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Kathie Emmanuelite
Why does my blood glucose go up after a three mile walk?
When I got home my blood sugar was 159 which really surprised me and now a half hour later it's 215. What is going on? I really had a good workout, I walked at a constant brisk pace. I know this question has been asked before, but I never paid attention because this has never happened to me before. I'm freaking out.

any one has the right to ask any question... this should be a law in all constitutions in the world...
in all cases such an increase in your glucose level is not normal and i think you might need medical care for it. usually the body uses the hormones like insulin and Glucagon to maintain a constant level of glucose in the blood and any deviation from the normal is not a good sign. unfortunately you might be diabetic...

CeCi <3
if i knew i'd tell u

your glucose levels will rise because when you work ouy your body converts carbs into glucose which provides energy to you muscles.

It could have been that your medication had "peaked" or was the strongest before your walk, hence it was lower. Do you know the "peak" times of your medications? Did you eat or drink a sugary drink? That may have been the cause, and the exercise might have prevented it from going higher. Also, you need to find out what your sugar level was before you exercised. Did it start out at say 300, then to 159 and then 215?

aLSO CHECK OUT www. diabetes.org, in some type 1's their sugar will rise after exercise.

Well..it's hard to say. A lot of times it depends on stress level. And I've been told that if you're too high when you start exercising (and i do understand that 159 isn't), your numbers will actually go up. Don't ask me why. lol. I stuggle w/ that at times too. All i can say is talk to a doctor, and monitor your numbers closly.

All those answers are a little confusing. When I exercise (even after 15 minutes or so), my level drops, sometimes putting me in a low. It's weird yours goes up. You should talk to a diabetes specialist to help you figure it out.

It takes an hour and a half AFTER exercise or eating to change your blood sugar. The rising of your blood sugar could well be due to the food you ate BEFORE you went for your walk. However, it sounds to me as if you just aren't getting enough insulin. Exercise increases the efficiency of the insulin you have in your body. If you aren't getting enough, then you just aren't getting enough. Another problem may be that you are getting low blood sugar and your liver is putting out Glucagon to help you recover. I have been diabetic for nearly 17 years. I strongly suggest you test no less than 6 times a day for a full 6 weeks. Take the record of your blood sugars, complete with dates/times to your doctor along with a corresponding record of all medications taken/dosages/times and your diet. There are a few possabilities for a cause here.

Are you eating or drinking anything while you walking? Are you taking any medication for diabetes? Exercise normally helps to keep diabetes under control. I suggest you see your Dr. as soon as possible.

Lady Butterfly
When you exercise your muscles need more glucose to supply energy. In response, your liver increases the amount of glucose it releases into your bloodstream. Remember, however, that the glucose needs insulin in order to be used by your muscles. So if you do not have enough insulin available, your blood glucose levels can actually increase right after exercise. Basically, stimulated by the demand from your exercising muscles, your body is pouring glucose into your bloodstream. If you do not have enough insulin available to "unlock the door" to your muscles, the glucose cannot get into your muscles to provide needed energy. The end result is that glucose backs-up in your bloodstream, causing higher blood glucose readings.

source:diabetic site

Brian L
Your blood sugar went up because you exercised. Weird, huh?

Here's how it works:

Your body has two glucose-regulating hormones: insulin, which helps cells to absorb glucose so that they can use it, and Glucagon, which tells your body's liver and fat cells to release stored insulin so other cells can use it.

When you exercise, whatever insulin remains in your bloodstream helps your cells absorb sugars in your blood so that they can use it to make new Energy.

HOWEVER - your blood sugar then drops. Glucagon is released by your body, and your fat cells release their glucose, because they're idiots and don't know that you can't use it. So sugar that would in a normal person be absorbed stays in your bloodstream. Because you're diabetic, the sugar that gets poured in stays there rather than being absorbed, and raises your glucose levels.

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