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Can drinking lemon juice reduce a fat stomach?
also does wrapping the stomach and allowing it to sweat does that reduce fat

nick h
YES!!!!!! EAT Nothing Drink nothing but lemon juice and walk and you wont be fattt

to tell you the truth sit ups are still the best it works for me and remember to have a balanced diet

no baby you need help if you think so

eric k
try Grapefruit Juice instead, it activates the curem collobs in the stomach fat. Thus, leading to reduced stomach fat /

John B
being less fat and greedy tends to reduce a fat stomach, there are no quick fix's so just get the manual done

no eating well an getting regular exercise will though

Concerned about Health
It can help with increasing bile production in the liver, but it does not really reduce a fat stomach, in my opinion. I have personally experimented with wrapping the stomach and using caffeine laden products (i.e. cellulite reduction creams, etc.), and found no real lasting results. The sweat is from water that your body is releasing which looks good on the scale for a few hours, but not in the way of fat loss. Anyway, this comes from experience, and I have found the the best way to reduce inches on your waist is a high protein, low carb diet. You lose inches FAST.....

reduce fat

eat healthly and exercise or plastic surgry are the only options 2 a flat tummy

old wifes tales

no. What made u think that???

Ughhh that sounds horrible!!!!!

It might make a small bit of difference but - isn't life too short?

There are many better ways !!!!!

Drink lots of water. Eat a calorie controlled diet. Do more exercise.

You will feel so much better!!!

Hope this helps.

sOuL dOcToR
The safest and sure fire way to loose weight and excessive fat is PHYTOLACCA BERRY Q(Mother Tincture) 20 drops in a sip of water half hour before or after meals will start showing results in 30 to 45 days of regular use and will cure flabby or sagging tummy and will make your skin look fresher and tighter and has no side effects and has no complications whatsoever ! Avoid taking Chocolates Coffee Mints and Red Meat while taking homeopathic medicine.
Take Care and God Bless !

Drinking 1/2 a lemon squeezed into water, drunk on an empty stomach (usually first thing in the morning) alkalises your bloodstream (yes, you doubters, even though lemon is an acid, the ash residue is alkaline). Alkalising your bloodstream allows the toxins to be flushed out of your system much easier (most people are more acidic than they should be). Toxins are often stored in fat as it acts like a buffer to prevent them from harming you too much (this happens when you're storing too much toxin and can't flush it out of your system). IF you're storing your *toxic* fat on your stomach, the lemon juice in water trick will likely help you a lot. Remember, 1/2 a lemon, juiced into a cup of water. Only on an empty stomach, and leave 20 minutes before you eat anything else afterwards. Even if you're not doing it to lose weight, it's a great health boost.

As for wrapping your stomach, I can't be certain on this one, *but* one of the ways we excrete toxins is through sweat (remember, get rid of the toxins, and the body doesn't need to carry as much fat to store them in). Theoretically, I guess if you're not really overweight, but just looking to get rid of the last bit, you could (?) lose some of the fat by getting rid of the toxins. BUT, if you've just got fat because you're eating too much, sweating isn't going to help it.



Um let me think.............NO!!!

try apple vinegar

using a regular diet and using lemon juice as a supplement can assist in reducing the fat solids in you. it is a acid base fruit but it has properties that are very healthful.lemon juice like vinegar eat away loose fats in your digestive tract and help remove them from your body.in regards to the wrap i dont think that can do much but make you uncomfortable unless you are working out with the wrap on.

Eating less and exercising more helps too.

Famous Gurl
no and it messes up your teeth!!!!

Drinking lemon juice can help, be sure not to add sugar. Sugar is your biggest culprit to stomach fat. Tone with exercise, sweating helps, but do it through exercise, wrapping it might not be a healthy option. You are what you eat, changing ones diet to a healthy one is always a good idea. lemon juice helps to flush the system out, it's very healthy.

Wow thats a new one...I have no idea...but I will stay tuned in for the answers you get!

No. The only way to reduce fat around the stomach is to eat properly and exercise.

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