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What is a normal blood sugar reading for an 8 year old boy...?
first thing in the morning before eating or drinking anything? He hasn't been diagnosed with diabetes, but he seems to have some symptoms. He uses the bathroom several times a night. Just this morning he urinated 6 times within a two hour period. I checked his blood and got a reading of 97. I don't have diabetes, but both my parents do.

usually going to the bathroom that many times is a sign of diabetes, but you said his reading is 97. A normal reading for anyone with diabetes is between 85 and 150 depending what time you last ate. I would still go to the doctor and make sure there is nothing else wrong to be on the safe side good luck.

97 is pretty normal. For children, its 80-115. I have type 1, and I just had a baby boy. I check his blood sugar from time to time, and he always falls within that range. Still, follow everyone's advice and take him to the doctor as soon as possible. He may start showing more signs as time goes on. Good luck!

That is a normal reading for a non-diabetic, but it may be normal because of activity. Or maybe he's suffering from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). That is definately a symptom for Diabetes!! Don't hesitate! Take him into a clinic as soon as possible just to be sure. He may be resentful about it, but that doesn't matter when it comes to his health.
God Bless

so ask your parents what normal is... it's the same for everyone, but take him to a doctor whatever the answer... you can't take risks with your kids

♥ £.O.V.€. ♥
I think 97 is normal, for a kid. 110 is good for a diabetic and 100 is normal for an adult, so anwhere in the 90's should be okay for an 8-year-old.

Is he drinking excessively? Diabetics are always thirsty. Also, before diagnosed with diabetes, most diabetics have blurry vision. If he has at least 1 of the symptoms I mentioned, I would take him to the doctor and have it checked out. If not, he just might have a urinary Tract infection. (Yes, they are more common in girls, but they do occur.)

Can't you take him to a pediatrician? don't be messing around with your kids' health. (He cannot be diagnosed over the Internet)!

Type 1 diabetes in children is VERY different than type 2 or adult onset It is also very different reads on the BS monitors.
97 means nothing he could just be having a normal, low or high at the moment.
Get him to the doctor asap. AND remind the doctor your parents are diabetics!

You would take the advice from strangers online about your 8 year olds health, Why are you telling all of this to us you need to get him an appointment with a doctor or go to a free clinic. Get off the stupid computer lady and take your child to the doctor.

I have alot of diabetes in my family also. A normal reading is around 120 and 70. But if it is at 97 early in the morning, that sounds kind of high. I know that limiting sugars and exercise will bring down your blood sugar. Maybe you should try that with him and if that don't help, bring him to a doctor to be evaluated for childhood diabetes. When my dad got diabetes he started to drastically lose weight, drinking lots of fluids but doesn't quench the thirst, going to bathroom alot, and a fruity odor on the breath. Your parents having diabetes does increase the risk of you and your son getting it also, but it can be prevented through a healthy diet and plenty of exercise. Good Luck, I hope your son isn't diabetic.

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