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Can drinking too much water make you retain water?
I drink about 72oz of water a day and I'm wondering if this is a good/bad thing? I know they say to drink a lot but would this make you retain more water?

Darth Cygnus Aeternus
Wow...ever considered popping ecstasy? You'd be all set!

...you've become a "savings bank" !

Not necessarilly...it depends more on your salt intake. If you eat a lot of processed/canned foods or use a lot of salt, you will retain more water.
64oz of water a day is what's recommended...but if you are more physically active you could require more. The water intake itself won't make you retain the water.

I think the benefits of drinking mega amounts of water are highly overrated. Drink three big glasses of water a day - you'll be fine along with other normal drinks. Drinking huge amounts of water doesn't do anything for you, and may deplete your electrolytes, which are very important to heart and brain function.
In terms of weight loss, there is no substitute for eating less crap and exercising more. Best.

nate q
You pee out any extra, there's a limit to the amount of water you can retain when you are hydrated.

Yes and that is too much. 8 8oz glasses a day is way enough for anyone unless you are running marathons every day.

only if you eat a lot of salt or salty foods. you would retain water and appear bloated

Beer Advocate
No, having too much salt makes you retain water.

the amount you are drinking is fine.

The more you drink the more you pee; so NO it does not make you retain water. The less you drink the more you retain because your body needs it. Drink up :)-- I drink a gallon a day

embroidery fan
They say it's required to drink 64 oz. of water a day, for our health. Drinking 72 oz. should be fine, helping to flush out toxins & keep cells refreshed. I wouldn't think it would be a problem, at all. After all, people who drink the water & then drink Gatorade at practices, get that amount of water, right?

No like anything else your body just gets rid of the excess. You'll just pee more.

Baby boy on board [[April 16th]]
No! Water is good for you, you just might have to pee alot LOL.

ITS the salt that makes you retain water.

No, if you are drinking this much water per day, you should be flushing out your system and this is a good thing. Salt does make you retain water, though. Sometimes your hormones around that time of month can make you crave salt and retain water. But keep drining the water- as long as it is free of salt.

If you have certain kidney problems - such as those that arise from hypertension - you might be restricted to drinking only a certain amount of water a day, but, otherwise, I think it's all right.

olivia w
typically the only way water can be retained is if you have a heart or kidney issue causing you to not be able to eliminate properly and you will need to go on proper fluid restrictions and probably a diaretic.
also jackie o is right if you drink too much or too much to fast it can kill you it is called water intoxication. it causes fluid to back up and your head to swell. shutting of the flow of cerebral spinal fluid and your other systems fail.

Dixie Darlin'
did you know that drinking too much water too fast can kill you?

A doctor told me once that if you are retaining water, you should drink MORE water (and of course limit salt). He told me that for the first few days, the water may cause you to retain more water, but once your body readjusts, you would begin to flush out all the bloating and would have LESS of a tendency to retain water. Just so you know, he also said at first you would be urinating very often, and that would also adjust itself so that you would urinate more, but less often.

Not necessarily...it depends on various factors. Some people have indeed hurt themselves by drinking two much water, like over a gallon a day, but I think that it is more about being in balance than anything else.

If it is hotter than blazes and/or you are exercising a lot and/or you are taking something with a diuretic in it...well, you can get dehydrated pretty quickly, and sometimes dangerously. Drinking extra water can save your life. A gallon a day might save your life! That's an extreme example, tho, don't go start drinking a gallon of water a day, LOL!

On the other hand, if you eat lots of rich or processed foods, take medications, smoke, have a short temper and get angry and resentful a lot, your body will become acidic. In order to protect you from yourself, your body will hang on to more water just to dilute the acid. The body does whatever it needs to do to stay in balance...when that apparatus breaks, we get sick and ultimately die! Then there's the monthly thing for women...

Drinking clean, pure water is a great thing to do. You should commend yourself for cultivating a healthy habit! If you feel like you are retaining some of the water (and you haven't already screwed up your kidneys or adrenal glands and other important regulators in the body), then enjoying lots of fresh fruits and salads, eating only from the perimeter of the grocery store (no packed stuff), eating moderate portions of food, laughing, forgiving, getting plenty of rest and sunshine...all those things will tip your body to a more alkaline state so you don't have to retain so much water.

That's why so many spas have you eat that way, and why spas are so relaxing, and why they have you drink a lot of water, too. Those activities flush toxins out of your system, and "rinse" you out as it were, with plenty of clean water.

It shouldn't make you retain water. Eating a lot of sugar or salt might. It takes a lot of water to process both sugar and salt, so when you eat them, you get thirsty. If you drink water to satisfy that thirst, you will temporarily gain water weight, but after the excess sugar or salt has been flushed from the body, your weight should go back down.

You can determine if you're drinking enough water by looking at your urine and how often you go to the bathroom. Your urine should be clear or light yellow. Of course, some foods can color your pee, so if you eat a lot of beets and your pee is darker, don't freak out. You should probably pee several times a day. If you peeing much less or more often than that, adjust your water intake.

72 ounces seems appropriate for a moderately active person, but you needn't worry about water retention. Your body is very good at regulating itself.

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