxicity.

fat soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin K, can build up in your body and cause toxic reactions. avoid taking more than the Rda of fat-soluble vitamins.

for a complete list of water- and fat- soluble vitamins and more details try a website like: http://www.alkenmrs.com/vitamins/fat-and-water-soluble-vitamins.html

No, nor does it do you any good---the body takes the amount it needs and no more----the rest goes to waste----unused

it matters on fat soluble vitamins (A,E, ect) but not water soluble (B-6, B-12, ect). it should be on every bottle that you buy, if its not then stop buying that brand

The fat soluble vitamins can be toxic if taken to excess. They are vitamins A, D, E.
The other water soluble ones are excreted in the urine. Niacin can have a side effect of flushing if taken in excess.
It is a waste of money to take more than the minimum daily requirement.

That may not be wise. Depending on how much iron is in your vitamins it could be very dangerous (or at least uncomforable). Iron is rapidly absorbed into your blood stream and taking to much could cause you to become toxic with it. If it's not a very large dose and you double up on it, it could cause alot of tummy trouble and constipation. I'd talk to your doctor. He'll be able to help you decide if you need to stay on a regular vitamin, or maybe go on a prenatal vitamin (they are not just for pregnant women). Hope this helps.

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