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Baseball 4 Life
Can I stay up 24 hours straight?
Like will I die?

The Inmmortal king
yes you could one time i stood up for a whole week with out sleeping- aim dead serious

Are you really that stupid?

like..... yes you will die!

You most def. can stay up for 24 hrs. its gonna take a toll on your body though. if you are gonna go stay up that long, make sure that you eat right that day, not to much junk. or by midnight you will crash. try to drink water, tea, juice... not pop, or coffee. all that caffine will make you sick. and make sure that you can keep yourself busy, if you keep your mind busy, your body will follow.
and whatever you do, no naps the day after, you cant catch up on sleep it willl just make you horribly tired.

hell no are you stupid or something ,like crack heads stay up for like a week strait and their not dead and lawyers have kickass hard cases and i bet they stay up for that long to solve a cases, and i even stayed up for 9 days cause i was partieing and never slept,so i bet youll get stupid answers for your stupid question

You won't die but i would not make it a habit because your immune system will get run down and you may become prone to sickness. 24 hours would be fine but i think any more than 2 days straight and you may start to feel very strange and eventually it could make u sick.

You can definitely stay awake for 24 hours. OUr youth group actually makes a fundraiser out of getting pledges to do that very thing. You can go without sleep for two weeks before you die, but after about two or three days, you will start to hallucinate and it just gets worse after that.

Lov'n IT!
Yes you can stay up for 24 hours. You will not die. You may be severely cranky, dull, and listless.

i drove from los angeles to indiana forty hours non stop once. from chicago to new orleans 24 hours once. worked several double shifts without sleep because I was wound up. no problems from any of tose. I stood guard in the army in germany several days without no sleep and no food. I am 70 and fit. You may get kind of dumb though and imagine things and your feet will hurt, no problem

Yes and No. You can but you will be really tired during the next few days. Really...really....tired. Rest is good for the body. Your energy is restoring when you sleep.

yes you can but if you dont have a friend or something to do you might fall asleep because it will get really boaring and i think that you can stay up for about 9-10 days and not die but i am not sure so i wouldnt try it.

Timothy Y
No you will not like die. I like have stayed up for longer. However you mind gets screwed up and your ability to function is diminished greatly.

Ive stayed up for 24 hours with the help of sugary things. I used to do it all the time during summer break.
The Army makes my boyfriend stay up for days on end for some reason.

James J
Won't hurt you a bit, but you'll be extremely tired.

hot chic
it depends when u r crazy or not....
and if u hav INSOMNIA...

but if u r normal....

r u losing ur mind?
definetly NO.....
u'll get weak...
and ur mind can't exercise....
u'll not control urself very well...
and u'l get MENTAL BLOCKED...

even though i'm a doctor i can stay more than 24 hours...
but the next day i'll get also 24 hours of rest...
do you understand...

u know....
ur jaz wasting my time...
and my effort...
and my knowledge....

ya jaz tnx...
now that's a silly QUESTION...

hope u'll not try it....
coz i'm concern of ur health...


staying up for 24 hours is easy, days 3 & 4 are tough. we did it all the time in the military, had too.

heather l
yes you can and no you will not die. you could stay up longer but the longer you do go without sleep the more dangerous it is for your mind and body. if you are going to do this please don't drive or anything where you need your reation time to be normal.

crazy little thing called love
No of course you won't die if you stay up 24 straight jeeze i usually stay up 24 hours 1 time a week in the summer. And one night me and my brother stayed up 24 hours watching star wars eating cheez its, playing poker, and playing video games! Just do something fun to keep your mind off of staying up 24 hours. I know a guy just to stay up the whole 24 hours he had a huge bowl of Lucky Charms i mean the bowl was as big as a kitchen aid bowl it was huge! So have fun and stay up the whole 24 hours!

Little Princess
Maybe. But drink lots of water nd energy drinks and eat lots of food.

You won't die. Geez people that go on international flights usually stay up 28-30 hours.

I have been awake for up to 72 hours before havent died yet.

u can and u wont die!! woahhhhh!!!!!

you won't die, you'll just be really tired

you wont die and yes you can for many days in fact. And without the aid of any non sleep drugs

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