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which is the best fruits for the diabetic patients?...

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 Some one thinks i cut and paste there answers?
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Candy C
What should I do if my diabetic boyfriend were to pass out?
Okay, so I've been seeing this guy for about a month now and we are fianlly actually BFGF. He is diabetic and I just want to know what I can do to help him if he gets in trouble or needs help. I know how to call 911 but I just want to know if there is anything I could do while I'm waiting. I do not anticipate anything bad happening but I'd like to be prepared. Ya know?

Please no smart @$$ answers.

Hello There is 2 things to do if your boyfriend passes out, I agree with previous posts about orange juice but if your boyfriend is passed out he is not going to be drinking fluid. The best thing to do is get cane sugar or honey, these are not too thin so if he was unconscious he would not aspirate on these. The next thing would be to call 911, check his sugar with the meter, If his blood sugar is still lower than 70 after u have given him sugar or honey, do it again if the paramedics still have not arrived check his sugar again. Now if his blood sugar is above 120 this is considered high, but make sure to talk to your boyfriend and ask him what his blood sugars normaly run because some diabetics are ok with sugars at 200, If your boyfriend uses insulin, ask him if he wants you to learn how to give him insulin shots, if you take his blood sugar and it is over what he says his normal is, give him a shot of insulin ( if you know how) and call 911. One thing that will let you know if he is suffering from a diabetic illness known as DKA, if you notice his breath smells fruity, make sure he checks his blood sugar and goes to the dr immediatley this can be a very dangerous condition. Hope this helps

you should always be prepared things you should have or need is glucose gel,testing meter, and a phone now if he passes out DON'T PANIC it will only lead to stupid choices and get the meter if hes is hypoglycemic when his sugar levels are lower than 70 what you should do is give him glucose gel once you do that call 911. now if hes hyperglycemic sugar levels higher than 300 you call 911 theres nothing you can do . now if his sugar is from 70 to like 240 then theres nothing diabetic happening to him and call 911. the glucose gel you can buy at any pharmacy

well make sure he has sume gluclose in the house and if he pass out put some gluclose in the back off the mouth { make sure u do call 911 } give him some regular pop it will brng the surgar up diet wont do any thing

I would say your boyfriend is pretty lucky. Rather than being repelled by his condition you want to know how to deal with his condition.

So sit down with your boyfriend and have him give the complete history of his expression of diabetes. Remember, diabetes can be a very personal condition in that the detail of his condition drive the treatment that works for him. Have him concentrate on what he does for control and if he has experienced any extremes.

Also learn what he has to do for diet. You can help when you go out to dinner to pick good healthy places to eat. I think you will find those dinning place are better anyway.

Best Wishes.

I agree with the answer above me. first you should test his blood sugar to make sure his blood sugar is actually low. if his blood sugar isnt low, then it might be something else that caused him to pass out. does he have a glucagon Emergency Kit? if he does, you should read the instructions that come with it so you know how to use it. Give him the shot (of Glucagon), then wait a few minutes to see if he comes out of it. hopefully his blood sugar will never get to the point of passing out. most of the time diabetics can tell when their sugar is going low and are able to treat the low by themselves.

He should teach you to do whatever the doctor told him to do. If you can learn to spot the signs that he is hypoglycemic, you could help him get some sugar into him so he does not pass out. And he could teach you to give medication after he is passed out. And he could teach you how to do a blood sugar to find out what is wrong with him, high or low blood sugar.
Go to a diabetic class, your local hospital might teach one. And learn about his disease online. American Diabetic Association, NIH.gov, Webdoctor might help.

Ask him what he'd like you to do if this happens. Tell him you're genuinely concerned for his health and safety.

He'll probably appreciate you being so proactive and not put off by his illness.

ɐdɾ soɐɥɔ ǝnlqblue chaos jpa
You will see signs before he passes out.
You are very sweet for wanting to learn about it

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