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Cindy P
Do people with eating disorders actually think they look fatter than they really are?
Did you ever see those pictures of people looking into a mirror at a person who is fat but they are really thin? Also, when you look in the mirror do you think you look fatter than what other people see?

little minx
people with eating disorders have phycological problems. they constently think they need to lose weight. most of them cant even bare to look in the mirror and see hw skinny they actually are. they will think that things like your liver sticking out because your too skinner is actually fat. they know the're losing weight but they don't think they've lost enough.
yes people with eating disorders think they are fatter then they really are .

yes. they do. i have a friend that was once bulemic or however you spell it and weighed 80 lbs and litterally thought she was the fattest thing on earth. i am comfortable with my weight, so i dont look at myself like i am fatter than what other people think. sometimes i feel that way, but i know im not.

Yes they do, and seeing as i can't see through other peoples eyes i wouldn't know all i know is i am definately overweight therefore fat.

well the people with eating disorders have a sickness that makes them look very fat in their eyes but in reality they are really not overweight at all..

Srah H
Yes that is exactly it. They have ow self esteems and so see them selves as too ugly or too fat and want to fix themselves so they are perfect. They se themselves as fatter than everybody else.

yea, and it depends on what mirror. ppl with eating disorders are just that- ppl who see themselves as so fat they try to eat less, or consume less calories. plus, since everyone has a little bit of fat, ppl with anorexia and such will sometimes pinch this little bit on themselves and think: o, im obese. it really is tru that they see themselves as big.

Pijush N sairaj
yes,i see.

Absolutely, is a mental illness. Is all in your head. is like being in the desert for days with out water and your brain starts imagining a pond of water. The human brain is something very powerful. When someone has a eating disorder they think they are fat, they feel fat they feel disgusting that's why they don't eat or they vomit after a meal. This is something very serious. it could be deathly.


Melissa A
Yes that is a sign of an eating disorder but I wouldn't consider it an eating disorder if that's the only sign. Some people just view themselves in a different way than others. After all you are your worst critic.

yes they see themselves much fatter than they tend to be.Its just psychological

Yes, my friend this is a very common disorder. I've learnt about this in grade 7. There are many types of disorders: for example: Anorexia. Do you know anyone with this disorder? If you do, it is essential to help them, otherwise, there is a possibility of them committing subside!

Thank you, 1st time answering ;), hope it helps!

Yea, definitely...the weirdest part for me was, i felt fat when i looked in the mirror but always felt i looked super skinny in pictures (which i was!)...strange but true!!

Canada Gal
exactly that.

Let me say this, When someone with an eating disorder looks in a mirror all they see is this fat ugly person. I have been there. I use to be that person. I weighted 110 lbs at 6 ft tall and i felt like i weighted 300 lbs. Until they realize they have a problem, there is nothing anyone can really do. I had so many friends and family tell me i looked to skinny, but all i saw was fat. I finally realized my problem before it was to late. Now i weight 160 lbs and fell good. I feel lucky that i caught it before it was to late and took my life.

That,Sir/Madam is the crux of the problem

yes definately. my friends say I am skinny. I really beg to differ.

it's a body image issue, their images of themselves are actually distorted leading to them thinking they're fat.

♥ ąмỹ ♥
Yes, they do. That is why it is a disorder.

Yeah, they really do think that. When I look in the mirror I always think I look twenty + pounds heavier than I do.I hate it, but I just try not to look in the mirror too much. And don't get me started on when I see myself in photos or on videotape lol. I had an eating disorder in the past...but I know people that don't have and have never had one that see themselves fatter than they are, but their distortion is pretty mild.

Jazz t
yes it is something that happens

yeah i speak from experience its either brought on my the body's round them and also what others think of their weight

Cliqueless Kayla
Sometimes. It's a defect in the brain. When they look in the mirror, they see rolls and rolls of fat, even if they're literally skin and bones.

Yes, usually very much so

Yes they do. Its a DISORDER.
These disorders can appear for different reasons. Some people feel that they are too fat. Or ugly or whatever. Some people-they feel that food is the only thing they can control, and then it turns into the sensation of being too fat or too skinny.

Em Bee
When I was in the worst part of my eating disorder, I would look in the mirror and see a massively obese person...

I mean, I knew I was technically thinner than other actually obese people, but I figured people saw me the exact same way and lumped me with them, even though I was in real danger!

Yes, the disease is based on distorted self body image...

♥Amber is a New Momma
Yess. Its a mind disorder. not just being skinny.

Well they see the same person but they THINK that it IS fat, even when it's maybe just muscle or a healthy amount of fat. It's not like those mirror illusions though, but they do think differently. when someone comments "You look so thin! How did you get so skinny?" as a compliment, then they think "Huh, if losing some weight is good, then losing all of my weight should be great!" And that's when they start noticing fat that isn't really even extra fat, it's just healthy.

Bo Peep
Many years ago I watched a TV documentary where they had a 'trick' mirror. The mirror actually widened the reflection of the person standing before it and they were given a button to adjust the view until they thought they got to their correct size. Every single woman doing the experiment stopped about two sizes before her true size, prooving that women think they are much bigger than they really are.

In answer to your question, I think yes, peopl with eating disorders are prone to think they look bigger than they really are, but this is not limited only to those with eating disorders - it seems most women are not so kind to themselves when it comes to their size. Note, I did not say ALL, just MOST.

Yahoo Answerer
I don't feel as big as what the mirror shows. I still feel like the size I was when I was in high school, but I am quite a bit bigger! SOLUTION? I gotta quit looking in the mirror!

yes. I actually loss 70 lbs(from 220 to 150)(Im 5"10) and even now I still get that fat feeling even though every tells me Im actually too skinny.Once your fat, you'll always see yourself as fat.

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