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Diet pills for a 13 year old?
Whats good diet pills for 13 year olds?
im 13 and i want to take diet pills.
and how do i like make my mom let me take them
i really need them im 5'1 and 136 pounds all my friendskinny and i feel obese!!! please!!!!
what diet pills are good for a 13 year old my friend took hydrosticut and said it works

i want to take it dont tell me im too yong or its not healthy!!!!
its either this ;; anorexia or bulimia !!!!!

Don't take diet pills! If you want to lose weight, go out and have fun. Its summer/almost summer, go swimming, bike riding, running/jogging/walking, etc. You're a teen, you should be worrying about other stuff not how much you weigh, anyways. Eat fruits and vegetables and have fun, but DONT take pills or go on a crazy diet where you eat nothing. It isn't worth the permanent damage to your body.

please read this. taking them might even kill u cuz then ur gonna want more then overdose. beside there a piece of sh*t. they dont work. my mom trys them.they dont work. and dont do any of those either. just watch what u eat and wen.

Pills are BAD for you. DO NOT take pills. You have other options, not just drugs or vomiting.

You are not obese for your height. At 13 your body is changing so much that in a month you'll look totally different. And at 13 diet pills could do serious harm to your body.

Exercise and cut out junk food if you want to look better. I've been helping take care of an 18 year old girl who was dying because she was bulemic. It totally destroyed her body - and don't say, "But I won't go that far. I just want to lose a little weight." That's how it starts for pretty much every bulemic or anorexic girl, but they don't stop when they lose that little bit. It sounds weird, but it's addictive.

Lifes great when ur losin weight
Your mentality on this subject is very wrong. Those pills are made for adults and have side effects for adults. They have even worse side effects for children which is what you are. Its a damn good thing your mom wont let you take them because that is ridiculous. Oh and saying its either that or bulemia show just how immature you are.... All you need to do is be active and eat healthy to lose weight... YOU HAVE TO STILL DO THAT TAKING DIET PILLS. It doesnt just fall off.

You don't need diet pills. You need a better sense of your body image. I'm not trying to be mean, but if you want to lose a few pounds then eat healthy and exercise. You might want to talk to a doctor to see if your weight is healthy. The thing is, you're 13 and you are growing. If you start taking diet pills you could really mess yourself up. Also, this might be an issue you want to talk to a professional about since you are considering anorexia or bulimia.

Soul T
Diet pills aren't good at any age...but for yours they will drastically affect your heartrate and your nervous system causing permanent damage....is it worth the risk???
If you ever want to have kids someday don't try it......Hey there are other choices out there....death seems to be an out...laziness.....eat healthy and exercise....you will feel like you accomplished a big thing....

i know exactly how you feel. im 14 and my friends are all like sticks. and im not. i also thought of throwing up everything i ate but then i watch tv shows of like obesity and bulimia and weight watchers shows.

the secret of it is to eat and exercise. just go out and get crazy. run around ;D i played tennis, skiied, soccer, basketball, swim, and bike. now im okay ;D you cant skip breakfast it helps to pump your blood and that help you get a higher metoballism. good luck

Ross Ann
The best solution is, excercise.

You need to just go on a healthy diet and exercise. There are no good diet pills. I work in a pharmacy, I'm a licensed technician- trust me on this. If you eat healthy and exercise, then you'll lose weight inevitably. And an eating disorder isn't something you just choose to do, btw, it's a mental illness. You don't use it as a diet Aid and then be all "whatever" once you reach the weight you like.

That's stupid. Eat right and exercise.

If you must Hoodia with Green Tea is safe and effective.

Gwen H
a 13 yr old should not be taking them. Eat portion sizes and exersice. Sorry to break it to u but i have tried everything out there. They don't work. Join ww. that works. Exerscie and diet can only contorl those things

Honey, you are too young to take these pills. Go on a diet: cut all sugars, fry food, deserts, sodas, bread and pasta - small portions. Workout 3 to 4 times a week. You can do it.

please stop being stupid. you're only 13-your body isn't even done growing yet. if you start doing anything crazy now you'll stunt your growth and be unhealthy for the rest of your life.
try just eating fruit for most meals and running or bike riding. you'll be amazed by how fast you drop the weight. just be sure to drink whole milk too, or your body won't get enough Calcium and your bones will be weak and break easily.

Honey I say just live your life. I think ur 2 young and its not healthy. Just be yourself.

ur only 13, as much as u dnt wanna hear it, stop trying to act older.

you arent fat, you dont need them.

your mom wont let you take them becasue you 1) DONT NEED THEM and 2) its unhealthy.

if you feel "obese" then just cut down on the cookies every so often.

Danish K
do not i mean do notttttt take pills

kiran light
none of them. if you skip a day you will crash and gain more weight.. plus if you don't learn how to deal with your weight in a healthy manner you can do some psychological/body image damage to yourself latter on.

start playing sports or something.

hahaha youre 13?? kid, its called exercise and eating healthy. if you take diet pills or develop an eating disorder youll just stunt your growth, kill your body, end up dying or catching a more severe illness or who knows.

Jenna F
well im sorry if u told me not to say this, but they r bad for u! they dont even work! a pill can not make you lose weight. what can make you lose weight is exercise and a healthy diet. u should never, ever take a diet pill.

No diet pills are good for a 13 yr old. May I suggest go on the quit eating so much diet instead.

um, you should probably just diet. cause i tried them and at first they work but when you want to stop taking them and you do you end up going back to being fat :(

I dont think DIET PILLS are healthy especially for a 13 year old. You should exersice and eat rite. That doesn't mean STOP eating it means EAT HEALTHY.

You DON'T need them. That's a healthy weight for your height and age. If your friends are way skinnier, then they need to eat a sandwich, 'cause there is a such thing as too skinny, and that's just not healthy.

Don't mess with diet pills. They can seriously kill you, cause all sorts of damage to your body. Seriously, just relax, eat healthy and wait (after all, you're not done growing yet).

Your 13, you don't need to take diet pills. You just need to exercise, and find a diet that suit you.

omg .
dont even ,
your growing ..
you might be gaining weight faster then you grow .
your only 13 give it until AT LEAST grade 9 ..
its not good for you ..
honestly. :(
try working out if you rnot happy with yourself ..
go for a nice run 3-4 times a week its relaxing and you feel great .

136 is not that bad! You may be a few pounds overweight, but 136 is just fine! You are not obese. Diet pills are for people that are 30 pounds overweight or more. You are like 5-10 pounds over. Just get good excersise and healthy meals, and you could lose those few extra pounds.

diet pills are NOT good for you. especially at a young age. they increase your heart rate and it depends how much you take them but it IS ABLE to give you a heart attack. just excersise and eat better. look for some excersising plans. also, youd be better off paying for the south beach diet than diet pills.

You cannot take diet pills at your age.
Your body isn't mature enough to handle the intensity of the pills.
Go to your doctor. They will help you onto a great diet.[:

How about

1. Discussing ANY medication you take with your parents -- I don't care if it's an Aspirin tablet. You're 13, and simply not qualified to assess medication.
2. Proper diet.
3. Exercise.

Me? I'm 3 times your age, have four college degrees, and was an EMT for 8 years. If you really know it all, then you should have no problem defending a decision like anorexia/bulimia to your mom.


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