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Can I keep drinking soda and lose weight?
I'm starting the Alli program. I'm planning on eating mostly salads and subway sandwiches (mostly salads- I know all that bread is fattening). But I'm addicted to Dr.Pepper, and the caffeine in it... so my question is, do I have to give it up? If I keep drinking it, how much should I limit myself to?
Additional Details
Ok, I'm not going on a starvation diet! And I'm not eating only subway- I work there and I get a discount, so that's the main reason. Also, I don't have time for sports or much working out because I work two full time jobs.

I don't like diet dr.pepper, otherwise I'd already be dirnking it. >_>

It has to be diet soda. Anything with sugar gives you weight.

I cant belive your asking this. dr. pepper has lots of sugar so you have to give it up. caffiene is good in a diet to keep up your heart rate and burn fat faster so drink coffie in the morning(black). as for subway goes you dont have to give it up. just eat turkey on weat and that is very health. i lost 15 in a month eating subway mostly. hope i helped.

Kristen F
diet drink diet

Master Nick
You should do more sports, to be honest. It's not all about the food. You can drink soda, just not too much, and don't try the diet stuff because it's not healthy. You can drink Dr. Pepper and lose weight at the same time if you go running or biking and stuff. Abandoning your favorite food/drinks doesn't help.

Uhh couldn't you just drink DIET Dr. Pepper?

drink diet soda

Debra V
you still, can if you want to limit yourself though cut the amount you drink in half

Ginette G
Diet Dr Pepper tastes the same as regular. My clients aren't drinking more than one 20oz a day and losing weight. They don't need diet pills and neither do you! Nothing worth doing is easy. Why would you waste your time and money on something so silly?

Yes, you can lose weight if you drink soda, but caffeine and sugar will not help. To lose weight you have to know how many calories you are burning, and how many you are consuming. If you eat only salad you will be on a starvation diet which will cause your metabolism to slow down. It's ok if you want to lose 5 pounds in one week. But if you need to lose 20 or more, you should eat moderate calories, like 1500 to 1800 per day. If you don't understand what I'm talking about you should not be creating your own diet program! Get some professional advice and follow a detailed food and exercise program!

the salad diet is one of the worst choices you can make you might think it healthy but just watch as you dont loose an inch of fat, and your cholesterol levels go up

youll lose more weight by drinking water instead of soda

It would be better as far as quicker weight loss to give up the Dr. Pepper. But at least cut back to 1 or 2 a day. Maybe gradually so you don't get a caffeine withdrawal headache. But don't substitute to the sugar-free dr. pepper because artificial sugars can cause nerve damage, bloating, and increased appetite. Also, just so you know, the phosphates in pop/sodas are bad for your bones. Since I started drinking one to two meal replacement shakes a day, I need less caffeine, so maybe that would help you not miss your Dr. Peppers and help you cut back on them, link is below. Good luck with your weight loss. Hang in there. Don't give-up. You can do it!!!!

Soda is one of the worst things for weight gain, try diet or give it up completely.

drink diet soda

and play dance dance revaluation

Soda is one of those items that contains empty calories, and of course, sugar. Because of this, the more you drink, the greater challenge it will be to lose weight, even though you won't feel like you're doing something that will make your life harder.

I see three potential options, starting with the best:
Ditch the soda completely, switch to coffee, or switch to diet soda.

If you absolutely must drink a can of soda, I would limit myself to one per day max.

sts s
None is good, try water. Also subway is not that great. It still has MSG, preservatives and other additives in it. The best food for loosing weight is cooking from scratch yourself. Also if you make it yourself, you'll make less of it cuz you have to go through the trouble to make it. The best advice is to learn how to cook properly and then stay away from anything processed.

You can loose weight if you starve yourself, but if you're not getting good nutrition, you'll have other health problems later on because you're not getting clean, good quality ingredients overall.

Well, I know how hard it is to give up your most addicting drink! I have to give up coke and stuff because I want to lose weight too. I suggest drinking something diet. A friend of mine said she drank coke a lot and was addicted to it and she gained like 20 pounds, just from that. So she started drinking diet then lost the weight..that's what I suggest

nina <3
yea u do sorry... no more sodas!

no i wouldnt..its got a lot of carbs and is sugary...yes u should give it up...and its called will power..just dont let temtation bring you down...stick with ur plan of no soda and just dont give in....good luck!

Soccer Chic
You can keep drinking soda, but keep your soda intake to one bottle a week. It is nice to treat yourself once in a while, but don't drink soda once a day. Instead of soda, drink tea. Tea gives you just as much caffeine and it has no calories. If you want your tea cold then just drink ice tea. Also, there are appetite suppressant teas that make you not want to eat as much. Remember, soda counts as junk food, and you can only have one serving of junkfood a week if you want to live a long and healthful life.

Rikesh T
stop drinking it, its full or cafeeine and caramel and other sugars.
It would give you energy but long term its bad, im the same with pepsi max, it wont do you favours when losing weight because of all the sugars and stuff in it

Soda, in general, isn't very good for you. While it is hard to let go of it completely, it would really benefit your diet Plan.

I know that when I stopped drinking soda for an entire summer (while on a diet) I lost a lot of weight and went down 4 pant sizes.

Water is really the best way to go.

You really should give up the soda. By drinking soda you are drinking so many extra calories and a ton of sugar. I would suggest you slow start weening yourself off of it and switch to drinking water. You will see a weight loss just from cutting out the soda!

If you really can't stop drinking it, try to limit yourself to 8 oz of soda a day.

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