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Can coffee stop me from losing weight?

coffee contain caffeine and its not for losing weight try drink lots of plain water it works

If there is sugar and cream in the coffee, then yes, it can stop you from losing weight.( A Starbucks frappacino has like, 600 calories in it!) However, if you take your coffee with fat-free creamer and splenda or other sugar substitute, it can actually HELP you lose weight! Caffiene injested before exercise has been shown to increase your body's fat burning potential. It's also a mild dieretic when taken moderately, so it can also help give you a slimmer appearance by expelling excess subcutaneous water. The down side: caffiene depletes the body of Calcium, so make sure you don't overdo it, and consider ingesting a high- Calcium food with your coffee. Also, it may impair nutrient absorption somewhat.

Steve B
Coffee by itself is not fattening, but the cream and sugar is. If you need coffe, drink it plain.


ill answer you

Yes, it can.

She She
no if anything it is a laxative! just don't use all the creamer and sugar

If you add cream and sugar to it

arveen paria arasuk

If you drink it black, no, but if you put alot of cream and sugar, then yes.

Not if you drink it black.

Keep in mind a coffee creamer is 80 calories for each one.
Try using skim or 1% milk on your coffee. Or if your out like at Mc Donalds or 7-11 getting coffee they will give you some regular milk for your coffee if you ask. Something I learn going to weight watchers I though you may find interesting.

If you're putting lots of sugar and/or heavy cream, etc. yes, it could. Caffeine stimulates the metabolism, so in general it should be helpful to losing weight.

Coffee is NOT fattening, so NO.

never hear coffee can lose weight



NOPE but if you add milk and sugar, it just make you gain weight.
But it taste so good and keep you awake.

Water helps you loose weight. Stay away from soft drinks..

i am not sure about the effects of coffee itself - but certainly if you take it like i do ( 2 cream & 2 sugar) i have recently cut down my coffee to 2/day - i used to drink as many as 5 or 6 in a day & substituted it with water & have lost 5-10 pounds already (also stopped eating after 8pm)

Stacy M
No but it will surley keep you awake

Casey J
I hope not I drink it all the time. Caffeine is an appetite suppressant so I'm not hungry it I have a cup. Oh but I have mine black or with sugar free coffee syrup. Be careful what you put into it cream, sugar, milk, whatever it adds up fast. Plus it gives be energy for a while but there is always that crash. Just be mindful about what you put into it and you will be fine.

Actually, coffee acts as a diruetic. There are generally about 34-43mg of caffine in a 6oz. cup of coffee. That caffine acts on the walls of the collection ducts in the nephrons of your kidney and inhibits water absorbtion. Therefore, your urine volume increases, and because your body is losing water, you are losing weight. The sugar and milk in coffee is generally not significant enough to make you gain much weight. If you want to stop losing weight, you can add foods high in unsaturated fat to your diet- nuts are very good for this- specifically walnuts. Protein shakes added to your normal diet will help as well, but I always opt for the more natural solutions.


don't drink coffee it makes you look old

I really don't think it will stop you from losing weight unless you are into cream and sugar. I drink A LOT of coffee, but always with sugar twin and skim milk and if anything it helps me Lose weight. It is definitely a laxative, also it does suppress your apatite and also may stimulate your metabolism. Drink away I say! Also try all the flavoured coffees... mmm like French Vanilla and Irish Cream, Chocolate flavoured coffee is the best thing, it is like having chocolate without the fat and calories!

No not at all !!!

it can... if you abuse it...

no. only you can.


Only coffee is not able to stop your weight losing, ask your doctor for appropriate advice...

No it cant, but recent studies have proved that coffee gives women a greater chance of NOT having diabetes.

Only if you WALK to the coffee shop to get it.

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