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Aries BG
What vitamins are recommended for diabetic people?

Andre ... aka kook_car
Like all other folks, diabetic people still need vitamin.

But try to get capsule which digest better than tablet form.

Also, try Probiotic enzymes to aid digestion of vitamins & food as well.

my doctor told me that if I eat a well balanced diet I should get most all the nutrients I need...so I take a Multivitamin daily. :-) He also recommended fish or flaxseed Oil, Vitamin E and a baby Aspirin.

It's interesting that people write books and sell supplements promising cures but at the same time criticize drug companies of profiting off of people who have chronic diseases. If I had the cure for diabetes, or anything else, I'd just tell people...for free...what to do. If there was really a cure in a book somewhere I think we'd know about it very fast because those who tried it would be telling their diabetic friends, and they would tell theirs and pretty soon the drug companies would have to lose their best money makers.

A high quality Vitamin C for sure and I would think as well, Vitamin A. But, do you know that this disease is totally curable. Yes, I know that you have been told otherwise, but it is pretty simple to cure and get rid of if you know how it is caused and what to do, and what to avoid. It is actually caused by a parasite that infects the pancreas from not fully cooked beef and milk products. But, don't take my word for it, do the research yourself! Remember there is no real money in curing anything for the drug companies and doctors, the big money is in the long term treatments of chronic conditions and diseases by these special interests who have their hands in our pockets to the tune of BILLIONS of $$$ per year in unecessary health care costs, simply because they don't want the public to find out what causes diseases and how to cure them. Yes, we still need doctors, but we still deserve to know the truth about how to stay healthy as well. I have a theory that anytime there is a conflict between money and our health, money will always win unless one is wise enough to keep that from happening. Please do more research and self-study just like I have, and get the book, "The Cure For All Diseases," by Dr. Hulda R. Clark, Ph.D., N.D. See the link below. Good Luck to you and yours.......

a good multivit, same as regular people

Joe D
I read up on this over the course of a few years. I can't say what's right for you, but I take the following:
Alpha Lipoic Acid (to minimize neuropathy symptoms)
Co-Enzyme Q-10 (heart and circulation)
Vitamin B
Vitamin E
vitamin C
grape Seed Extract (circulation)
Turmeric (inflammation/immune system)
Selenium (might prevent some cancers)
Lutein (for eyes)

As always, consult your doctor before changing your supplement regimen.

no specific vitamins,unless you are on tablet Metformin then vitamin B12 ingection on monthly bases is recommended.

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