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 I am a newlydiagnosed Diabetic, about a yr and half. Today my meter said to look at my keytones.?
High keytone levels means what? Will drinking a lot more water help and what causes this?...

 Diabetic and scared....?
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 Is it normal to have high Sugar level in Morning for a diabetic person? Please advise.?
I am diabetic for the past 3 years and South Indian aged 37. My Fasting Blood Sugar in Morning is always in the range of 150 - 200. But the Random Sugar level in evening drops down to the range of 100...

Why shouldn't diabetics go about barefoot?
I keep hearing that people with diabetes should "never" go barefoot, but always wear comfortable socks and shoes. However, I never hear anyone explain why! If the patient does not have neuropathy or any other diminished capacity with their feet, why not go barefoot once in a while?

I have diabetes Type 2, and enjoy the feel of the carpet and fresh grass under my toes. Keeping my feet enclosed all the time makes them itch!

Idk, but apparently feet are very important to keep safe if your diabetic.

Their feet don't heal well because of the problems with circulation and nerves

Bay Point
That loss of sensation in the feet due to neuropathy can come on very gradually and not be noticed.

Any damage that occurs to the feet of a diabetic will retard the healing process and from there it's anybody's guess as to what happens.........From an infection to amputation.

Diabetics should also wear white socks, if there is a foot injury and there is blood it will be noticed much sooner than if he was wearing dark socks.

Have you heard about Diabetic foot? When there is an injury in the foot of a diabetic healing is difficult. It causes Narcosis, Diabetic Gangrene etc. ( As an Anaesthesia Technician I have attended many amputations.). While doing the dressing the patient does not feel pain at all. Feet are more susceptible to injuries and dirt than other parts of the body. Dirt touches the injury causes infection. So keep your feet clean, wash them before going to bed and whenever they are dirty, use 'Dettol' or any antiseptic solution in water to wash. Wash thorouly between toes and dry them.

Diabetics often have problems with many of their bodily systems; one of those systems affected is the integumentary system, better known as the skin. A nick or a little cat scratch can lead to a full blown laceration that won't heal. It may eventually end up as an ulcer that erodes all the way down to the deeper levels of the skin and into the connective tissue and beyond. Then they are at risk for amputations..... Diabetes is more of a syndrome than a disease, because it affects every organ system in your body. The circulatory system is impaired; the nervous system is also impaired. Often times a diabetic may hit the sharp edge of a coffee table and not feel it. There could be a bruise that goes unnoticed; then sometime later he/she may notice an ulcer that won't heal.

You and me both!!!! I never wear shoes in the house!!!

It is because if you have neuropathy you can't feel if you hurt your foot or something like that.

We are also not supposed to wear sandals or flipflops either!!! I personally hate shoes that enclose my feet all the time. I hate socks too.

There is the other warning too!! "Check your feet daily for any red spots or rub spots" Why?? what good will it do?

Of course, even a bug bite can become infected and cost you foot to the hip or finger to shoulder. This is the only one I heed! I got a hangnail infected and it nearly cost my finger!! In a 2 day period!!

But those thoughts came out of the dark ages of diabetes care when we couldn't keep close check on glucose numbers and keep them in the near normal ranges. The "dark ages of diabetes care" means more than 15 years ago before we got glucometers to use!!!

ⓢⓒⓞⓣⓣⓢ ⓙⓡ
People with diabetes are prone to foot problems because of complications related to the illness. Diabetes causes damage to the blood vessels and nerves, which can result in a decreased ability to sense trauma or pressure on the foot. A foot injury could go unnoticed until severe infection develops.

Additionally, diabetes alters the bodies immune system, decreasing the body's ability to fight infection. Small infections can rapidly progress to death of the skin and other tissues, necessitating amputation of the affected limb.

To prevent injury to the feet, diabetics should adopt a daily foot care routine.

People with diabetes have impaired nerve and circulatory function. Nerve damage can lead to a loss of sensation in the extremities, often the feet. An insensitivity to pain means the diabetic may not feel a blister, cut or sore on their foot. Poor circulation means that blood flow to the foot is reduced, impacting on the resistance to infection or the healing of an existing infection. An aggressive infection can potentially lead to the loss of a toe, foot or leg.
Half of all foot ulcers and amputations on people with diabetes could be prevented through improved foot care. Diabetics should develop a daily routine of inspection and cleaning along with periodic examination by a podiatrist.
Socks should be clean, dry, changed daily and not be too tight around the ankle as this can restrict circulation (remember, diabetics can have poor circulation to the extremities). Before putting on shoes, diabetics should check inside and shake them out; a small stone can easily cause a cut or irritation to the foot. When at home, avoid walking around the house in bare feet; wear slippers with a hard rubber sole. Diabetics are advised to avoid walking in bare feet on any occasion as the risk of a scratch or cut is possible on any surface. Heat should never be applied to the feet with hot water bottles or heat pads. If feet get cold in bed at night, wear a clean pair of socks instead.

Hope that helps!


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