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What would happen if you have diabetes and don't ever get it treated?

Mike G
Early death. But even before that, blindness, gangrene, renal failure.

depending on your diet you could possibly pass out or into a comma my bro passed out a couple of times even on meds, diet again was messed up

Likely you would suffer the consquences of the disease. Tissues of the retina would bleed and scar leading to total blindness. Kidney tubules would be affected leading to eventual kidney failure. If the disease was bad enough you could end up in a diabetic coma and possible death. You could suffer death of nerves in the extremities and lose sensation of the limbs. You could end up with having to lose limbs and cardiovascular problems. All this will lead to a painful and troubling life until an early death. The bottom line is to get the help needed.

Type I, you'd die very young, usually from the byproducts of ketoacidosis that comes from your body's burning fat and muscle as a substitute for the glucose it is unable to utilize properly. Type II, you'd die prematurely, usually either from severe heart and vascular disease or from infection and/or gangrene. But before that happens, there are all sorts of other nasty effects diabetes can have on your body...it is one of the leading causes of blindness and also a common cause of nontraumatic amputations, particularly of the legs. It slowly destroys your kidneys, too, often leading to renal failure and consequently the need for dialysis. The moral to this answer is that diabetes is a serious problem that needs treatment as soon as it's diagnosed. To do otherwise greatly shortens and otherwise worsens a person's life.

you can get serious complications of diabetes and die. People cannot live with undiagnosed diabetes for long.

Diabetes is often called a disease of the veins and arteries. Thinking along these lines, if your blood sugar is destroying the tubes (veins and arteries) carrying your blood - you will run into a host of problems

Specifically - circulation in the legs is very often compromised leading eventually to a leg being amputated
the liver - with so many blood vessels - the function of the liver is severely impaired so many other secondary infections etc show uo
the retina of the eyes are just filled with very fine blood vessels and with untreated blood sugars - they will be damaged and the ultimate would be blindness
With damage to arteries a diabetic is prone to heart attacks -

Need I say more - it is DANGEROUS to leave untreated

Heidi Baby=]]
Well i am a type one diabetic, and i found out bc i had thrush on my tongue. Thats where there is this white kinda oatmeal stuff on your tongue, and so i went to the hospital and my blood sugar was 541. The doctors told me tht if you wait too long you could go into a diabetic coma, and possibly die. I suggest that if you know anyone who might have diabetes to get checked ASAP.

hope my story helps.

Untreated diabetes has many consequences, these range from ketoacidosis- coma, and death in the short term to blindness, heart disease, ulcers and nerve damage, limb amputation and death in the long term. treated effectively, you can have a long, healthy and high quality life.

Amanda S
You would eventually die probably due to a clot maybe to your heart (heart attack) or brain. It can go to other places too such as the leg and eyes (blindness). Other things can happen as well as kidney failure and keytosis which is when the blood becomes too acidic. This condition is serious, but manageable.

type 1 you waste away because your body isnt getting any energy (sugar, you have plenty but it cant use it) eventually go into a coma and die. mild to moderate type 2 youd probably lose some weight and destroy your kidneys, maybe die of renal failure if bad enough otherwise it would be a long process, more severe type 2 would be similar to type 1.

you more than likely would go into a diabetes sugar shock, coma and die

Warren A
you die

黄 蓉
Regardless of whether the diabetic case is mild, moderate, or severe, it is absolutely crucial to get treatment BEFORE you let it progress into life-threatening conditions. Hyperglycemia, commonly known as high blood glucose, is only one of the symptoms of diabetes, regardless whether it's type 1 or 2, and is the main cause of complications for patients. If it goes untreated, the LIFE-THREATENING Ketoacidosis condition may develop, which causes polydipsia (excessive thirst), polyuria (excessive daily urine of 3 Liters or more), polyphagia/hyperphagia (excessive eating and subsequent weight gain), nausea, vomiting, fruity breath, Kussmaul's respirations (fast, labored deep breathing much resembles sighs), tachycardia (increased heart rate of 100+ beats/minute), seizures, confusion, and stupor (losing your senses) that may progress to coma....all from not producing enough insulin (type 1) or ineffective insulin usage (type 2) to help break down the glucose necessary for energy, that's the reason for excessive glucose in your body. Therefore, the proactive steps you can take to help treat this are:

1. Make sure to check your glucose level often, the number of times throughout the day as directed by your doc, as the required number of checking is determined by how bad your diabetes condition is.
2. Don't eat so much fatty foods. Waste products (Ketones) are produced during the fat-break-down process. Since your body cannot tolerate excessive amounts of Ketones, it will try to remove that waste through urine, which if the removal is not fast enough, the Ketones will build up, leading to LIFE-THREATENING Ketoacidosis complications.
3. Although the most common idea is to reduce "sugar" consumption, it's actually limiting your overall diet intake that will help tremendously, because all foods are digested and broken down into glucose for fuel. The more you eat, the more glucose will be produced.
4. Try to incorporate exercise into your lifestyle habits. Exercising will lower the blood glucose level by helping you burn off the excess glucose for energy. However, check your urine for Ketone level (if your glucose level is above 240 mg/dl, there's most likely excessive Ketones in urine), because if you have a high Ketone level, DO NOT exercise, as this will only INCREASE your glucose level.
5. Lastly, if you are on any diabetic prescription medications, continue following those directions.

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