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gemma d
Could i lose weight by eating 900 calories a day?

maybe-ask your doctor.
girls in grade 6-8 should eat 3000 calories a day.
Adults should be eating 2000-2500 calories a day.

Of course you could, But it is not healthy and not a long term option, as soon as you ate a normal amount of food the weight and more would pile back on. Try 1500

alison 2004
Absolutely. You will lose weight all right, but you may not lose it from where you expect. If your body perceives itself as under threat from starvation, (and on 900 cals it will,) it slows down your metabolism, closes down everything that isn't essential to life including some higher brain functions. It will draw on its own resources to keep you alive, but it won't be fussy where it derives energy from. It will use your fat stores but it will also catabolise , (break down) lean tissue, Muscle. Like your heart, for example.

And, when you eat more, your body will immediately compensate for the famine conditons by - guess what? - laying down extra stores of fat in case therre is another famine.

Don't do it. Your health will suffer, you won't look good and you will defeat yourself. Instead, eat healthy fresh foods in moderation and do some more activity.

Absolutely, you need around 2000 calories a day so by cutting that in half you are likely to lose weight but it really isn't good for you.

You should bear in mind that doing this will cause your body to kind of go into shock and when you start eating normally again your body will start to store the fat (i.e put on weight) because it doesn't know when its next going to get fed.

If you are trying to lose weight, I would suggest cutting your calorie intake slightly by eating between 1200 - 1500 a day. The weight will come off slower but is more likely to stay off.

I know its boring and what everyone always says but eating healthy and a bit of everything in moderation teamed with exercise is definitely the best way. Good luck!

Yes you could but you should eat a bit more than 900 calories because your body will use your body muscle to maintain body function level.

Are you serious? Do you know how much 900 calories is? Not very much. I wouldn't suggest you do this. You can lose weight by eating healthy and excercising, aerobic excercise at least 30-45 mts per day. Only 900 cals per day will make you sick...NOT attractive.

kyla t
Yes you can loose weight by eating 900 calories a day but you have to excercise to burn off calories. This will just make it faster to loose the weight.


lisa k 666
Yes you would lose weight but not in a healthy way. As an average 1200 calorie intake is enough for you to lose 2-3lbs a week which is considered a healthy amount.(If you actually need to lose weight)
Work out your BMI(http://www.nhlbisupport.com/bmi/) and then choose a calorie controlled healthy diet if you do actually need to lose weight, also uping your exercise level will help you achieve a more toned look.

Yes sure, but be careful what you eating, Vitamins and minerals are very important, If you are still growing its not a good idea to get so low with your calorie intake, don't go 1500 daily, take a bit longer to loose weight but much healthier for you

You could, and you could also DIE eating only 900 calories a day!!!

Don't be so foolish as to try it though!

you can lose weight and your health

Yes, but it isn't healthy. If you consume less calories than you eat, you'll lose weight. An adult needs more than 900 calories a day.

Not a good idea if you want to be able to get up every morning and last without fainting throughout the day. Try consuming 1800 calories a day and going swimming 3 times a week or even just dancing a few nights a week! If you go on a crash diet on just 900 calories a week the weight will just be stored by your body and pile on faster if you start back eating properly again and it will be harder to get rid of again. Just concentrate first on being proud of your body and losing weight gradually. Crash dieting only works for the rich and famous! Trust me iv tried everything and the only thing that works is eating a lot of fruit like berries or veg like raw carrrots which burn more calories than they contain, balance it with a glass of milk each day which burns fat and eat fibre rich foods or actimel yogurts with cereal in them, Eat a good breakfast, which doesnt have to be fat filled, eat something like special k with skimmed milk and 2 other balanced meals and dont eat anything other than fruit after 6 in the evening. It all sounds cliche but it all works! also get a second opinion about whether you need to lose weight or not! if you are considering a diet as extreme as this then you have issues that go beyond weight.

Yes. Not healthy, but yes. Check with your MD before doing this!

Yes,but you need more calories then that to be healthy.

Youd lose a hell of a lot of weight but this would not be healthy at all and you will lose a lot of muscle tissue which will make you gain more weight when you come off the diet. You should really never eat less than 1400-1500 cals a day.

annie helen
yes and your life

Fat G
Calculate your calories

It is not as easy as it looks losing weight. We need to make efforts even for losing single pound. One pound of fat contains around 3500 calories. So in order to lose one pound in a week time, you need to cut down your daily calorie intake by 500 per day. So if you have to lose 2 pounds in a week, you need to reduce your calorie intake by 1000 per day.

To get this reduced calorie diet, your physical activity can help a lot. So reduction of 500 to 1000 calories can be obtained with the help of reduced intake and physical activities. The lowest intake per day recommended for females is 1,200 calories, and for males is 1,500 calories

David W
Yes, but consult a physician first.

Lonnie P
Oh yes, you'll lose weight -- and muscle mass, and brain cells, and energy and the will to live.

That is WAY too drastic a diet. Get professional advice.

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