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 Symptoms of low blood glucose?
what are the symptoms of low blood sugar- how about high blood sugar? I find that exercising sometimes causes me to feel dizzy and hungry and I also feel really itchy all over. My diet is usually ...

 What kind of food can diabetic eat for breakfast,lunch and dinner?

 Diabetic nephropathy?
I want to know details. I went to my endocrinologist and he told me I need more vitamin D and my protein isn't going through my kidneys, but he didn't explain. How can I make my protein ...

 About my head ache is because my blood sugar is high?
last nov.i was diagnos of diabetes but they did'nt gve me a medication.only diet and exercise.now i lost i kg.today i have a severe head ache until my right eye.from 10a.m up to 7pm.now i feel ...

 17 and getting tested for diabetes???
i'm a 17 year old female. I'm of normal weight and pretty much a normal girl. Diabetes runs in my family so my dad was going to have me checked. I eat sweets and sugars quite often. I get ...

 What does it mean if you have low protein levels?
i need all the information that anyone can give m that would be a big help thank ...

 What can a person who is a type 2 diabetic eat, what can't they eat?
I am recently engaged to a wonderulf man, who has type 2 diabetes. Even though I have many family memebers who have diabetes, I am really clueless on what a diabetic can, and can not eat (well I know ...

 Hi All I am a Nurse That Has Just Been Offered A Job and I need your help????
A Pharmacy has Offered me a job as their Diabetes Rep. I would be there to work with diabetes patients that had questions or conserns about their disease. Can you All give Me a Few Ideas What Kind of ...

 Can any one get Diabetics, who does not have a family history of Diabetics?
Is it possible to get affected by diabetics who is not having a history of the same in his family? I mean, wheather it is a disease purely controlled by genes or heridity or any one can got affected?...

 I need an anti-itch cream or lotion for diabetics. any suggestions?
My mother is 89 years old and suffers from intense itching because of kidney problems. Scratching causes skin irritations and eruptions....

 Can any oine tell me what a insulin infection is please ?

 The girl is diabetic. she has a normal sugar level. can she get married and give birth to babies?

 What are are harmless fruits for diabetic patients?
I have developed some diabetic problems recently. I am not taking any medicenes. I have just started taking suger free contents in for Tea/Milk and started morning walk for 20-30 minutes. I want ...

 Could this be diabetes?
i'm not sure if i have diabetes or not. i only have two of the symptoms. excessive urination, but only at night. I drink a lot of water, but feel sick after i drink it. I'm thin and normal ...

 How can I reduce the sugar level in my body?
I have been drinking too much ice tea for the past 5 months with blasting amounts of sugar… which is defiantly not healthy. Aside from the weight gain and those risks... how can I reduce the sugar ...

 What should i do if someone has diabetes and wont go to Doctor?
My dads feet are swollen and he has a sore on the bottom that has not healed in a very long time. But he hates shots and doctors and will not go. What can i do to help him? also what kind of diet?...

 I've just found out that i might have diabetes please help.?
I just come from my doctors as I have been having symptoms of diabetes being very thirsty and urinating alot, I had gestational diabetes when Iwas pregnant but it went away. But now its been 9 months ...

 Can the drug glipizide and insulin be taken together to lower your sugar?
My husband just started insulin and his numbers are still high , the doctor took him off the glipizide ,I am waiting for the doctor to return my call . I just thought there maybe be someone out there ...

 What can this be?
I am thirsty all the time (really dry mouth). I am tired a lot, especially around 2-3 o clock in the afternoon even though I sleep about 9-10 hours a night. I also have to pee a lot, especially after ...

 Blood sugar?
Over the past few month iv had some symtoms of low blood sugar so the other day i took my sugar....cuse my moms a diabetic and it was 74...Is that ...

Whats worse? Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes?

type 1 is the worst. 2 is the most common.

type 1 is more serious,type 2 tends to be more brought on by poor diet and being overweight and usually you can control type 2 with tablets as type 1 tends to be more a hereditory complaint and is generally treated with injections...if you have type 2 you can greatley help yourself by losing weight and controling what you eat,it`s not unheard of for people to totally turn this around with the control of diet etc...

being type 2 isnt fun. my blood sugar is regulated by medication and diet and exercise. if my blood sugar goes high there isnt much i can do. with a type 1 they can take injections to lower there blood sugar. so im not really sure which would be worse. AND NOT ALL type 2 are overweight when they become diabetic. i started to put on weight when i became diabetic.

They each have their problems. Type 1 is the more serious because blood glucose (BG) can fluctuate so rapidly and it's not uncommon to end up in the hospital from too low or too high BG. The good news is Type 1's are usually more tightly regulated than Type 2's, monitor their BG's several times a day, and are forced to be more disciplined about diet and exercise, which in some cases results in fewer complications. Type 2's, because they can "get by" on elevated but not scary BG's, often ignore managing their disease as long as they feel OK. They often don't check their BG on a regular basis and this can lead to complications. Both versions are deadly, but a well-controlled Type 2 has a much better chance at a long, healthy life.

From expirience in being a type 1 diabetic for 6 years, my dad being a type 2, i'd say type one is the worst.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may have to take up to 6 shots a day (i myself take 3-4). Most Type 2s only take pills, and don't inject themselves.
Though, you can get insulin pumps, which are supposed to greatly help regulate your sugar, you have a needle in you at all times (i myself don't use one).

My dad never tests his sugar. I must test mine 4-5 times a day (others may test even more). Though there have been improved ways of getting blood other than fingertips (palms, toes and wrists), it still means having to poke a needle SOMEWHERE frequently throughout the day.

You have very poor bladder control with Type One diabetis, and it is difficult to regulate for some people. You can only eat certain times a day, due to insulin regulaton. Type 2s take a few pills, and that covers them all day.

There are constant dark rings below one's eyes, sometimes being darker or lighter depending on the sugar level. (higher=darker)

Hope that helped.

Type 1 is worst. Type 2 is more common.There are actually many different kinds of diabetes. All types of diabetes involve inadequate beta cell function, but some also involve problems with the body respond­ing less effectively to insulin (this is known as insulin resistance).
In type 1 diabetes (formerly referred to as juvenile onset diabetes or insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus), a person’s immune system attacks its own beta cells and destroys them. This is known as autoimmune injury. To control the ele­vated glucose levels, a person with this kind of diabetes has to be treated with insulin injections. Most people with this kind of diabetes are thin.

Type 2 diabetes (formerly called adult-onset diabetes or non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus) is the most common type of diabetes. If you have type 2 dia­betes, you are insulin resistant, which means you need more insulin to lower your blood glucose levels. You also have some beta cell loss in your pancreas, but not to the same extent as in type 1 diabetes. Most of the people with this kind of diabetes are overweight or obese.
So Type 1 is worst. Type 2 is more common.

To know much more about diabetes visit

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