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Anyone got any tips for making yourself sick after a meal?
No matter how far i stick my fingers down my throat i just cant barf it all up. I really don't wanna hear anything from anyone saying i shouldnt do it, i know that and i dont care and im gonna do it anyways. Also how long after i have eaten do i have to bring it up? Also what is it i can feel at the back of my throat?

truluv exists!
i hope you feel better kid one day kid. sounds like a sh!tty place to be, theres easier ways to feel a sense of control in your life.
but if you must salt water works a treat, water mixed with a few cigarettes will get the same effect.
would strongly advise you seek help at some point, www.edap.org (eating disorders assoc) when your ready take care x paulie

"I really don't wanna hear anything from anyone saying i shouldnt do it, i know that and i dont care and im gonna do it anyways."

Ok Whatever Itz Yur Body But Read This First.
Are Yu Doin It To Luk Beautiful? Cuz The Acid From Yur Stomach Comes Up And Yur Teeth Seriously Rot. People Who've Done This Have Needed ALL THEIR TEETH Replaced. Nice...

And Yur Skin Will Be All Weird Yu'll Luk All ill All The Time And It Won't Be Beautiful. It'll Be Just Obvious What Yu've Done. And It'z Not Attractive! So Whatever Keep On Doing It If Yu Want But Hey Get Ready For All This Stuff. Personally I Wouldn't////.

There are people out there who have not eaten a meal in all thier lives and would love to be in a position where they can eat..maybe you should swap lives with a african child and let them eat food whilst you starve and catch diseases from dirty water and then you can die because after all thats what your doing to yourself

i know what you mean i have tried it so many times also but nothing seems to work if you find a good answer let me know

Dr Frank
funnygirlsmiles's you really are persistent with the vomiting/ Ipecac questions. Do you really think that making your questions private would mean than this old doctor would not link them together and notice that you had asked another one?

Please seek medical advice for your bulimia, it really can be a fatal condition!

Why anyone in their right mind should want to do this is beyond my comprehension.

I am only telling you this because you said you already know that you shouldnt do it. When I used to do it I would drink loads of water before eating, which helped, and made myself sick immediately after eating before the food had gone down too far. But you should also be aware that when you are sick you bring up acid from your stomach which rots your teeth. And if you brush your teeth straight after being sick you will only be rubbing the acid into them more. People who make themselves sick every day for years end up with little stumps for teeth. Very ugly. So please do NOT make a regular habit of making yourself sick. You have a problem somewhere in your head, I dont know what it is, but I guess you have tried to get control over it and you dont know how, so you have decided to control your body instead. From experience I can tell you that it is not the answer. You need help love. Is there anyone you can talk to, like a school or college counsellor?

heres some advice, DONT DO IT! Just get some serious help instead.

My step-daughters mother died of anoerxia. Stop it now.


don't do that just try the natural way by eating right and dieting. IF that doesn't work then just maybe take the right pills but don't try to make yourself sick that is dangerous and addictive so do the right thing hun.

Strikes me you are a bit of a dim wit. See a doctor asap.

Sweetheart, I'm telling you this because I used to be like this. I would barely eat, and then when I did, I would just throw it all back up. And I almost ended up in the hospital because I had gotten so weak from the lack of nourishment. Food is not the enemy. If you feel that you are so fat (which you probably aren't), then join a gym and exercise. Exercise burns the calories of food.

I was in your shoes. Listen to me. You don't have to eat the fattening foods if you feel fat. Eat healthy foods like fruit and veggies. Drink lots of water to make yourself feel full. Don't make yourself puke because then you'll just ruin the lining of your esophagus. Quit starving yourself and talk to your mom about it. PLEASE.

hello k
exercize and eat healthy, trust me, it's much better than making yourself throw up

If you are going to post a question like this, you have to put up with whatever answer people give you. Take some responsibility. You brought these answers on yourself. Most people are not willing to assist suicide, which is what you are asking them to do.

Please get some help.

The Original Highbury Gal
Grow up you sad pathetic attention grabbing little girl!
I will gladly stick my fingers down your throat and rip your throat out for asking such a dumb *** question!

Floppy Dick
My wife can come round and cook your meals, her cooking makes me sick every time ! (in fact she could come and live with you permanently).

if you really want to loose weight, don't make yourself ill be throwing up after every meal, that's just pathetic and encourages other people to do so. If your really not happy with your weight eat properly and get of your backside and do some exercise!!!!!!!

Please don't Hun, it will only rot your teeth, ruin your metabolism so you wont be able to eat anything when your older without putting on weight and you will smell. Please don't do it, it is not worth it and is so unhealthy. Hope you are better soon.

if you dont care then just go ahead and swallow a bullet now.....its inevitable and youre ruining more than just your life and noone else deserves it....and the thing in the back of your throat is probably a sore from burning it with stomach acid....eventually your teeth will deteriorate too.....how gross is this illness!?!....sorry but i love life toooo much!....see a doctor....people who really have bulemia dont go onto a public forum and display it....its a very private act - one most are secretly ashamed of

Don't expect much help love!

You know its harmful to you and yet you're going to do it anyway? You're a stupid little girl!

If you want to choke on your own vomit feel free to, either that or get yourself some serious help.

girl dont hirt ya self i don't want you geting sick

Why don't you not eat and donate the food to someone who needs it!

If you want to throw up after you eat, you have a problem! Contact mental health, or talk to a counselor at school, but get help!!!!!!

For you to ask a question like that on here means you have more problems then your weight. Your just out for attention.

Ĕrotic Ńightmare
Get some help love..... it's no good making yourself ill.

lee p
go and get some professional help luv!!!

This should be in the mental health section

You just being stupid, my sister went through anorexia and it's not nice. People like you don't want to lose weight they just want attention.

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