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 What are some specific ways diabetes can affect your health?

 Would you say the diabetic eye test is a good thing or a bad thing ?
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he is a type 2 diabetic who currently does not have health insur....

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 Which fruits can be consumed by persons suffering from diabetis ?
Some peple say mango,banana,dates,custard apple,sapota are not to be eaten by diabetic patients....

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 My mom is 67 and just received a Diabetes diagnosis, her Blood Sugar was 250, how do I get it down for her?
She is very tired,cranky and rosy cheecked, her energy is totally zapped, she has always been very active, now the smallest of tasks wipes her out. She is not on any meds for this as she got the ...

 Can Diabetes spread by sharing toilet seat?
If i share toilet seat with someone who have diabetes, can i be infected? how about when i have like a little cut on my butt, could it spread by going into blood?...

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 Does everyones grandma have diabetes???
Just wondering.. I thank everyone for there answers.. Jusy seems like no young people have diabetes, which is a good thing.. It just makes me feel old and odd having it at my young age, when most ...

 If I can't have sugar and can't have caffeine, what can I eat/drink for quick energy?
Type 1 diabetic, caffeine makes me feel very sick!...

 Getting diabetes?
can you get a type of diabetes just by eating way too much sugar?...

 Can someone who either has or is very knowledgeable about diabetes help me with this question please?
I feel silly asking this as I'm a nurse, as well as a diabetic, but I think I'm still in denial about having diabetes. I'm on Metformin 500 mg 5Xdaily by mouth as needed, Avandia 4mg ...

What places are you able to give insulin injections beside the stomach?

Corey R
any large fatty deposit... back of arms, legs even the chest if you wanted to get creative... key thing is to just do it into a fat deposit instead of a muscular area.

I use my theigh, or my backside the hip part. I have used my upper arm the fatter part, but its a trick to do so. I use my stomach the most just rotate around. I take 5-6 shots a day so I try to move around. The leg/theigh is the second best place I like.

inside your thighs

the trick is not to pick THE same spot every time -
so the skin will not get 'tough' there

and always - use alcohol - before piercing your skin with
the needle - my friend did not - and got a whopper of a
staph infection

Your thighs, your upper arms.

Any place on the body where there is skin. Arms, legs, back, etc.

Jake S
YES!!! In the skin folds of your elbows, the sides of your torso,and fatty part of the back of your arm. The important thing is that the injection goes SQ,(sub-cutanious).

all of the above suggestions are correct. If you can reach your high buttock-or have someone else inject,it hurts less there most times. I just wanted to add that when using your thights or arms,and you then excercise,your insulin may be absorbed faster from these sites and cause quicker,lower blood sugars.Just a reminder..

Your thighs and the back of your arm

thigh, upper arm

Back of the arm (triceps), shoulder, thigh. there are other places but these are very common also. You should switch spots regularly as over time scar tissue forms and it gets harder and harder to stick the needle without bending it. If you hate giving yourself shots try Exubera. It's insulin but you inhale it not inject it.

The only place that I have ever given myself insulin is in the stomach. I have been told the reason for this is that when it is injected in the stomach area (typically fattty area) it takes longer to disperse into the body.

canbarra 2
I take insulin shots twice a day. I give them where my doctor said. In the stomach, ether side, and above of the belly button. On my upper legs, or on the buttocks. Use alcohol pads every time, and use a different spot each time.

you can also give these injections at the top of your leg as well as the stomach

Dorothy and Toto
Any large fatty deposit, but when using your thighs or arms,and you then excercise,your insulin may be absorbed faster from these sites and cause quicker,lower blood sugars.
Also want to add that I realize that conventional health care is necessary and appropriate. That having been said, there are many things WE can do to overcome type II diabetes, and improve life as a Type I diabetic. I've been researching alternative medicine, and the amount of help that's available to diabetics is amazing.

Natural remedies are quite effective, and include:

Bitter Melon
Gymnema Sylvestre
Nopal cactus
american Ginseng
Chromium picolinate

Cinnamon regulates glucose, and has a polyphenol compound called MHCP that mimics insulin and activates cell receptor sites. A quarter teaspoon twice daily makes a difference. Fenugreek increases blood flow and inhibits the growth of infectious organisms. Everything on the list has a use in fighting diabetes. Learn how to use these herbs and don't fall victim to diabetes needlessly.You can find out about about them on line, or in a book I read cover to cover--

"One Son's Quest for the Cause and Cure of Diabetes", ISBN 7890766313

The author, a doctor, lost his mother to diabetes and spent the next 20 years finding a way to overcome it. My brother was dying of diabetes, and I was just starting to need insulin when we came across this definitive work which came out in February 2005. We both lead mostly normal lives now. It's a life saver, and the best money you'll ever spend on the subject if you decide to go that way.
You might want to check Abe Books, Alibri's, or Amazon.com for a good used copy cheap. I bought mine new, and I think it was about $35. I don't get any money from anybody for telling you this--just want to help, and the techniques in this book is what made the difference for me and mine. Best of luck.

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