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What is good alcoholic drink for a person with diabetes?
I'm 22 and have been diabetic for 8 years. I've had a few bad experiences from not looking after myself while drinking. Now I'm looking for a widely available alcoholic drink that I can drink without worrying about going too low or too high in the middle of the night. It's actually put me off going out and I dont want it to stop me from enjoying myself

no alcohol is good for you. i had a case of denial about drinking too, but it is just not worth it. the blackouts are too scary and death is always just a drink away. smoke pot or something if you must be high. lol

A little wine, some light beer.

Shay D
Ok, I figure you probably don't want to hear this, but you don't need alcohol to enjoy yourself. Sometimes, just watching others make an *** out of themselves is fun enough.

Most alcohol and mixers have A LOT of sugar in them. I used to drink. Not a lot, but like you, just to enjoy myself. I had gastric bypass surgery because I was overweight and lost a lot of weight. I am a lot thinner now and go out a lot more, but I have to live like a diabetic because my system can not handle or process sugar very well. If I drink, I get hot flashes (I'm only 32) and sweaty, then sick and usually have to rush off to the bathroom. Also, the alcohol rushes straight into my system rather than taking a bit to soak in. So I get drunk and sick all at once if I drink. I just went to Brazil during Carnival for 3 weeks and didn't have one drink when EVERYONE was drinking. I played it safe even though I wanted to join in on the drinking and having "fun". I did have fun, a lot of it, with OUT the drinking.

Just give it up and have a diet soda or coffee. Have a good time without being drunk or buzzed. Go to the bar, order a diet soda and tell everyone it's a rum and coke. Then let it all out and act stupid. People will just think you are drunk!! Fool them all.

There isn't a particular type of alcoholic drink that is better than another. The nature of alcohol and it's effect on blood sugar is that it often causes it to rise first, then take a deep dive later. Everyone's body is a little different in how it handles it. For me, I try to stay with something not too sweet, maybe vodka Cranberry, and then I test myself hourly to see how I'm doing and adjust accordingly. I only drink once or twice a month and I limit myself to no more than 2 drinks...any more than that and I might not be coherent enough to stay on top of my numbers. I've never allowed myself to get drunk because who knows what could happen...I guess that is just something I won't be able to experience in my life - oh well!

Some people who have diabetes can safely drink moderate amounts of alcohol, but for others any amount of alcohol intake can have very negative health consequences. Drinking alcohol is not advised if diabetics have the following conditions - Nerve damage in the arms or legs. Diabetic eye disease. High blood pressure. High levels of triglycerides. The information provided here should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition. A licensed physician should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions.
I add a link with details of this subject


Hope this helps
matador 89

Captain Atom
I don't want to be a naysayer, but any alcoholic beverage would pose a serious problem. Both alcohol and starch are converted to sugar by one's system, and a defective pancreas would be stressed by this additional sugar. The lower alcohol and lower carbohydrate beers would be less harmful than most alcoholic drinks, but the best thing would be to avoid alcohol altogether.

Cecilia M
Not that I'm advocating drinking for diabetics, but the reality is that people will do things regardless of consequences. With that in mind, know that some drinks are better choices for people with diabetes. Select drinks that are lower in alcohol and sugar. If you use mixers in your drinks, choose ones that are sugar free, such as diet soft drinks, diet tonic, club soda, seltzer, or water. This will help keep your blood sugar levels in your target range.

Light beer and dry wines are good choices. They have less alcohol and carbohydrates and fewer calories.

To make drinks last longer, try a "spritzer." Mix wine with sparkling water, club soda, or diet soda. Try a "virgin" Bloody Mary made without alcohol.

But know that some people with diabetes should not drink alcohol. Alcohol can make some diabetic problems worse.

If you have nerve damage from diabetes in your arms or legs, drinking can make it worse. Alcohol is toxic to nerves. Drinking can increase the pain, burning, tingling, numbness, and other symptoms found with nerve damage. Some studies show that even regular light drinking (less than two drinks per week) can bring on nerve damage.

Heavy drinking (3 or more drinks per day) may make diabetic eye disease worse. If you have high blood pressure, you can lower it if you stop drinking alcohol.

Many people with diabetes have high levels of the fat called triglyceride in their blood. If you do, you should not drink alcohol. Alcohol affects how the liver clears fat from the blood. Alcohol also spurs the liver on to make more triglycerides. Even light drinking (two 4-ounce glasses of wine a week) can raise triglyceride levels.

Sally K
I am a restaurant owner and one thing that diabetics regularly ask for is Jim Beam Rye or Mount Royal Light. Both can be mixed with diet soda. Availability would depend on your area but they are widely available in the midwest where I am from. Cheers....but be careful!

Alcohol LOWERS blood sugar.
Test often when drinking and always eat if you drink.

If your mixer is full of sugar, you do need to count those carbs.
A good idea for anyone drinking is in between each drink have a glass of water.

Elmer F
Alcohol is sugar. A Lot of it.... I suggest non-alcoholic bevies. If you haven't sat down w/a nutritionist yet, regarding your dm. I strongly suggest you do so. You're young. You need to manage your disease over the long haul. dm regulation has improved leaps & bounds over years ago. That, & you doing your part, will most likely prevent the bad complications from Diabetes. The nutritionist will advise which drinks are the safest for you, along w/a wealth of other data. Good Luck.

P.S.: "Wha_aat....is a Maloot?"

melissa g
i'm sorry to hear that you are diabetic it's a life long disease that will affect you forever. however i hate to tell you this but drinking any kind of alcohol can increase or lower your blood sugar level. if you want to have a glass of red whine once in awhile that's OK. don't just stay home because of the diabetes and lack of drinking, go out and have fun drink diet soda or Ginger ale. don't let the diabetes control you, you control the diabetes. good luck you will be fine.

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