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8 glasses of water is equivalent to how many ML of water?

2 litres

see website below for conversions:


1892.71 mL (8oz/glass)

About 1893 if you are talking about 8 oz glasses which is what are usually what people are talking about when they say a glass of water to find out there is about 30mL in an ounce

1,892.736 milliliters.

When we speak of glasses of water we normally refer to an 8 oz glass, 8- 8 ounce glasses of water would be about 1.9 liters.

250 ml= 1 cup of liquid....stock up on toilet paper first....lol


assuming that 1 glass = 8 oz of water & 8 glasses = 64 oz and
20 fl oz = 591 ml
then it should be 1891.20 mls

Stephen C.
Actually a 'glass' of water by definition constitutes 8 fluid ounces. There are 29.5729 ml per ounce; therefore (8 glasses x 8 oz) = 64 fl.oz. = {{1892.6656ml }} Hope that is accurate enough for your needs.

The Answer from Florida
A glass is estimated to be 8 ounces of water. Meaning you should drink 64 oz. of water a day.

1 US fluid ounce = 29.5735297 milliliter

64 oz. = 1,892.7059 milliliters

How big is the glass?

2000ml as each glass is aprox. 250ml

30 ml = 1 oz
8, 8 oz glasses = 64 oz
64 oz X 30 ml = 1920

Depends how big your glass is

Smiling Face
how big is your glasses?

4 glass = 1 L
8glasses = 2000ml

Depends on how big the glass is. I suggest you buy one of those water dispeners you see in catalogs, the one that holds exactly the amount of water you're supposed to drink in a day.

a glass would be from 200 - 250ml, multiply that by 8...

each ounce is 30 ml - assuming your 8 glasses are 8 ounces a piece it equals 1920 mls.

This is a function of the size(s) of the glasses. Are they 8Oz, 12 Oz or 16 Oz glasses??

i think its 2000ml and above. i buy big glass for my office so i can drink up to 500ml per glass ... less trips to make :)

J. Legend's wifey
There are .03 milliters in one ounce. So in an 8 oz glass with 8 glasses will be 1.92 ml sweetie!

About 2000 mL, if each cup is 250 mL

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