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Why is my blood sugar high when i haven't eaten? and how do i bring it down?
i take pills for diabetes not insulin,i'm allways in the bathroom yet i am retaining fluids,i'm going crazy and need sincere answers jokers need not answer!

Because eating is what makes your pancreas work, it is what stores the insulin in your body. IF you aren't eating, your bs goes up because your pancreas isn't able to produce enough insulin to keep your bs down.. Your bs is high, because you haven't eaten, and given the insulin something to work on. Since you haven't eaten, your pancreas thinks it has to shoot out more insulin to compensate, and then it isn't able to shoot out enough, so your bs goes too high. You have to eat protein, protein is what makes the insulin form in the pancreas. When you have eaten enough for your pancreas to work properly, it will work with the medication that you are on and help the pancreas to produce the proper amt. of insulin.
When your bs is unstabilized, it makes you go to the bathroom more often, as your body is trying to get rid of the sugar in your system that the insulin can't accomplish, either it doesn't have enough insulin or it will produce too much for you, causing the flucuations of the bs.
Also, my husband told me to tell you that if you have "sticky" urine, it means too much sugar in the urine, and you dilute it with lots of water, it will make you go to the bathroom more, but it will also help prevent kidney failure.
Also, you may need to talk to your doctor about another medication, since it is so out of control. Since Diabetes is progressive, it is nec. to keep going to your doctor and making sure that you are on the right medications, as the diabetes changes, your medications, or doses, needs to change also.

Rock Quarry
I also have type 2diabetes also,and i have done some research on my own and i have made some discoveries which should put you on the road to recovery,or at least give you the best possible chance to lower your blood sugar without taking any drastic measures.Although my solution is simple,it usually works as long as you follow it faithfully.E mail me at emailmyemailnow@yahoo.ca and i will make up a simple list of things for you to do.I do this to help people like myself because i know how it feels to have this disease.I am not looking for anything in return.Please include a first name,and what you eat and drink on a typical day.Include all food and drinks.Also include the time you consumed each item.If tea or coffee how much sugar do you take in each

You need to take a diuretic (water reduction pill) to get rid of the excess fluids. It's very important to reduce the fluids. Also, to get your blood sugar down, go for a walk say 1 or 2 miles.

It's what i do to reduce both of these particular problems with my diabetes. I'm a type 2 diabetic.

Also, check your feet for any lesions or blisters, the slightest small one can cause your blood sugar to go up, also stress will do this too.

Well, I'm not exactly sure why your blood sugar is so high unless you're eating foods very high in carbohydrates and sugar. But, you can bring down your blood sugar level by drinking lots of water. The more water you drink, the more you will have to pee and when you pee, you will release some blood sugar. Good Luck bringing it down. (And if it's not that, maybe your meter is having a problem or maybe your strips expired.)

Assuming insulin shots are not your choice - THEN EXERCISES Your in take in nourishment exceeds what your body can handle. Exercises burns up sugars. I would also guess that you are over-weight.

Reva P
I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes almost 6 years ago. When I was first diagnosed, I was testing before and after every meal. My highest readings of the day were always before breakfast.

Fasting blood sugars can be higher simply because your liver has kicked in and released glycogen/glucose into your system. Your cells do need a certain amount of glucose and if you haven't eaten recently (overnight, for example), your blood glucose level could be higher for that reason. It's not unusual.

If you are retaining fluid, you might also need a diuretic. That means going back to your doctor and discussing all of this. It might be that you need to see a cardiologist in addition to your gp and your endocrinologist.

you may be sick and i would not joke about this because i am also a diabetic but i am type one and take insylin and that happened to me

I have had type 2 diabetes for 22 years during the first 18 years I followed doctors orders and was never able to control my blood sugar with pills or insulin .I always was on a roller coaster ride too high then too low. A good friend suguested I treat my diabetes like a alergy and find the cause of my spikes and lows.
The following is what I did.
two hours after each time I ate I took a glucose level .I put down the levels and exactly what I ate. I kept a journal after two months I went back and took note of each spike. eventually I found If I eliminated wheat and cooked pinto beans from my diet .my levels dropped dramiticaly. after 6 months against doctors advice I quit all medications and now control my glucose levels under a 160 level soley with diet. I feel beter I am more active and no longer fall out because my sugar is too low.
Some will say 160 is unhealthy it may be but I have a life I feel good and it is a lot lower than it ever was under doctors care and his diet of 8 servings of bread a day.
Retaining fluids does not really sound like a diabetes problem .unless you mean because your blood sugar levels are so high you drink a lot then pee a lot.
I have found it is up to you to find the cause of your problems for the doctors will only treat the symptoms.
It will take a lot of disipline to control your blood sugar with or without medication.
To answer your question your body uses sugar very slowly so when levels are too high it will remain high in some people for many days even though they have not eaten anything. skipping one or two meals if it is too high will not make much difference alone.
If you work hard or exercise hard you should be able to bring it down faster
.Diabetes is a cruel desiese it seems the higher the blood sugar the hungreier you are
Good luck in you quest for a better life.

You may need to begin taking insulin. Also, stress can jack your sugar up more so than eating. You really need to see a doctor about this.

if you are takin pills and they are not working...then you need to go back to the doctor and tell them...they will give you needles and insuln and you will have to take shots

I believe that because of not eating your sugar can get high. You have to balance your body, and by eating all the sugar your body makes will break down.
Try to eat fruits, or juices that do not contain sugar. Eat well balance meals.
Your body is producing the sugar, it is not the food producing the sugar. So your best bet is to eat. At least 3 to 4 small meals a day.
Also check webmd.com for more answers until you can see your Doctor.
Take care of yourself, and have a blessed New Year.

If you already know you are a diabetic and are on medication but still having high blood sugar levels, you may need to see a specialist like an Endocrinologist.

because ur body stores increased levels of glucose, and ur body releases it when u havent eaten. u need to eat the right foods, and eat what ur diet calls for. if u dont, u will have severe thirst, and will continue going to the bathroom.as for retaining fluid,ur electrolytes seems to be imbalanced. the fatty acids are oxidized in the liver, causing increased formation of ketoacids. these are generated faster then the kidneys, can excrete them. thats why ur retaining fluid. get back on ur diet, take ur meds, an get it regulated. ill be praying for you. god bless

It takes about 2 hours for carbs to increase your blood sugar. Pure sugar forms take only 5 minutes.

You are smart to ask. Your doctor should guide you. Maybe you have a dual diagnosis, meaning there is another problem besides diabetes, such as high blood pressure.

There are three ways to manage glucose (blood sugar).
1. Diet
2. Exercise
3. Medication
Perhaps your doc could refer you to a diabetic nutritionist to assist you. I have diabetes, and trust me....if I had known then what I know now, I would have done everything I could to avoid it. A free site: www.fitday.com can help you track the carbs (which turn to sugar) in your diet.

I found, by experimentation, that walking for 10 minutes just 2 hours after a meal, my blood sugar went down by 44 points. So try walking some as soon as you can after meals.

You can find great dependable information here: http://www.diabetes.org/about-diabetes.j... Hope it helps!

Peace be with you!

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