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 If your blood sugar skyrockets, does it make you feel funny in your head?

Additional Details
could someone please tell me some symptoms of this, ...

 Does anyone know where I can go and get a list of food thats healthy for diabetics.?
I want to help my dad by going shopping with him for foof but I want to make sure I get healthy things for him. He also gets dialisis so I know food is even more stricked for him. I know theirs ...

 Ways to instantly lower sugar when it is extremely high? please help asap!!?
My mom just took her sugar and it was over 600-
what are ways she can lower it realllly quickly?

please help?...

 If I had my legs amputated, would I have to change my height and weight on my driver's license?
seriously i want to ...

 Type 2 diabetes?
I have just been told i have this, and although not fully blown its there, i have been put on metformin, but i really dont have a clue!
any tips on diet etc would be really appreciated, as would ...

 If i can handle being pooked with needles in a hospital can i handle a tattoo?

 Is there any correlation of any sort between eating sweets and type 1 diabetes?
My aunts 2 teenage sons were recently diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, and now her 5 yr old grandson was too. I know there's a genetic predisposition, but my mom is constantly encouraging me ...

 When to use GLUCAGON!?
I am a type 1 diabetic, and i use two insulin pens. Lantus and Humalog.

Every night at 11pm I do 11 untis of Lantus, but someitmes i have been so careless and/or in a rush to get to sleep, ...

 Sugar addiction 9 yr old ?
how does buying sugar free things help people with sugar addiction? all it does is give the same pleasure but a healthier way about it.. but still doesn't get rid of the sweet tooth, and my step ...

 My eye has yellowish discharge. how can i stop this?

 Symptoms of diabetes??
I have my family member who is 13 years old and he is overweight and he was told by the doctor that he was getting close to getting diabetes. He needs to watch for his diet and. One of the things I ...

 My blood sugar is 3.8 should i be concerned?
i had blood tested about an hour after lunch i do have a few symptoms which can be related like serious tiredness and constantly at the loo any advice would be great
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 What are natural ways to lower the blood sugar if you are a diabetic?

 Answer this?
can they find a level of sugar in you blood by like a blood test to see like you have diabetes? just wondering i would appreciate it if this dumb question was ...

 Don't you think that the Poison lead singer Bret Michaels is a bad role model for diabetics? He has type 1
diabetes, and has been insulin-dependent since 1969 when he was 6, he's 44 now. I watch that Rock of Love show he has on VH 1 and he's always drinking beer or some kind of alcohol. Also, I...

 I have a pain in the instep of my left foot i would like to know the cause i am a diabetic age 64 yrs?

 Where can I get a free glucometer?

 How does the doc check for diabetes? Or hypoglycemia?
I get these random low blood sugar spells that hit me out of nowhere! Suddenly I am disoriented and shaky, and I can't guzzle down the orange juice fast enough. I've noticed the number of ...

 What percentage of people diagnosed with diabetes had frequent?
urinating as a symptom?...

 How to controll diabeties?

What is the normal blood sugar level for a 32 year old female?
My sugar level has and average of 70. Is it normal?

a great bloodsugar.

Normal 60-110 mg%

You can only get good readings if you test before eating and 1 hour after eating for average to be correct. Good luck I am type 2 diabetic and it is between 70 and 110.

Doris D
age is not a factor when it comes to this if thats a fasting blood sugar your doing great! The lady with so much experience before me said all that needs to be said having to live with this for 43 years is great ive had to live with it for 33 and at a insulin pump meeting i met a woman who had lived with this for like 80

age is not a factor of your blood sugar it's what you eat that makes this higher or lower.
just be careful what you eat and how much you eat as well.

Lorraine W
I have been a type 1 diabetic for 42 years and have always been told that a normal fasting glucose is between 70 and 100. Two hours after eating simple carbohydrate your blood glucose level should rise. If you think you may have low blood sugar the symptoms are fatigue, shakiness and trouble focusing. If you have no bad symptoms your fine.

this all depends on what you ate but 7.0 is not to bad a normal persons sugars can go between 5.0 to about 8.0 but if you had lots to eat or just had sweets within they hour that could be why.
if you haven't and it continues to be high then you should go see a doc. and tell him whats happening high blood sugar is harmful to your organs and could be caused by pancreatic failure

Has NOTHING to do with age. Actually that's a little low. You should check with your doctor. You may be on the line for having hypoglycemia (low blood sugar.)

IMO - a little low... The average for an adult is supposed to be 90-ish.

See your doctor - you could be hypoglycemic or if you're already diagnosed diabetic, your medication doses need to be changed.

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