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Laughing my head off! This posted under diabetes...*wipes away the tears*......

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What r the benefits of eating one meal a day and what time should u eat?
Is it true that the organs get to rest & put poison out

the benefits..lets see.. YOU LOOSE WEIGHT AND FEEL GOOD! =]

There are no benefits. In fact, nutritionists and doctors cite the benefits of eating more OFTEN with SMALLER portions. That way, your body metabolizes the calories and nutrients faster, and you don't feel desperately hungry and you avoid overeating.

You should eat a small breakfast, a large lunch, and a medium-sized dinner at least three hours before bed. A small snack is recommended. However, if you are able to, you should split up your three meals and one snack into even smaller portions and sort of... graze like a cow all day. You'll end up eating less and have more energy.

Mikkie V
I don't think there are any benefits of eating one meal a day, maybe just saving money LOL when you only eat one meal a day your body will think it is "starving" and go into "store fat mode" not such a good idea.........

and yes for some people it is good to "fast for a day" to let your organs rest...............just be careful and consider any health risk like diabetes etc............

eating one meal a day is not a very good idea. even if you don't have diabetes u can still get low blood sugar from fasting while exercising (if u exercise). their aren't any benefits to fasting. instead, eat carb free foods. one way to be easy on your pancreas is to get 8+ grams of fiber, and 6+ grams protein. reduce your sugar intake also, becasue although sugar doesn't cause diabetes, eating sugary foods can cause your blood sugar to rise, which is hard on ur pancreas.

Added: I am talking about diabetes here because i thought this was about the risk of getting diabetes, seeing as it was in the Diabetes section. Good luck.

There's no particular health benefit in eating one meal a day. It may be a time-saving benefit but it has no health advantage. If you choose to do this, you eat when it's most advantageous and you will have to decide when that is. Trial and error. The organs don't "rest", they don't "put poison out" simply because you haven't eaten.

Don't do this! It will seriously slow down your metabolism, eventually compromise your equilibrium with fainting and dizziness, and could seriously affect your overall health.

It is much better to eat 4 or 5 small healthy meals and snacks during the day unless you are under doctor's orders to do otherwise.

There are no benefits to eating once a day, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But if you think about it if you only have one meal a day you are starving yourself for 24 hours until the next meal. When your body is deprived of food it clings onto fat, thus making it impossible to lose weight. I would imagine this would put more pressure on your organs not less.

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