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Rachel S
When I drink, too much caffeine, I begin to get weak and feel shaky. What's wrong?
If I drink 2 cups of coffee rather than the usual 1 cup, I begin to feel weak and shaky. I know it has something to do with my blood sugar and the amount of caffeine. But is this normal? and if not should i get checked by a doctor? Why does my body react this way?

Oh, Go Eat A Hamburger!
Go see a doctor and STOP DRINKING COFFEE...

I dont usually drink coffee, or consume caffeine through anything else. if i do, its probably minnimal amounts.

When I do drink coffe - maybe once ever other month - I also feel shakey.

I dont think its a serious probelm but if it worries you too much, give the doctor a call. ( no need to make an appointment ...just give him a call.)

It is just that, too much caffeine. It is normal of too much caffeine. Anything that makes you feel like that isn't good. Some people are just more sensitive to it than others. The best way to deal with it is just not to drink more than your body can handle. If you need a second cup, have decaf. If you drink it to wake you up, have a piece of fruit instead. The sugar in fruit should have the same effect as caffeine only without the stuff that has that kind of reaction. Good luck!

ChrisandSheila L
You are consuming too much caffeine and you might want to think about cutting back before it does something to you. Your heart is pounding because the caffeine is speeding it up. If the problem does not go away after you cut back on your caffeine then I would suggest to go and see your family doctor immediately if after office hours of your family doctor then go to the ER if gets worse.

when that happens to me it means my blood sugar is low.I suggest you only have one cup of Coffee.i also suggest you get checked for diabetes because that is also a sign.don't listen to other people because you should listen to people who are going through diabetes and who suffer (trust me).

Coffee might wake you up, but it is unhealthy in so many ways. It is bad for your teeth, body, and brain. I say drink a good glass of milk or orange juice and you will feel much better. To get rid of all the problems coffee has left you, go to your dentist for your teeth, and your doctor for a reccomendation on your body & brain.

maybe you are allergic

yea that's normal. you just got to get used to the two cups.

I would say you're having a bit of a caffeine overdose. It may be related to your diabetes if you have it, but it doesn't seem much to worry about. If you really want that second cup, just switch to decaf, and you'll be fine.

Cindy Roo
You are having some type of withdrawal/overdose type of reaction and perhaps your blood sugar is not what it should be. I do recommend that you see your family physician! You could be a diabetic and not realize it. Better to be safe than sorry. All of this depends on your height/weight, age, any other medications you are on.

Sometimes when you drink to much caffeine it is like drinking straight sugar. It ups your sugar level . I would get checked just in case. You could also try to stay away from caffeine just to see if your body reacts better to not having it. It could cause low blood pressure to.

Church Lady
Some people are allergic to caffeine.

Sorry, that's what happens when you drink too much caffeine unless you gradually build a tolerance to it)

if you know you react that way don't drink coffee. Try an alternative that has caffine in it. Also you may be dehydrated. Try drinking 2 glasses of water for every cup of coffe you have.

Drink decaf, starbucks makes a exceptional decaf, so does alterra coffee. Drink more water and eat more fruit. simple solution to a very uncomfortable feeling eh.

you said it--too much caffeine, affects me the same way.

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