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Will eating grapefruit raise blood sugar levels for diabetics is grapefruit ok to eat on a daily basis?

grapefruit is OK as fruit will not raise your blood sugar levels
The only thing to watch is some medications can`t be taken while grapefruit is in your system Lipitor a cholesterol pill is one

My mother is a diabetic she was recently cut off from her insurance and can’t afford to go to the doctor or buy her medication. (she is almost 65 where she can get Medicare its not a lot but better than nothing) well anyways some lady told her that her sugar will go down a lot if she drinks Grapefruit Juice every day its hasn’t gone dramatically down but its not high either… Hey reaper240052000 thanks for asking this question I might ask my mother to stop at least a week to see how she reacts…

Mike J
Are you talking about type-1 or type-2?

Grapefruit will raise your blood sugar of course, but not as drastically as an artificial sweetened source or simple carbohydrate. It's a good way to reach a natural blood sugar level, if you eat it at times of hypoglycemia, in moderate portions.

Daily may be a little much, especially if you are sedentary. Type II, I don't know for sure, but I think you can.

Half of a grapefruit has about 10 carbohydrates. My morning carb ratio is 1/10 meaning 1 unit of insulin for 10 grams of carbohydrates. So yes grapefruit will raise your blood sgar

^1/2 a medium grapefruit has about 10 carbs. it okay, but you should be totaling the amount of carbs your eating if it's a part of a meal or snack, also when eating carbs you should have a little protein with it, to help keep your glucose levels from spiking. Speak to your doctor about how many carbs you can have, it varies from person. Also please remember, some foods may react differently for you than somebody else. I know diabetics that can eat fresh pineapple and say it doesn't affect them, it shoots my glucose levels through the roof and I weigh and measure everything.

The one thing you have to be careful with is eating grapefruit and taking your medication, some medicines cannot be taken when you eat grapefruit, you may have to wait a few hours between the two, again check with or doctor or your pharmacist, they should know.

angie devine
you should talk to a nutritionist about appropriate amounts to eats. of course it could raise you sugar level all fruits contain sugar but how your body is dealing with it is important. different diabetics are different diabetics

You can eat it, but it contains natural sugars which absolutely DO raise your blood sugar.

Where are people getting that fruit doesn't raise blood sugar? Of course it does.

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