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I.T. Burnout
Why do I feel so bad after a hypoglycemic (low blood glucose) episode?
I have had type 1 diabetes for 27 years. Whenever I have a low blood sugar episode (where my blood sugar drops below 60 or so), after I recover I feel obliterated for the rest of the day or until I am able to sleep it off.

I am so tired and sleepy I can hardly function. Does anyone know why this is? You would think that after my sugar returns to normal I would feel better, but often I feel worse.


Gosh, that's tough. I wish you didn't have diabetes. The only thing I can do is nag, nag, nag. You have to take responsibility for dealing with this and I bet it's not easy. Take your medicine. You have to test your blood many times a day, never miss a meal or snack, restrict the things you are not supposed to eat. I bet your doctor has given you a food list and menus. Make sure you carry something with you to eat or drink when you feel your episode coming on. I'm not a doc, but I think what happens is that your body starts to shut down and then it takes time to recover. I wish you well. Ask your doc if there are any new medicine that may be more effective than what you are taking now or if you need a different prescription.

because ur body does not have enough glucose, since glucose is the main source of energy u will feel tired. When u do go through this episode again try to drink orange juice or something that ur body can metabolize it quick and use it for energy. try not to sleep either before eating.

I have a low blood sugar problem also, and it makes me feel really bad. I will dry heave have loose stools can't get out of bed. anyways until i eat some salty foods or fruit. avoid dairy until your sugar rises.

Well your body uses sugar for energy and if your like me and you are we alway's feel totaly drained of all energy and we are disfuctional,because we have no sugar to convert to energy when we eat sugar we feel better in the sence that we stoped sweating,our vision go's back to normal some what,and we stop shaking and our legs feel not so much like jelly.but we don't you can't expect your body to bounce back 100% as soon as you eat sugar or have a treatment after such a high level of trama has ocurred.you have to lay down sleep it off for about 2 to 6 hours then you will alwats be better ,after you have gave your body a chance to recoop a little.

I certainly hope that DARBY is not a diabetic.

If you test a little more often, you might see when the drops are going to happen..... Have you tried extend bars? It keeps you level for 9 hours.... go on extendbar.com and look at them.. they saved me many times.... .good luck!

I'm type 2 and struggling to keep my sugar low. I've had low blood sugar a few times and it wipes me out. Even after I get it up I'm a tired puppy. I only get sleepy when my sugar is very high. Are you sure you're not overdoing it to get your sugar back up? When it is very high I have to go to sleep so I drink water and walk to get it down. Lots of luck.

It does take a whole day to completely recover.A low reaction is like being run over my a car.
Even when your sugar is up again, you feel wiped out. At least i do.
It takes me that day to feel completely better.

Good luck.

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